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Does Citronella Repel Fleas? (Quick Answers)

When you have some empty spaces in your garden, you must think of planting new ones. Maybe you have enough flowers and fruit trees and are looking for some repellent. If so, you may consider planting some citronella, which is more like long grass. 

You can use this plant to make citronella natural oil by following some easy processes. But that’s not our topic for today. We will look at different uses of citronella plants and how they can protect your garden from enemies.

Citronella repel fleas

Citronella does repel flies and other aphids. This plant has a strong smell and bitter taste that works nicely against all the flies. If you plant some citronella around your garden, they will automatically repel the flies. To terminate fleas, you can use citronella like a candle.

You can use citronella leaves and other parts to make a natural candle. Then, you need to use it as a candle, create smoke, and let the smell spread in the air. The combination of smoke and smell will magically deter aphids, fleas, and other insects. 

This tip can be used to repel some wild animals.

Citronella plants can repel most aphids and insects through their strong smell. If you want the best solution for deterring aphids and fleas, you won’t find a better solution than growing some citronella plants. They will grow faster and will repel all the fleas.

Using the citronella plant, leaves, and roots, you can make some other repellent. All parts of citronella can be used to repel fleas, insects, and garden bugs. When you don’t want to use artificial repellent to deter insects and fleas, I suggest you plant some fleas. 

They will become your long-term solutions. You will never use any artificial repellent to control the growth of the garden fleas after growing some citronella plants in your garden. It’s the best natural repellent to repel or terminate fleas from any garden.

Citronella plant:

The citronella plants can repel fleas and other insects from the surrounding through their smell & taste. 

When they grow and become adults, the citronella plants will spread a sharp smell in the air that will repel fleas from your garden. You don’t need to use any sprayer to terminate fleas.

Citronella oil:

The citronella oil also repels fleas from the ground and your garden. Using the citronella oil in a sprayer and mixing it with water will become an excellent sprayer. You can use the citronella oil or make it in your home.

Citronella candles:

You can also use citronella candles to get the best repellent because citronella candles can also repel fleas and garden bugs. You will love the smell of citronella candles, but your fleas and garden bugs will dislike the citronella candles.

Citronella grass:

Citronella grass can also repel fleas and other garden bugs. It has a naturally pungent smell that works against fleas and other insects. So, if you grow some citronella grass, they will surely work as a fleas repellent.

Citronella incense:

The citronella incense repels fleas and mosquitos from your garden. If you ever try this citronella incense in your garden, you will love that smell, but your garden fleas will not love that. 

However, citronella incense might come with artificial chemicals or other harmful things.

Is citronella effective against fleas?

The citronella is effective against fleas and other garden insects. You will also love the smell of citronella since it doesn’t have any artificial smell or chemicals. When you have too many fleas and insects in your garden, you can use citronella oil and make a spray out of it. 

It will give you the best solution.

Moreover, the citronella plant or grass can also be effective against fleas. If you have time and plan to grow some natural repellent, citronella plants would be your best garden partner. It will give you long grass that can spread the anti-fleas smell in the air.

When you have empty spaces in different places in your garden, you must grow some citronella plants there. So, the plant’s smell will spread in the air and give you the best solution against the garden fleas. It will also be effective against other insects and bugs.

So, you can rely on the citronella plants and smell since it’s effective against fleas and bugs. You may also consider using citronella oil and candles to eliminate fleas and other bugs. They cannot bear the candle smoke and smell.

Reasons citronella repel fleas

Since citronella is frequently the significant component of anti-bug candles and sprays, it usually comes to mind when we think of insect repellent. 


One of the most powerful ingredients citronella has is that pyrethrum is known as a strong flea deterrent. Citronella works to keep fleas at bay and is well known for keeping mosquito larvae away. 

These gorgeous blooms generate pyrethrum, a natural chemical that repels fleas, ticks, and many other insects.


The most crucial reason citronella repels fleas is its potent smell. Citronella keeps insects away. This oil hides the carbon dioxide, and lactic acid smells that insects seek out because of its strong aroma. The scent of citronella oil typically annoys fleas.


Citronella repels fleas because it is highly effective against fleas. 

When you mix it with other flea repellents, its effectiveness reaches its highest level. Combine citronella oil with additional essential oils in a sprayer bottle to offer long-lasting flea repellent effectiveness.

What scent repels fleas the most?

The Peppermint scent repels fleas the most. Pressing the oil from peppermint leaves yields pure peppermint oil. It aids in limiting their aggression toward fleas. It can quickly be done by eliminating the more delicate flea larvae.

Fleas do not enjoy the same sense of refreshment that people do when they smell mint or peppermint. They tend to stay away from mint-scented locations. 

The aroma of peppermint repels a wide variety of other animals, which is fantastic news for both gardeners and homeowners!

Planting peppermint around your home is the simplest way to utilize it to ward off fleas. Peppermint can be planted in pots around the house and is simple to grow. Consider placing them close to any potential house entrances. 

Since this doesn’t require as frequent application as a spray, it might be more effective.

In short, the citronella and peppermint oil smell can repel the fleas from your garden. You can grow these plants to repel the fleas naturally from your garden. Their oils and plants have that smell to repel and terminate fleas and other garden bugs. 

To terminate the fleas, you should use their oil or sprayers. 

How to use citronella spray for fleas?

Several ways are there to use citronella spray for fleas. If you follow my tips, you will have excellent ways to deter fleas from your garden and home. They will also be effective against other garden bugs and insects. 

Regular Spray:

If you have a regular citronella spray at home, you may start spraying all over the garden to deter fleas and other bugs. It’s the easiest and quickest way to get rid of fleas and other insects. 

When you have the readymade citronella spray, you can use it as a repellent. It will not damage your garden plants.

Instead, the citronella spray will work as a flea’s repellent and help other plants grow better. It’s always good to check the fleas present and use the citronella spray accordingly. It will give you the most straightforward solution against fleas.

Use Citronella Spray with Water:

You may also make a spray of citronella oil & water. It’s not a big deal to use some citronella leaves and boil some water. 

If you don’t have citronella spray or oil, you can still use some fresh citronella plants to make a sprayer that will work against the fleas.

If you have citronella spray, you can boil some water in your skillet and add some citronella spray. Then, mix them well and pour the citronella mixture into a bottle. It will also be effective in repelling fleas.

Grow Citronella Plants:

Another best way is to grow some citronella plants. You might be worried about permanently repelling or terminating the fleas from your garden. 

If that’s your goal, you cannot only rely on citronella spray; instead, you must grow some citronella plants.

They will help you repel the fleas permanently. At least fleas will never dare to come near the citronella plants; thus, you can get relief from them. Although the process is long enough, you will get the best repellent.

Final Thoughts

Since citronella has a strong smell, bitter taste, and natural chemicals, it does repel fleas and other garden bugs. You will get a fleas-free garden if you can grow some citronella plants or use the citronella spray. Both will work better and give you the best result, so it’s better to grow them.