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Does Eucalyptus Repel Fleas? (Quick Answers)

Fleas cause a great annoyance and irritation. They are hard to catch and eliminate. They can cause various health complications from allergy to respiratory illness. 

If you are searching for a way to get rid of them and tend to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals, natural repellents such as essential oils will be a great solution. 

Eucalyptus to repel fleas

Eucalyptus temporarily serves as a fleas repellent since it contains an overpowering citrus or mint kind of smell and a bitter taste that fleas find unappealing. The smell sends a danger signal from a distance and they readily leave the place. However, it’s not the most effective solution for fleas.

Eucalyptus is an effective and natural cure for fleas. As a natural insect repellent, eucalyptus has been used for a long period of time. Though eucalyptus is well known for its great power of repelling mosquitoes, fleas, bugs can also be repelled by using eucalyptus. 

It actually works to ward off fleas by emitting a strong lemony or mint kind of perfume that fleas find repulsive but it’s not the most effective solution for fleas. 

As fleas find the incentive fragrance of eucalyptus intolerable, they can’t hold it for too long so, they tend to avoid the area quickly where the eucalyptus has been used.

Actually, the essential oil released from eucalyptus is highly responsible for producing such distinct and fleas-repulsive odor. 

The reason is, eucalyptus oil is the complex mixture of various toxic compounds that work for repelling fleas and other insects. 

Eucalyptol and aromatic phenols are the most effective toxic components that help to divert fleas off their course and that’s how eucalyptus prevents fleas from entering nearby places. 

Additionally, the taste of eucalyptus is really bitter in their taste buds. They find it unappealing and really dislike the taste so they normally keep distance from eucalyptus. 

Moreover, the hormones fleas release to detect their food and mates for reproduction gets hindered by the acute fragrant and so, whenever they find the fragrant it detects as a danger signal by their nerves and they tend to leave the place. 

However, the success rate of deterring fleas by eucalyptus is 60-68%. In fact, it’s not a permanent solution to deter fleas. As long as eucalyptus will be used, it’ll create a barrier against fleas.

Eucalyptus oil: 

Eucalyptus oil is the most effective element that makes it repulsive for fleas. Various organic and chemical compounds are found in it which produce a distinct scent and repel insects. Fleas experience breathing issues due to the overpowering scent and can’t hold it for a long time. 

In fact, if fleas get contact with eucalyptus oil, they get a burning sensation which is why eucalyptus oil works as a danger signal to them and they tend to keep distance from it.

Eucalyptus leaves: 

As the eucalyptus oil is extracted from eucalyptus leaves, it also works as a repellent as they contain a minty scent. But the raw leaves aren’t useful like the oil, so you have to crush the leaves well so that it releases oil and produce it’s repulsive-fragrant. 

Lemon eucalyptus: 

As an active insect deterrent, lemon eucalyptus is mostly famous for. Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also certified it as one of the effective natural repellents. It serves as a fleas repellent as fleas highly dislike its lemony and mint combination of smell. 

It can give a longer protection to keep fleas away efficiently for about 5 to 6 hours. Lemon eucalyptus can be applied raw or as a spray for repelling fleas. 

How effective is eucalyptus in repelling fleas?

Eucalyptus is a temporary, natural flea repellent that works well. For a short while, this will keep fleas away, but it must be used consistently to keep fleas away for a longer time period. Fleas can be effectively repelled for at least five to six hours. 

The effectiveness of eucalyptus depends on how concentrated the solution is, how potent the smell is, and how often it is applied to the regions where fleas mostly reside. As fleas do not like strong smells that disturb their nose, using eucalyptus helps to keep these fleas away. 

Even if there are some other chemical preventive measures, in comparison to those, eucalyptus may not provide a guarantee of 100% repelling effectiveness, but as a useful and natural cure, eucalyptus works well. 

Eucalyptus has a bitter flavor as well, so fleas avoid it when they do taste it, so in short, it is very effective.

Why do fleas dislike eucalyptus? 

