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Does BMX Tire Width Matter? (BMX Bike Tire Sizes Explained)

Bike tires are one of the most significant parts because they withstand the ultimate pressure. As well as go through all kinds of wobbly, rough roads and provides a smooth-riding. Therefore, you can think does your BMX’s tire width matters like other bikes or not. 

Does BMX Tire Width Matter? 

BMX bike’s tire width does matter. Because wide tires make a bigger footprint on roads providing extra stability and smooth riding. Also, tire width has a high impact on a bike’s performance. It withstands all pressure, delivers a better landing, and supports while performing stunts or tricks. 

Wide tires take bigger steps on-road and it gives extra stability and confidence to the bicyclist. As well as provide smooth-riding. And there are various types of BMX bikes, therefore, each type needs a different tire width to give better performance. 

BMX bike’s tire width determines smooth landings on different surfaces as per the bike’s type. It also supports performing tricks and stunts safely.

As well as, provides a smooth-riding experience. Needless to mention, wider tires are more sturdy and durable so those can endure pressure more. 

How Does BMX Tire Width Matter? 

Tire width is an important factor of BMX bikes. Countless reasons explain how does BMX tire width matters, and here 5 of the main reasons are described for you. 

Better Traction 

BMX’s tire width matters because wide tires are easier to have a balance on. As well as provides ample cushioning while performing stunts and high jumping. And gives the rider a safe landing. 

Better Control 

Wide BMX bike tires make a bigger footprint on-road means they take up enough space and rollover. Therefore, wide tires are easily controllable and stable than thin tires. 

More Enduring

Wide tires on BMX bikes make the bike more enduring to pressure. Because while performing stunts, wheelies, all the pressure comes down to the tire; wide and thick tires can endure the pressure better. 

Better Grip 

On dirt trail with obstacles and jumps, rough roads, and on a wet road, wide BMX bike tires provide better grip. So you will have fewer chances to face any accident. 

What Size Tire For BMX Racing? 

The perfect tire size for BMX racing bikes is 1.75 inches. However, you can purchase 1.75 inches wide tire for your pro frames and 1.5 inches wide tire for your expert model BMX. Both of the tires are thin so choose as you like. 

1.75 inches wide tire will give you tread with better grip. And you get traction without getting resistance to maintain your speed. 

BMX Tire Size For The Street?

The best BMX tire size for the street is 2.15 inches wide tires. Because this site size provides more balance and control to the rider. So if you are more likely to ride as freestyle and on flat land with your pro size BMX bike then select 2.15 inches wide tires.

However, tires of 1.75 inches width are also great to ride on with for freestyle expert frames. And if you have mini or junior frames then 1.3 inched wide tires for junior and 1.1 inches wide tires for mini frames are better suited. 

These tire sizes are considerably smoother and have a slider tread without deep, therefore, perfectly goes for street riding. 

How Do I Choose BMX Bike Tire Width?

BMX bike riding has quite a lot of types such as flatland/freestyle, jump riding, and track racing. Therefore, every bike type has specific tire width, and you need to consider all these factors before choosing tire width for your BMX bike. 

To help you choosing BMX bike tire width here is a detailed step-by-step guide is given below. 

Know Your BMX Riding Type

As mentioned before, BMX has three different types of riding type, so first, choose your preferred riding style and then choose tire width. 

If you are a flatland/freestyle BMX rider then the best tire width for you is 2.15 inches, if you ride with a pro-size bike. And if you have expert freestyle frames then choose 1.75” wide tires, 1.3” wide tires for a junior frame, and 1.1” wide tires for a mini frame.

If you are a jumping rider then choose 1.9” wide tires for a pro-style frame and 1.6” for the expert model. 

And if you like dirt-track racing then choose 1.5” for expert models, junior, as well as pro models.

Feel The Tread 

Get a proper feeling of the tread because it will help you to have control on your bike and. As well as, it will determine how smoothly you will land on the ground. 

Therefore, choose smoother, knobby grooves, and slicker tread without deep for flatland riding. And extra gripped tread for freestyle riding in urban tracks. 

Choose a knobby and deeper tread for jump riding. As deeper tread will hold the terrain strongly while landing. 

And for dirt-track racing choose a grippy, knobby, but not deep tread. Because it will help you to maintain your speed without resistance. 

Check The Recommended PSI 

PSI is a measure of pressure. You should choose tires according to it. 

Choose tires of 40-70 PSI for freestyle riding. If you like spin-style tricks then choose higher PSI tires. 

And for jump riding, choose tires of PSI limit between 40-70 for making a better landing.

If you are a dirt-track rider choose tires over 100 PSI because highly pressurized tires allow the bike to go quicker. 

What PSI Should BMX Tires Be? 

PSI( Pound Per Square Inch) is a measurement of pressure. Since BMX bikes have three different types of ride so the recommend PSI for every bike is different. 

  • Flat and Freestyle BMX-  Recommended tire PSI for freestyle riding is between 40 to 70 for having a more cushioned ride. And for spin-style trick BMX bike tire PSI should be higher.
  • Jump Riding– For jump riding, the recommended BMX tire’s PSI should be between 40 to 70 because it will offer a smoother and better landing. 
  • Hard Dirt-Track Racing- If you are a BMX race rider who wants speed, then the BMX tire PSI for you should be over 100. Because highly pressurized tires enable quick traveling. 

Does BMX Tire Width Affect The Speed? 

BMX tire width does affect the speed. BMX bike’s wide tire’s contact space is larger so these tires can get a better grip on the surface.

As well as wider tires have low resistance so those can go faster, therefore, wide tires help to speed up. Especially, on roads filled up with obstacles, you can go faster with a wider BMX tire. 

What PSI Is Too High For BMX Tires?

Over 100 PSI is too high for BMX tires. And BMX dirt-track jumping bike requires such PSI for riding at speed and highly pressurized tires are better for quick riding. Dirt-jumping bikes are drastic in terms of smoothness. Therefore, recommending tires below 100 PSI will not suit it. 

Do Wider Tires Give A Smoother Ride? 

Wider tire certainly provides a smoother ride. As wider tires are large in size, they are going to make bigger footprints with better traction. And that means wider tires are going to get shorter contact patches. And you are going to get a stronger grip on the road.

Also, wider tires can soak up more obstacles and jumps on the road. So, you can have smooth and safe riding as well as landing. 

As wider tires are large, these can endure overall pressure more, therefore, it is better suited for smooth rides and performing stunts. 

Do Narrower Tires Get Better Mileage? 

Narrower tires get better mileage. Because it weighs less and causes less friction than a wider tire. Therefore, it increases fuel economy and gets better mileage. 

Since narrower tires are small in size so when you are using them,  they will create a lower amount of friction on road than wider tires. And it will help to consume less fuel and will get better mileage for you. 

However, even if wider tires don’t get better mileage but they provide better service. And remember, the place you are choosing to ride has an impact on getting better or worse mileage as well. 

Can I Use Tires With Different Widths?

Well, it seems fine to use tires with different widths. It will allow the wheels to swivel at different velocities. Also, it will allow to go around corners more easily. 

However, a narrower in width tire in front can be frowned upon. And it can provide you with less of a striking angle between your frame and fork. But if you go at a proper speed, it will not be a problem. 

If you want to use different tire width then just make sure to use a little wider tire in front. 

BMX bike tire width is one of the significant factors that highly matters. As it offers three different types of riding, therefore, each ride needs different types of tire width for giving better performance.

Traction, speed, endurance ability, performance, and better landing all of these things are related to the bike’s tire width. So it’s evident that BMX bike’s tire width matters. 

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