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Does Cinnamon Repel or Attract Roaches? (Quick Answers)

Various kinds of scents are out there in the world. Some of them attract insects like roaches. Some of them repel them.

You may ask if cinnamon either repels or attract roaches. To answer your question, let us discuss it broadly. Moreover, let us provide you with some necessary information regarding this matter.

Does cinnamon repel or attract roaches?

Cinnamon repels roaches. Cinnamon has a strong scent like what essential oils have. It also has a high quantity of Eugenol. Combining both of these can make an effective repellent for insects like roaches. Hence, cinnamon does not attract but keeps them away from where it is applied properly.

Cinnamon is a powerful ingredient in the kitchen. It is used as a spice. It can be used in various dishes according to your requirements. It can also be used for other needs as well.

Among the other uses, using it as a repellent is one. It is said that cinnamon has a strong smell.

This scent not only makes a dish smell good but also can keep insects away from where you use it. This essence is so strong that people tend to compare it with the scent of essential oils.

Cinnamon also has another natural ingredient in it called Eugenol. Eugenol is usually known as clove oil. This is the aromatic oil extracted from cloves. It is also found in cinnamon as well. This can get rid of roaches from your house.

If we combine both, cinnamon can keep roaches away for good. As both of them make a powerful combination, insects keep their distance due to smell and the Eugenol effect. Hence, cinnamon can be used as a strong natural repellent.

There are many ways how cinnamon can be found in the market. You may ask which one of these forms you can use to repel or attract roaches.

Let us discuss the commonly available forms how cinnamon is found in the market and discuss if they can repel or attract roaches.

Dry cinnamon sticks:

Dry cinnamon sticks are an effective roach repellent. Dry cinnamon sticks are effective at repelling insects.

To effectively use it, take a cinnamon stick and grind it. Sprinkle the cinnamon dust that you made by grinding at places where you want to repel roaches. It works effectively and keeps them away.

Ground Cinnamon Powder:

Ground cinnamon Powder repels roaches. This powder is effective and has a strong essence. This essence keeps the roaches away.

Cinnamon oil:

Cinnamon oil can repel roaches effectively. Cinnamon oil is usually known as an essential oil.

All essential oils are known for their effective results in keeping insects and pests away. Hence, cinnamon oil is no different and can repel roaches effectively.

Do roaches like or dislike the smell of cinnamon?

Roaches dislike the smell of cinnamon. Cinnamon is considered to be a strong herb. This usually has a strong essence. Although the scent of cinnamon can be intriguing to people, it is not a pleasant smell for roaches.

Roaches do not like any smell which is strong. Hence, they do not like the smell of any strong essence like cinnamon. 

They do not like any kind of product that is made of cinnamon. From cinnamon oils to cinnamon powder, insects like roaches do not like none.

What does cinnamon do to roaches?

Cinnamon does various kinds of things to roaches that prevent them. At first, cinnamon contains them to smell their surroundings properly. When cockroaches cannot smell their surroundings properly, they start to act weird.

Moreover, any strong essence is considered to be powerful for insects like cockroaches.

This is why cockroaches do not like cinnamon and it prevents them from coming. Cinnamon also confuses roaches.

As smell is their biggest way to understand the environment, roaches tend to live in places where the smell is suitable for them. Places where cinnamon is used are not ideal for them as this smell confuses them.

Lastly, cinnamon affects their movement. Cinnamon has Eugenol. Eugenol prevents roaches and any other insect from moving properly. Therefore, any insect like roaches stays away from cinnamon as it affects them badly.

How to use cinnamon to repel cockroaches?

Cinnamon is considered to be a powerful and effective repellent to keep roaches away. Due to its strong smell and other features, roaches are not fond of the smell of it and keep their distance from it as much as possible.

Thus, using cinnamon to repel cockroaches is one of the best possible ways.

There are many ways that you can use to repel cockroaches. If you want to use cinnamon for this case, there are a handful of ways that you can follow. Here are some useful tips on how to use cinnamon to repel cockroaches by us.

Grind cinnamon sticks to powder:

Cinnamon sticks are common and are used for cooking food. The sticks are usually enriched with scent and other natural elements. It also provides a magnificent taste to the dish that you use in.

But when you want to use it for repelling insects like cockroaches, you need to use this in a particular manner. Using a cinnamon stick directly cannot help you prevent cockroaches as it cannot spread the strong smell properly.

But if you grind the cinnamon powder and sprinkle it across the house, it may work effectively in preventing the cockroaches.

Powdered cinnamon can spread a strong smell properly compared with cinnamon sticks. Hence, it can prevent the insects such as cockroaches.

Mix cinnamon with essential oils:

Essential oils are a strong preventive measure to keep insects away. The scent of the essential oil and natural extracts keep insects away from where the oil is used.

But these essential oils can repel insects like cockroaches better if cinnamon is mixed with the essential oils.

Using essential oils and cinnamon makes the combination stronger against cockroaches. This helps the mix to have the extra power Eugenol. This ensures the effectiveness of the mix.

Lavender oil and cinnamon are also an effective combination as well. Make the combination properly and put some droplets across the area where you want to implement the repellent.

Use cinnamon essential oils:

Like essential oils, cinnamon essential oils are another kind of essential oil. It is made using cinnamon extracts. There are other essential oils extracts mixed with it. But cinnamon extracts are the most in this oil.

Cinnamon essential oils have natural extracts. These natural extracts have the power to keep cockroaches away from your home. You can spray the cinnamon essential oils by mixing them with water and spraying it across the house.

What smells repel cockroaches?

There is various kind of smells that can keep insects away. For example, insects like cockroaches.

As cockroaches have an incredible sense of smell to find food, it can be used to keep them away as well. If you want to know the smells that repel cockroaches, here are the smells that repel cockroaches:


Cockroaches do not like the smell of minty. These smells are strong and can keep cockroaches away from your house. Peppermint contains menthol. This natural element repels cockroaches effectively.

A suitable real-life mint-family relative is catnip. This has a peppermint smell in it which repels insects effectively.


Lavender essence is another strong repellent. This scent has a beautiful and sweet smell. But this smell keeps insects away due to its powerful natural extracts. Whenever cockroach smells this scent, it makes them go away.

Tea Tree oil:

This is known as an essential oil and is mainly used by many people as a beauty product. This can keep insects like cockroaches away without any issue.

A high concentration of this oil makes cockroaches keep their distance from the area where the oil is used.

What insect does cinnamon repel?

Cinnamon repels a lot of insects. It can repel a number of insects with its powerful scent and natural extracts. The insects that it can repel are ants, cockroaches, spiders, rats, bed bugs and many more.

These are usually known as insects that move on the ground. These insects can be repelled using cinnamon powder, essential oils and many more.

Cinnamon not only repels moving insects on the ground but also repels insects that can fly.

This powerful repellent herd can repel wasps, mosquitos, fruit flies and many more. Although these cannot be repelled by cinnamon powder, they can be repelled using cinnamon oil and combined essential oil.

These essential oils are made using lavender or peppermint. With the combination of cinnamon, they can become stronger and may prevent more than roaches. Thus, cinnamon is a powerful and effective repellent.

Final thoughts

Cinnamon repels cockroaches and any other insects like them. As cockroaches have a strong sense of smell, cinnamon’s strong scent can keep the cockroaches away. But it would be best if you appropriately used the cinnamon to get the best results. Else, it may not be fruitful using it.