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Does Cardboard Attract Roaches? (All You Need to Know)

Are you noticing some roach infestation around your cardboard boxes? Are you wondering whether cardboard boxes attract roaches? Additionally, are you also looking for effective ways to protect your cardboard boxes from cockroaches?

Does cardboard attract roaches?

Cardboards can definitely attract roaches. This is because cardboard boxes are the favorite food of the cockroaches as cardboards are typically made out of organic materials and the glue that is used to bind the boxes together is also edible and very much appealing to cockroaches. 

The reason why cockroaches find cardboard boxes very much appealing is due to the reason that cardboard boxes provide the preferred isolation, seclusion, and darkness that roaches are accustomed to.

Additionally, cardboard boxes are also a great source of food for cockroaches due to the organic materials.

Cardboard boxes also are preferred by cockroaches because cardboards are usually put in places where it has less human traffic which is why roaches like to lay eggs and breed in cardboard boxes.

Why are cockroaches attracted to cardboard?

There are several reasons why cockroaches are attracted to cardboards therefore, being knowledgeable about such reasons can help you to adopt proper measures to eradicate roaches.

Food Source:

One of the obvious reasons for roaches’ attraction to cardboard boxes is related to the idea that cardboards are a great source of food for roaches.

In addition, cardboards are basically made out of organic materials because it is made out of trees therefore, cardboards are very much attractive to roaches.

Moreover, roaches are also omnivorous which means they can eat almost anything therefore cardboard boxes are the perfect fit for the roaches to have.

In addition, the cardboard boxes also include some kind of glues which are typically made off of animal products therefore these again work as a great source of food for roaches.

Moreover, cardboard boxes are usually used for storing multiple things which may include food, books, paper, clothes, and so on which are very much appetizing for roaches and this will make roaches linger around cardboard boxes.


Water is something that really attracts roaches, therefore, if you have certain cardboard boxes which are decaying or have moisture in them due to some water spillage, it is more than likely that this will cause a lot of roaches to be attracted to your home.

Additionally, wet cardboard makes it very much convenient for the roaches to eat and digest the cardboard boxes effortlessly.


Roaches will try their best to avoid human contact as long as they can therefore if they find a place that is isolating and devoid of human contact for a long period of time then it is the best place for them to reside.

Accordingly, cardboards are usually used for storing things and they are usually put in places that don’t require much human contact such as the attic, storeroom, laundry room, basement, and so on.

Additionally, as these places have little human activity, it is the perfect place for the roaches to have privacy and thus they can live in desired isolation.

Dimmed Areas:

Because of the nocturnal nature of the roaches, they like to be in isolated or dark areas therefore cardboard boxes provide these types of environments where they can be unbothered.

Can cockroaches eat through cardboard?

Cockroaches can definitely eat through cardboard boxes. This is because cardboard boxes are very much favorable and appetizing for cockroaches.

Accordingly, cockroaches are also known to be omnivorous which means they are accustomed to eating any things they can get hold of.

Therefore, cardboard boxes are the perfect fit for them because they are made out of organic materials meaning paper which is made out of trees, therefore, cardboards are ideal for them to eat.

In addition, when cardboard boxes are decaying or have moisture in them, the cockroaches find it even more appetizing due to the fact that they can easily digest such wet cardboard boxes.

Moreover, the glue that comes with the cardboard boxes is made out of some kind of animal materials which is why they will linger around cardboard boxes.

Do roaches lay eggs and breed in cardboard?

Roaches will definitely lay eggs and breed in cardboard boxes because it is their favorite place to reside in.

Accordingly, roaches typically like places that are separated, dark, wet, and secluded which is why they love to hang around cardboard boxes.

Because cardboard boxes provide them with the proper isolation and privacy that they prefer, it is very much appropriate for them to lay eggs and breed without any hassle.

Do roaches live in cardboard?

Nothing can be more appealing than living in cardboard boxes for roaches because cardboard boxes are the perfect fit for them.

Accordingly, cockroaches tend to live in places where it is isolated, dark, and devoid of human activity, therefore, cardboard boxes are the ideal place for them to be as they will find everything needed for surviving.

Additionally, if the cardboard boxes are wet or decaying, this actually works not only as a food source but also as a water source for cockroaches which is why they like to live in cardboard boxes.

How to protect cardboard from cockroaches?

It is no surprise that cardboard attracts cockroaches therefore, in this scenario, it is better to go for prevention than cure because if you solve the roach infestation problem from the root, it can help to deviate the main problem altogether.

Use Essential Oils:

One of the most effective ways of protecting cardboard boxes from cockroaches is related to the usage of essential oils.

Accordingly, if you use essential oils such as lemongrass oil or peppermint essential oil to spray on the cardboard boxes before storing, it will help to deter all the roaches away because essential oils work as natural cockroach repellents.

Bay Leaves:

If you want to protect your cardboard boxes from cockroaches, you have to use bay leaves to naturally eliminate cockroaches.

Accordingly, all you need to do is to throw some bay leaves inside the cardboard boxes and this will be enough to keep the cockroaches away because cockroaches do not really like the strong smell of bay leaves.

Minimize Water Leakage:

Wet cardboard boxes are cockroaches’ favorite food to devour therefore, you have to make sure all of your cardboard boxes are dry and aren’t exposed to any water leakage when they are placed in the attic, basement, or storeroom.

How to get rid of roaches from cardboard boxes?

There is a myriad of different appropriate measures that can be taken for getting rid of roaches from cardboard boxes. Therefore, being knowledgeable about such ways can help you to mold your decisions accordingly.

Boric Acid:

One of the most effective and efficient ways of getting rid of roaches from the cardboard boxes is related to the usage of boric acid which is a natural roach repellent.

Accordingly, to make a good repellent using boric acid, you need to make sure to mix an equal amount of sugar, flour, and boric acid.

In addition, you now need to make sure to mix all these three elements together perfectly so that you will end up with a boric acid dough.

Accordingly, you now need to make sure to break up that dough into smaller pieces and place it inside or around the cardboard boxes.

Additionally, the boric acid itself will never attract the roaches but the sugar and the flour inside the dough will attract the roaches and will eradicate them very effectively and naturally.


Another very effective and natural way to get rid of cockroaches from your cardboard boxes is related to the usage of citrusy elements.

Accordingly, you need to use lemon oil or lemon itself to make a spray which you will then spray around and into the box so that the roaches will not come near it because cockroaches do not like the smell of citrus.

To make this process even more effective, you can also use some lemon peels and put them around the cardboard boxes so that cockroaches do not come near them.

Baking Soda:

Another item that helps to get rid of roaches from your cardboard boxes is baking soda. Accordingly, you need to cut up some onions and then sprinkle them with a lot of baking soda and place them around the cardboard boxes.

Eventually, this will help to get rid of any kind of cockroaches that may linger around your cardboard boxes.

Moreover, this consumption of baking soda in a heavy amount by the roaches will create gas problems in roaches which will lead to the total riddance of cockroaches from your cardboard boxes.

Final Thoughts

Roaches definitely find cardboard very appealing due to its organic material and due to the dark and isolating environment that it offers. Although cardboards are very much prone to be infested by cockroaches, there are still some measures that can be taken to deter them away permanently.