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Does Castor Oil Repel Voles? (Read This First!)

Castor oil has multiple benefits scientifically, medically as well as domestically. You might have heard that castor oil has been used for treating different sorts of health complications. Also, castor oil has been used as an antimicrobial fluid in order to treat infection, inflammation and even damaged cells from the skin. In addition, castor oil is considered as a natural laxative which is fully effective treating any sort of health complications.

However, you might be surprised after reading the title whether castor oil can be used as repellent or not. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss whether castor oil can repel voles or not.

Does castor oil repel voles?

Castor oil can repel voles, however, normal castor oil which is usually found in stores will not be effective in repelling voles. The experts suggest that you will need super stinky based castor oil as the odd smell of castor oil will force the voles to change that place.

Castor oil has been used for ages for its multiple benefits. The castor oil can be used for treating lung problems, treating heart complications, preventing infections from skin etc. However, people have also started to use castor oil in making foods as the health benefits that you get from castor oil is immense. However, apart from all medicinal benefits, you can also get benefits from castor oil by using the castor oil domestically.

The smell of castor oil can actually repel voles on lawns. If your lawn has a vole problem then you should certainly use castor oil as the smell of castor oil can make the voles go away. The intense smell of the castor oil can actually penetrate the ground of the lawn very easily.

Eventually, it will change the taste of the vegetation that has been eaten by the voles as food. The smell of the castor oil will penetrate every possible vegetable that is harvested both under and above the ground. As a result, the voles on the lawns will not be able to eat those vegetables anymore and which is why they will have to shift their home to anywhere else.

One thing is to be noted that the normal castor oil that is available in super shops or grocery stores might not contain enough smelly component on the oil. Therefore, you have to find those castor oil that has a strong smell in the oil in order to repel voles on lawns.

What kind of castor oil gets rid of voles?

There is no specific type of castor oil mentioned by the experts that repels the voles. There are so many companies that make different types of castor oil. However, not all castor oils are safe for your health but if you want to get rid of voles you can go for any sort of castor oil.

It is recommended by the experts that you should go for castor oils that have an intense smell. Because the voles will not go away easily if it doesn’t smell or taste any inappropriate things. Once it tastes the smell of the castor oil, it will immediately make the vole uncomfortable and eventually it will leave that place as soon as possible. Therefore, you will need to go for castor oils that have an intense smell and odd smell as well as the taste of the castor oil also needs to be strong.

Therefore, you should focus more on the smell and taste of castor oil rather than focusing on the brand. As you will be able to get rid of the voles by applying the smell and taste of the castor oil.

Does regular castor oil deter voles?

Well, the answer to this question depends on some factors. But to be precise, regular castor oil may or may not deter voles. Because regular castor oil doesn’t contain the intense smell or the strong taste. As the regular castor oil is manufactured only for the usage by the humans, therefore, it might not contain the intense components.

It is recommended by the experts that if you want to deter voles from your lawns by applying castor oil then you should take note of some things before buying the castor oil. The castor oil needs to have an intense smell which will make the voles go away. Also, the castor oil should contain a strong taste that will penetrate the vegetables easily. As a result, the voles will not be able to eat the smelly vegetables and it will make them shift their home from that place.

Therefore, regular castor oil might not deter voles; rather , you should go for specially made castor oil in order to deter voles.

How much castor oil to get rid of voles?

The quantity of castor oil you are gonna apply in order to deter voles depends on some factors. First of all, you have to measure the area of your lawn where you want to apply the castor oil. Usually, ten ounces of castor oil is enough for a small part of the lawn. However, if the lawn is bigger than you might need to increase the quantity of your castor oil.

To get better results, you may use the castor oil with other solutions like detergents. Because like the castor oil, the detergents also have a strong smell which will increase the repellent power of the castor oil. As a result, as soon as the voles taste the solution, it will go away in no time. In addition, you will need to use the mixture in a small amount for a big area as the smell of the mixture will be distributed quickly.

Where to buy castor oil for voles?

If you are looking for regular castor oil then you might find them in regular grocery stores. However, the regular castor oil might not have the smell and taste that will deter the moles. Therefore, you might need to look for specially made castor oil for deterring voles.

This type of castor oil is most likely available in online stores and sometimes even in drug stores. But the castor oils that deter voles are found in deter shops. Also, you can order directly from the manufacturer company of castor oil in order to make specially made  castor oil.

How to get rid of voles with castor oil?

You will need to follow some of the simple steps if you want to get rid of voles by using the castor oil. You have to create a mixture by using the castor oil which will deter the voles very quickly. The simple steps of making the mixture is described below:

Gather all the materials:

You have to gather cayenne peppers, dish detergent, and garlic powder in order to create a strong mixture. These components will create a strong taste as well as an intense smell which will deter the voles in no time.


Then you have to take half tablespoons of cayenne pepper, half tablespoons of garlic powder and half tablespoons of dish detergent.

Mix them well:

The next step will be to mix them properly. You will need to take 2 gallons of water and mix those tablespoons all together along with castor oil.

Stir them properly:

Now with the help of a big spoon you have to mix the mixture properly. Make sure all the ingredients of the mixture have mixed properly.

Apply on the lawn:

This is the most important part. The application of the mixture depends on the area of the lawn. Also, you have to remember that even if this mixture is taken in small quantities it can distribute along a long area very quickly. Therefore, apply the mixture in a small amount over your lawn. You can apply the mixture in a small portion in some specific portion of the area where the vole population is more.

What else will repel voles on lawns?

There are other sorts of repels that can repel voles. They are specially made for repelling voles in a small amount of time. Some of the name of the repellent is given below:


Capsaicin is one of the best natural repellents and can deter voles very easily. The spicy taste in capsaicin deter voles very quickly.

Dish detergents:

Dish detergents are also very useful in deterring voles. The intense smell of dish detergents is not liked by the voles.

Vole hotspots:

You can apply vole hotspots in order to get rid of voles from striking your plants.

Final Thoughts

Castor oil can repel voles but the smell and taste of the castor oil need to be intense. As the intense smell can penetrate the ground perfectly, and the smell will get into the food and home of voles very quickly. Thus it will make the voles uncomfortable and will force them to leave that place.