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Does Fishing Reel Matter? (Explained for Beginners)

If you like fishing or want to start fishing, you have to know about a fishing reel’s functions. A fishing reel is usually mounted with a fishing rod. Some people buy a fishing rod and reel together, and some buy them separately according to their choices. 

However, the fishing reel is one of the most important fishing equipment. Fishing reels are available in various types.

They need to match with the fishing rods. Even fishing skill is related to the equipment like the fishing reel, fishing rod, etc. So, choosing the right reel for your fishing rod is important.

Does fishing reel matter?

Fishing reel matters if you go on fishing very often and want to get big fishes. The cheap reels may wear out due to their cheap build and excessive pull from the big fishes in the water. On the other hand, the quality reels, which may cost you a bit more than the usual, can ensure the life span.

For distance and accurate fishing, fishing reels are significant. Some common types of fishing reels are conventional reel, spinning reel, centrepin reel, fly reel, etc. While choosing a fishing reel, you have to consider your fishing skill and fishing preference. 

The size of the fish you want to catch also depends on your fishing reel. As fishing reels are not universal, reel weight is important to notice before buying. The weight should not be too heavy because it may cause your arm pain. So, choose your fishing reel carefully. 

Benefits of choosing the right reel for your rod

There are a lot of types of fishing reels in the market. From low price to high price, the quality of the fishing reel differs. It is important to choose the right reel for your rod.

An inappropriate reel can cause difficulty and discomfort while fishing. Moreover, it would be best if you choose the reel that matches the rod.

Here, we are providing some factors which give the benefits of choosing the right reel for your fishing rod.

Helps to determine fishing line:

If you choose the right size reel for your fishing rod, you can determine how long the fishing line will be. Because reel size is related to the fishing line. 

Helps to balance the weight of reel and rod:

If you choose the reel which matches the weight of the fishing rod, it will keep a balance between the weight of the reel and rod.  

The functions of the reel work well:

There are four main types of reels. Their functions are different. If you choose the right reel with a suitable rod, the functions will work properly.

For example, if you choose a spinning reel with a spinning rod, the system will work properly together. So, if you use the ideal type of reel according to the rod, it will be beneficial.

Keeps overall strength balanced:

If you choose the same strength as the rod for handling your fishing reel, it will keep the overall strength balanced. 

The size, weight, and shape of different fishing equipment are related to one another. If the right reel matches with the rod, it will be user-friendly.

Gives corrosion protection:  

There are differences between reels used in saltwater and freshwater. Accordingly, the rods are different for using in saltwater and freshwater. 

If you choose the usable saltwater reel with the usable saltwater rod, it will not corrode in the saltwater. This will be a great benefit if the materials of the rod and reel match with each other.

What reel is better for fishing?

The suitable reel depends on each person’s choice and experience level. It also depends on your budget and usage. There are mainly four types of fishing reels. Each type has different features. You will get to know which reel is better if you understand which features you want to get.

If you are a beginner, the spin-cast reel is perfect for you. A spin-cast reel is easier to use because it doesn’t hold much fishing line and tangle-free. Spin-cast is also suitable for children.

For a more experience level, a spinning reel is suitable. A spinning reel is the most versatile reel. It also has corrosion protection as it is used in saltwater too. It has a fixed spool that allows the fishing line to move freely. The spinning reel also helps to keep the balance of the reel and rod.

There is also a bait-cast reel. Though it provides the best casting accuracy, it requires an advanced level of experience. 

Overall, the spin-cast reel is better for beginners, and the spinning reel is better in general. 

How do I choose a fishing reel for my rod?

Choosing a fishing reel for your fishing rod is not that easy. If you want to choose the right feel that suits your rod, you must consider some features before buying. Let’s have a look at the list of things you should notice.

Consider your experience: 

At first, consider which level of experience you have in fishing. If you are a beginner, choose a simpler function reel with the same quality function rod. 

If you are a little more experienced, you can choose a spinning reel or fly reel system reel and rod according to your choice. 

Consider the size of the fish: 

Think about the sizes of fish you want to catch or fish available in your fishing area. For fishing larger and distance targets, you should choose a heavier reel with a heavier rod. You can choose a spinning reel for small lures and a fly reel for heavier lures.

Determine water type:

Consider which water you are going fishing in. For saltwater and freshwater, there are different reels and rods. If you want to catch fish in seawater, you should choose corrosion protected reel and rod. The materials of reel and rod should be matched for saltwater. 

Notice the size and weight: 

Your fishing reel should match the size and weight of the rod. If the size and weight are not balanced accordingly, using the rod will not be comfortable. So, check the sizes and weights of both reel and rod before buying. 

Fix a budget:

If you have a high budget for fishing equipment, buy an expensive reel and rod with ball bearings. The expensive reel has sealed and more ball bearings. The more ball bearings a reel holds, the more good quality it provides. 

Consider the rod’s quality: 

Notice your rod’s quality and characteristics. Buying a reel adjustable to the rod is the perfect rule to follow. 

Are expensive reels worth it?

If you go for regular fishing, expensive reels are worth it. You may buy a cheaper reel as a beginner, but if you want to experience fishing’s smoothness and techniques, an expensive reel is the best.

Expensive reels are made with quality materials. That’s why it will last a long time. Moreover, they have the following features:

  • Smooth
  • Last longer time
  • Good drag system
  • Durable
  • Easily balanceable to the rod
  • More ball bearings and sealed ball bearings
  • Lighter

For these advantages, you can choose an expensive fishing reel. It will require more money, but you will enjoy fishing ultimately.

Is rod or reel more important?

It depends on which type of rod and reel you are going to use. In general thought, the reel is more important because the drag system is dependent on the reel. A good quality reel has a better drag system. 

In the case of a bait-cast reel, then you should give importance to the rod. In baitcasting, the reel is already advanced and versatile. It will help if you buy a good quality fishing rod in this situation.

But if you use a spinning reel or spin-cast reel, you should give importance to the reel. A good quality reel can make fishing more manageable and comfortable. If the reel is not durable and adjustable to the rod, the whole fishing thing will be more challenging. 

There is no exact answer that either reel or rod is more important. The important thing is keeping a balance between these two equipment. 

Can any reel go on any rod?

No, you can’t use any reel with any rod. The reel and rod arrangement must match with each other for balance. You have to match which type of reels go on which rods. 

The first thing to consider is size and weight. You can no put a heavier reel with a lighter rod, or you can’t put any reel on any rod without thinking about their weight ability. The reason is ‘balancing’. You have to measure the correct size for the arrangement.

The reel and rod continuously work simultaneously together. You have to put the spinning reel with a spinning rod. The main thing is the arrangement you choose. You have to follow the same arrangement for both rod and reel.

The fishing reel is one of the most important elements of fishing equipment. Catching fish from different places and fishing quality depends directly and indirectly on fishing reels. You can’t choose any reel randomly if you want quality fishing.

But if you are a beginner, you should consider the techniques mentioned above before buying a fishing reel. 

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