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Does Diesel Keep Snakes Away? (All You Need to Know)

Nature and humans are incidentally connected from the very beginning. Therefore, we sometimes encounter animals in unexpected ways. One of them is having snakes around your house or in your garden.

Nowadays, there are many ways to repel snakes. Additionally, the confusion among people keeps growing about these repellents. If you are one of those who wonder if diesel keeps snakes away, then you have knocked the right window.

Today we will be clearing all your doubts on whether diesel keeps snakes away or not. So, bear with us till the end. 

Does diesel keep snakes away?

Diesel does not keep snakes away. However, if they ingest quite a large amount of diesel and it reaches to higher toxicity it can harm the snake. Although, snakes will not consume diesel or perish because of the fumes even if they inhale diesel. Therefore, diesel will not repel snakes.

In all seriousness, diesel does not work as a snake repellent. In fact, any snake repellent that has diesel as an ingredient won’t work. Snakes are attracted to food. They will move wherever they assume they will find food. 

If you are having snakes around you as your uninvited guest, there’s a high chance that you have a rodent issue. 

Snakes have a pretty strong smelling capacity. So, there is no scope that a snake will get affected by diesel gas or diesel smell. So, snakes do not consider diesel fuel risky at all. 

However, snakes will find their way back to your yard if you are using diesel as a repellent. 

Snakes usually rely on their own sense of smell. They do not go near anything that smells unpleasant. The special organ in them known as the ‘Jacobson’s organ’ works as their smell receptor. 

Additionally, if you are looking for a DIY snake repellent, you can use ammonia. Snakes do not like the smell of ammonia and won’t come anywhere near it. You can simply soak rags or old clothes in ammonia and keep in unsealed plastic bags. 

And place the bags where you usually sight the snakes. Once the snakes come in contact with the smell of ammonia, they won’t come back.

Is diesel a snake repellent? Does diesel attract snakes? 

Diesel is not a snake repellant nor does it attract snakes. 

There is no visual proof that diesel can keep snakes away or works as a snake repellant. Even though you pour diesel on a snake, no harm will be caused. However, if you drown them in diesel the scenario could be different. 

Products like diesel and other fuels only perish snakes when you light them on fire.  

Additionally, these chemicals can suffocate them as they are considered toxic for living beings. So, using diesel as a snake repellant won’t be proven effective.      

Snakes are not attracted to diesel. Their sense of smelling is pretty good so they know the smell of their prey. And they are only attracted by the smell of their prey.  

However , there are different members of the snake family which have the capability of sensing thermal sensitivity. Products like diesel and gasoline only produce heat when burnt.     

Does burning diesel fuel help keep snakes away? 

Burning diesel fuel does not keep snakes away.

Snakes do not get harmed or stay away due to burning diesel fuel or from the smell of it. There is no definite evidence that diesel fuel helps you keep snakes away. 

Snakes usually come out when the temperature remains between 80-90° Fahrenheit. They typically come out during afternoons and early in the morning.  

Although, fumes and smoke can help keep snakes away. Snakes have a strong sense of smell and odor. Additionally, snakes particularly dislike smoke. 

However, natural products like sulfur, ammonia, naphthalene etc., help repel snakes. 

But burning diesel fuel will not help you keep snakes away. However, to create smoke, you can dig a fire pit and let it smoke for a few days. You can get the best results if you cover the embers with leaves and moss.  

Two reasons why diesel is not an effective snake repellent 

Diesel is not considered toxic for snakes. However, diesel is deemed to be intoxicating for humans and pet animals. 

Here are two reasons why diesel is not an effective snake repellent: 

Snakes do not consume diesel: 

Snakes have a great sense of smell. They can identify toxic things from a distance. So, using diesel as a snake repellent is relatively ineffective. There is no specific chemical that can 100% repel snakes. 

Even if companies claim to manufacture fully effective snake repellents, they always don’t work. 

So, snakes keep themselves away from things that do not smell like their prey. Therefore, they do not consume diesel. 

Diesel fumes do not harm snakes :

Diesel fumes are not harmful to snakes. Although snakes do not enjoy a smoke, diesel fumes do not harm snakes. 

However, a mixture of lime and hot pepper or peppermint is considered adequate. You can pour this mixture around the perimeter of your home to repel snakes. Snakes like the smell of such variety and fumes that may itch their skin.

Why do people think diesel keeps snakes away? 

The only reason behind people thinking that diesel can keep away snakes is because it is produced from petroleum.  

From general knowledge, people know that animals can be repelled or kept away if they ingest or inhale petroleum. This is usually known as petroleum poisoning. 

Crude oil consists of various types of aromatic hydrocarbons. Some of them are toluene, xylene, benzene etc. However, if these are ingested, there’s a high risk of facing various health hazards. They can have a neurotoxic and hemotoxic effect on the brain.

But, in the case of diesel, it is not valid. Snakes cannot be harmed or repelled using diesel. 

However, other animals like cats, dogs, rabbits and others do not like the smell of diesel. Although diesel cannot lead to poisoning in pet animals, it will still impact their health. 

This is the primary reason why people think diesel can repel snakes. 

How to keep snakes away? 

Not all snakes are poisonous, but none of us wants them near our home or in our backyard. The good news is keeping snakes away from your home can be an easy job. 

Here is a list of things you can do to keep snakes away : 

Keeping your yard free of clutter: 

Snakes love hiding as they are ambush predators. They tend to strike their prey from a dark, hiding place. Having clutters in your backyard may look like an invitation for the snakes. This offers them the perfect hiding spot. 

Compost piles, piles of cut grass, wood chip mulch, straw mulch, piles of leaves etc., are ideal hiding spots for snakes. So, all these must be removed.  

Avoiding growing low plants: 

Like clutters, some shrubs can also be an ideal hiding place for snakes. Mowing your grass regularly helps you prevent snakes. Shrubs and well-packed gardens are attractive to snakes. So, try to thin or remove these types of plants from your backyard. 

Getting rid of food sources: 

Snakes are attracted to food. If they find a food source in your yard, they will stick around. This could be a severe issue. You can try laying traps or use insect repellent sprays. 

If snakes do not find any food source, the snakes should stay away. 

Using snake-proof fence: 

If you live in an area where the chances of encountering a snake are high, try putting up a snake-proof fence. The fence’s effectiveness will depend on the type of snakes in your area.

Snake fences are usually of three kinds—one; steel mesh, two; catch net and three; plastic sheeting.

Even if you cannot fence the entire backyard, try fencing in the areas your children and pets frequently move. 

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What is the most effective snake repellent? 

Powdered sulfur is considered to be the most effective snake repellent. 

These legless, scaly creatures can show up in your backyard and sometimes in your home too. However, you’d be stunned to know that there are benefits to keeping them around. But, if you want to keep them away, there are multiple solutions. 

The primary reason snakes invade your property is the food available on your property. They usually prey on insects, frogs, mice, moles etc. 

Here is a list of things that are proven effective to keep snakes away: 

  • Naphthalene
  • Ammonia 
  • Sulfur
  • Cinnamon and clove essential oil
  • Garlic and onions 
  • Vinegar lime 

Final thoughts

Diesel does not keep snakes away. People assume diesel is an effective snake repellent as diesel is made from petroleum. However, if a snake is drowned in diesel, that could harm it. Diesel does not attract or repel snakes. Not any product made out of it can.