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Does Cedar Repel Mosquitoes? (Read This First!)

Mosquitoes make us irritated by its buzzing sound. In fact, they strike upon us with a large group and spread diseases and skin problems. 

So, once you have found mosquitoes in your garden area, it’s better to take precautions to deter them otherwise, they may enter the house and annoy you a lot.

Cedar to repel mosquitoes

Cedar repels mosquitoes significantly by releasing a strong fragrance. In fact, it releases antimicrobial and neurotoxic chemicals that eventually make it a good mosquito resistance. The olfactory receptors of mosquitoes are irritated and they lose their body functionality because of cedar.

Cedar is considered a great natural repellent to repel mosquitoes. A distinctive smell of cedar is released from cedar that mosquitoes highly dislike. The smell affects their sense of smell and they are not able to inhale it for a long time. 

The chemical properties in cedar, mainly Thujone, is highly responsible for being a great mosquito repellent. The essential oil that is concentrated from cedar, works as insecticide. Even the wood, chips, burks, mulch of cedar also works actively to repel mosquitoes. 

Cedar wood: 

Cedar wood helps to minimize mosquito or other pest invasions by making a  good resistance against them. Cedar wood releases a kind of acute fragrance at its surroundings and mosquitoes can detect the smell from a distance. 

The acute fragrance mainly comes from the chemicals or cedar oil that cedar wood releases and the strong characteristic odor of Cedar wood is disliked by mosquitoes. 

Cedar oil:

Cedar oil works great for deterring mosquitoes. This method has been used for a long time which not only repels mosquitoes but also can perish them. 

The intense aromatic smell comes from the neuro chemical material called Thujone which has the ability to damage the body and nerve function. In fact, cedar oil disrupts mosquitoes the way of detecting pheromone which they primarily need for breeding. 

Moreover, it also works as an insecticide and efficiently repels mosquitoes and any other bugs. 

Cedar chips: 

The chips of cedar woods also work as a good deterrent. Cedar chips carry a strong scent like cedar wood and when it heavily rains, it affects more one olfactory receptors of the mosquitoes. 

However, cedar chips do not perish mosquitoes but by the distinctive smell, mosquitoes repel by themselves. 

Cedar mulch: 

Cedar mulch contains various chemical elements and the essential oil that have a great impact on mosquitoes. Though normally, mulches are their one of the favorite places to hide, take shelter or breed but the cedar mulch is their enemy. 

They feel uncomfortable with the acute fragrance, which eventually results in deterring mosquitoes. 

Cedar smoke: 

Undoubtedly, cedar smoke will actively and effortlessly raise a barrier to the area and won’t let the mosquitoes enter. 

When the cedar tree or wood is burned, the essential oils and chemicals it contains will be released and the aromatic fragrant will be spread to the whole area that will make mosquitoes alert and repel thereby. 

Does burning red cedar keep mosquitoes away? 

Mosquitoes can be repelled by burning cedar. When cedar is burned, it releases compounds called thujone, which deter mosquitoes. Among all the cedars, red cedar is mostly used to deter mosquitoes.  

Red cedar is an efficient mosquito repellent because when it is burned, the air releases its potent, strong scent, which mosquitoes can detect from a distance. The spread of red cedar smoke is quicker, and as a result, mosquitoes can be repelled quickly in all nooks and crannies. 

In addition, it requires less effort and a little cedar is all that is required to keep mosquitoes away. 

Mosquitoes find the burning scent of red cedar to be excessive repulsive, and because of this, they can’t stand the scent and tend to leave regions where cedar is burned to deter mosquitoes. 

When a cedar tree is burned, the component will be more prevalent in the air and will have the same effect as the cedar oils that are usually used to repel mosquitoes. So burning red cedar is effective and will repel mosquitoes, thereby.

How long does cedar mulch repel mosquitoes?