The main reasons eucalyptus repels fleas are its strong aroma and unpleasant flavor. Eucalyptus’s pungent, minty or lemony aroma is repulsive to fleas, which is why it is effective as a flea repellent. 

Fleas can be repelled very effectively with eucalyptus leaves, oils, or any other preparation containing eucalyptus. Additionally, when fleas try to taste eucalyptus, they find it quite unpleasant and, as a result, they leave the area. 

The chemicals that eucalyptus releases into the air also react with fleas’ skin, causing them to immediately disappear as a result.

Irritated by the strong odor:

Eucalyptus has a strong lemony smell that makes it a good flea repellent because fleas are sensitive to strong smells. 

Fleas are also deterred from moving further by the scent of eucalyptus, which also causes them to become distracted when trying to find their pathways.

Bitter in taste:

Eucalyptus is an effective flea repellent because when fleas taste it, they experience an unpleasant taste and avoid the area. 

Eucalyptus is unappealing to fleas not simply because of its flavor but also because the compounds it contains react with their outer coat. These factors are the reason why fleas dislike eucalyptus.

How do you use eucalyptus for fleas?

Eucalyptus can be made more effective at keeping fleas away in a number of ways. Eucalyptus leaves can be placed in places where fleas like to congregate, like the corner of a couch or bed, to effectively repel them. It can also be mixed with other essential oils to make a stronger scent. 

Fleas can be quickly repelled by combining water, eucalyptus leaf oil, and extra aromatic ingredients like eggs, cloves, or garlic in a potent solution. 

Additionally, because these methods are natural, there is no risk of harming people, as there would be if chemical anti-flea therapies were utilized. Here are a few methods for using eucalyptus to ward against fleas:

Addition of strong-smelling essential oils:

To start, take a few potent-smelling oils, such as clove, cinnamon, or citronella, and combine them with eucalyptus oil. Alternatively, you can make a powder by grinding eucalyptus leaves, which can then be added to oils. 

After waiting for a while, you can spray this mixture in the corners of homes or beds to effectively repel fleas.

Infusing garlic:

Garlic is beneficially added to a eucalyptus solution because of its excessive unpleasant smell. 

Making the eucalyptus solution first requires adding eucalyptus oil or powdered eucalyptus to one-third of water, followed by the addition of minced garlic. 

The mixture must then sit for two to three hours to allow the mixture to fully infuse with the eucalyptus flavor. Now we are ready to paint the corners of the house. 

To stop fleas from returning more regularly, try applying frequently four to five hours after the last application.

Eucalyptus spray:

It’s actually a spray of eucalyptus made of eucalyptus oil and water. You can make this by mixing eucalyptus powder and water. To effectively repel fleas, fill a spray bottle with one-third water and five to six drops of eucalyptus oil. 

Apply this mixture to a corner of the house.

What essential oil do fleas dislike most? 

Essential oils extracted from various organic plants and leaves are famous for their insect repelling power. 

Among the natural repellents of fleas, essential oils work best. Various fleas repelling essential oils can be found like peppermint oil, spearmint, clove oil, lavender oil, citronella oil, cedar wood oil, lemongrass etc. 

For effective and longer protection peppermint, citronella or lavender oil will be the best choice apart from eucalyptus oil.

Peppermint oil:

The intense minty-spicy kind of smell is highly disliked by fleas. It raises strong barriers against fleas and can even effectively perish the larvae of fleas. 

Citronella oil:

Citronella oil is another potential natural repellent oil that magically deter fleas in a very short time. The toxin compounds citronellol and citronellal produce an intense smell and taste that fleas dislike.

Lavender oil:

Lavender oil acts as a fleas repellent as the toxic element linalool is highly concentrated in it which can distract fleas and reduce its reproductive power. 

Final Thoughts

Eucalyptus oil efficiently works as insect repellent as it contains various complex compounds which makes an effective barrier against fleas. It emits a smell; smelling like a combination of mint and citrus is highly disliked by fleas. As a temporary solution, fleas are readily put off by it.