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Does Black Pepper Keep Mice Away? (Quick Answers)

Are you witnessing some mice infestation around your home? Are you thinking of using a natural way to repel mice? However, are you also wondering whether or not it is effective to use black pepper to keep mice away?

Does black pepper keep mice away?

There is no doubt that black peppers can definitely keep mice away and it is a rather natural and humane way of repelling mice away. Therefore, all you need to do is to make some black pepper spray or you can simply use ground black pepper to deter all the mice efficiently.

You do not want mice infestation around your home as it can cause several health risks. Therefore, you need to use natural black peppers to humanely deter the rats or mice away.

Additionally, due to the high chemical concentration and due to the toxic element called piperine, mice will find black peppers irritating for them.

Black peppers also have a potent smell that confuses the mice and so they like to steer clear of it. However, you need to keep in mind to use a lot of black peppers at one once as using a small amount of it will not suffice.

Additionally, you can also use black pepper essential oils or black pepper kernels to successfully stop the rat infestation. 

However, if you want to have good results, you need to extract the essence of the black peppers and bottle it in a spray bottle to straightly spray onto the high mice traffic areas to get rid of them almost permanently.

Does black pepper scare mice? Will black pepper hurt mice? 

Black pepper has higher chemical concentrations and it is filled with a toxic element called piperine.

Therefore, black pepper when used in a higher amount can be hurtful for the mice and it can also scare the mice away.

However, black pepper will only hurt mice by causing physical discomfort or nasal irritation and therefore, this way of repelling mice is a much safer, natural, and humane way.

Do mice eat black pepper?

Mice will not eat black pepper willingly. This is because mice have a great sense of smell and they rely on their sense of smell for information.

Additionally, mice are also known for chewing everything but they are also very clever to taste their food before indulging it wholly.

This is why they will first nibble on the black pepper to see whether it is palatable or not and if they find the black peppers unfavorable, they will stay away from these peppers.

4 reasons why black pepper keeps mice away 

Mice infestation can really cause a lot of health risks and trouble in your life therefore, you want to find appropriate ways to keep mice away.

Therefore, being knowledgeable about black peppers’ ability to repel mice can help you to mold your decisions accordingly.


One of the most common reasons for keeping the mice away with the help of black paper is actually related to the black papers being repellent for the mice.

Additionally, black paper can not only cause physical discomfort and irritation to the mice, but it will also cause nasal irritation and this will cause the mice to keep away.

Moreover, as mice have a great sense of smell and rely on it for their survival, it will come in handy as their great sense of smell can be deterred by black peppers.


Another reason why black pepper works to deter mice away is due to the toxic chemical concentrations named piperine.

In addition, this toxic element can be really bad for the mice which is why they will think twice before nibbling on black paper and thus will keep away.

However, mice are also very clever as they will first nibble on a foreign food before indulging it wholly and if they find black pepper to be spicy, they may stop nibbling on it, and therefore, they will stay away for good.

Reduced Appetite:

Another reason why mice will keep away from black pepper is because black pepper seems to not only irritate them but it also reduces the appetite of mice, especially in the female ones.

In addition, the highly potent smell of the black paper also disgusts the mice, and thus there can be a lack of appetite among them.

How to make black pepper spray for rats? 

Mice infestation can be very annoying at times but the usage of black pepper as repellent is not only a humane choice rather it works effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, being knowledgeable about the proper ways to make black pepper spray for rats will help you to eradicate some serious infestation problems.

Gather all the Element:

When you are trying to make black pepper spray, you need to make sure you have all the supplies related to it therefore, you will need some good quality black peppers, water, cotton balls, black pepper essential oils, and so on.

Combine the Ingredients: 

After you are done sorting all the ingredients, you now need to ground the black peppers very thoroughly.

Accordingly, you now have to take one or two cups of water and mix a fair amount of grounded black pepper into the water until it all dissolves.

This way of making black pepper spray can be tricky and therefore, you can also use black pepper kernels and boil them for 30 minutes until the extraction of the essence from the black pepper.

In addition, if you happen to have some black pepper essential oils, you can also create black pepper spray with that. Accordingly, you will need to mix 10 to 15 drops of black pepper essential oil in one cup of water and stir it nicely to turn it into a concoction.

Bottle the Formula:

After you are done with combining the ingredients by following any of the mentioned methods, you now need to bottle the formula in a nice spray bottle.

Accordingly, this is because you will be able to spray onto the nooks and corners of your house properly or you can simply spray the black pepper spray onto some cotton balls and throw those cotton balls into several high activity rat areas to repel them.

How do you repel mice with black pepper? 

If you want to get rid of the mice in your house but you want to do it in a humane way then you need to be aware of the proper ways to be followed to deter the mice by using black peppers and this will help to mold your decisions accordingly.

Clean your House Properly:

Mice prefer living in places that are dirty and cluttered so that they can easily hide in places. Therefore, if your house is cluttered then you must have to clean it thoroughly.

Additionally, you also need to make sure that there are not any food scraps lying around or any clothes cluttered around in your house.

In addition, cleaning and prepping also include you to block any entry holes that mice may have created in your house.

Additionally, you also need to clean the trash and any possible water sources so that mice’s usual or preferred ways of gaining sustenance are blocked so that they are forced to find alternative ways.

Look for the Entryways:

After you are done cleaning everything, you now need to look for the high rat activity areas so that you can place the proper amount of black peppers onto those places to repel mice.

Accordingly, as a general rule of thumb, you can find high mice traffic in the cracks of floor or walls, pipes, refrigerators, dryers, washers, trashcans, and so on. Another effective way of knowing where mice prefer to stay is by noticing mice’s droppings around your house.

Position the Black Pepper:

After you are done with marking all the high mice traffic areas, you now need to place crushed black pepper or black pepper kernels onto the marked areas.

Additionally, if you happen to find their resting area accurately, you can repel them by drenching the whole area with a heavy amount of black pepper.

Additionally, you can also use black pepper to spray onto the mice and for that, you need to mix 15 drops of essential black pepper oil in 1 or 2 cups of water.

Repeat the Entire Process:

It may happen that you may not find luck on the first try therefore, you need to repeat this pest control method entirely for a couple of days until you find success.

Final Thoughts

Black peppers are filled with a toxic element called piperine and when it is consumed in a larger amount by the mice, it can cause physical discomfort for them. Therefore, using these black peppers as the repellent for the mice will not only be a great idea but will also be a humane one.