Cedar is among the most useful trees that has a good resistance against mosquitoes, bugs and insects. It deters mosquitoes by releasing an intense smell that mosquitoes highly dislike. They find the smell alarming for them and they tend to leave the place soon. 

In fact, cedar releases insect repelling chemicals that can hamper the nerve system of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have breathing issues if they inhale the chemical and also they can’t body function normally. The longer cedar is used, it will deter mosquitoes. 

However, cedar mulch doesn’t repel mosquitoes for too long as it has a short shelf life. 

Usually the lasting time depends on the humidity, environment and where it is placed. Under ideal conditions, cedar can effectively repel mosquitoes for 10 to 12 months. If the humidity is high where it is placed, the mosquito-repelling ability will last less, maximum 5 to 6 months. 

If the environment remains very harsh and it rains heavily for a long time, it’ll no longer last more than 3 months. 

How to use cedar to repel mosquitoes? 

Use cedar chips, oils, or cedar wood plants as a repellent for mosquitoes and other insects. The smell of cedar is brought on by the strong chemical thujone, which is mostly present in cedar oil or mulch. 

In order to boost the anti repellent power of cedar oil, it can be combined with other excessively aromatic oils, or it can be diluted with water and sprayed over garden areas or the corners of homes, where mosquitoes tend to gather and hide most of the time. 

Citronella oil can be combined with cedar oil and sprayed everywhere to increase its potency. Or, you can combine cedar oil with neem or basil leaves, which can also work well to keep mosquitoes away.

Addition of citronella oil: 

When combined with citronella oil, this mixture is quite effective at warding off mosquitoes. When cedar is added to citronella oil, which has insecticidal properties, the result is a more beneficial mixture. 

The same amount of citronella and cedar oil should be combined first, and a clean spray bottle should be used to pour the mixture into it and add water by two thirds. The mixture is now ready to be applied to areas that are more likely to be infested by mosquitoes.

Adding neem and basil: 

Combining cedar oil with neem and basil leaves will make them more effective at keeping mosquitoes away. Neem and basil leaves are great mosquito repellents. These two ingredients will work even better when combined with cedar oil and the proper amount of water. 

If frequently sprayed over the house’s corners and gardens, this solution will aid in repelling mosquitoes for at least four to five hours.

Preparing a cedar oil spray solution: 

The formula for making cedar spray is relatively easy to remember and is also highly powerful. You must first put two-thirds of the water in a spray bottle, add one-fourth cup of cedar oil, and thoroughly shake the mixture before storing it for a few hours before using it. 

Now that it is prepared, apply it first to the regions where mosquitoes have already taken hold.

What can I put outside to keep mosquitoes away? 

To ward off mosquitoes, use cedar oil, strongly scented oils, or any candle with a strong aroma outside. If anyone wants to transiently get rid of mosquitoes, he can plant lavender trees, neem trees, or basil trees around the garden or outside the house area. 

These trees will naturally provide protection from harmful mosquitoes and insects. Other options include coils or smoke that has a cedar or other mosquito repellent scent.

Making smoke:

Cedar wood can be used to make smoke outside the house to keep mosquitoes away. This releases a potent scent that permeates the neighborhood and keeps the house free of mosquitoes.

Lighting scented candles:

You can use scented candles with a potent perfume to keep mosquitoes away by lighting them outside the house. Examples of such candles include citronella and cedar wood. 

This will constantly emit the scent in the air and, with enhancement, the environment will also repel mosquitos.

Placing cedar oil outside:

Cedar oil can be kept outside the house in any pot. This will release their potent scent into the environment, naturally warding off mosquitoes. 

It must be kept in a number of locations to prevent mosquitoes from easily entering the house.

Final thought 

Because of the presence of the neurotoxic chemical compound Thujone; cedar efficiently works as a mosquito repellent. It produces an aromatic aroma that hampers mosquitoes nerve system, body function and breeding. The oil it releases works as an insecticide and deter mosquitoes.