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Does Garlic Repel Rabbits? (Quick Answers)

Rabbits are cute unless they come and strike on your garden. Your garden may get badly damaged due to rabbits. As rabbits are fond of grass and plants, your harvested plants may get damaged. In that case, keeping the rabbits away should be the first

Following below tips and information regarding repelling rabbits and if garlic would work for them or not would help you to find your solution. 

Does garlic repel rabbits?

Garlic can definitely repel rabbits from entering your garden. Garlic is known for its strong smell and flavor. Due to its strong smell, many animals try to keep themselves away from garlic. The same goes for the rabbit. Even garlic powder, spray, oil, or extract can work to repel rabbits. 

Rabbits are curious in nature especially when they are comfortable going around. They will roam around and move recklessly. They can be a pain as they try to seek everyone’s attention. Well, playing around also requires energy. But playing while harming the plants can be bad. 

Society garlic: 

Society garlic is known to repel rabbits. Rabbits are fond of plants and leaves and society garlic is also a leafy plant. Still, they ignore society garlic due to its strong fragrance. Rabbits can not handle too strong smells and would ignore them.

Garlic powder: 

Garlic can work on rabbits to repel them. You can sprinkle garlic powder on the plants to repel the rabbits. Well, garlic powder will not even harm your plants. You would need to sprinkle garlic powder every day to make it effective. 

Garlic spray: 

Garlic spray can repel many animals. Even spraying is easier. You can also make a garlic spray to repel rabbits. Rabbits do not like the strong odor of garlic. As a result, spraying garlic spray over plants would keep the rabbits away. 

Garlic oil: 

Garlic oil contains a strong smell. Though it is useful to humans, it can be bad for animals. Many animals deter the odor of garlic oil. Even rabbits will not come near a place where they detect the smell of the garlic oil.  

Does garlic harm rabbits?

Garlic is considered harmful to rabbits. Rabbits can not stand garlic. While you can only use garlic to repel rabbits. Feeding garlic to rabbits can be bad for their health. Rabbits need a proper diet to keep themselves fit. 

Though they only like to have leafy vegetables and plants, not all the vegetables are good for their health.

Garlic should be avoided for the rabbits. Rabbits can not have garlic. It would only cause them harm. Rabbits have a sensitive digestive system. Meanwhile, garlic contains a high amount of starch. This can trigger the digestive system of the rabbits. Even lower their immune system. 

Apart from that, rabbits can have a bad stomach, and diarrhea due to eating the wrong foods. Garlic can cause all these problems better to not trigger their digestive system and avoid giving them garlic. 

Do rabbits eat garlic in the garden?

Necessarily no, rabbits avoid garlic. Yet, sometimes they might have garlic to take a taste of it. Rabbits are curious by nature and can be drawn to anything which seeks their attention. Meanwhile, they also like being the center of attention. 

They can grab and eat anything they like.

Garlic can be often found to be ignored by rabbits. The strong smell of the garlic is capable of repelling rabbits. Rabbits will not intentionally grab garlic. Yet, if they find it interesting, they would grab it. Moreover, putting it in their mouth is not unexpectable.

There is no wonder that rabbits might grab the garlic if they find a chance. They might also leave the garlic once they taste it. Later, this would cause health problems for them and can lead to the worst condition. 

2 reasons why garlic repels rabbits

Garlic is mostly in use to repel rabbits. Not just rabbits, but even other animals might ignore garlic. Using garlic in different forms might work as well. There are certain reasons why garlic is used to repel rabbits and some reasons are listed below. 

Strong smell:

Garlic usually has a strong smell. Animals who are sensitive to smells often keep themselves away from the garlic. Garlic gives off a strong odor which can trigger the animals. Rabbits are also sensitive to smell. That’s why garlic is used to repel rabbits as they can not stand the smell.


Garlic plants might seem unattractive to many animals. Though rabbits eat leafy vegetables, garlic plants are not suitable for them. Even the taste is not suitable for them. Moreover, having garlic would only cause them facing difficulties. 

They would rather be away from the garlic than be in its place. 

What does garlic do to rabbits?

Garlic is not good for rabbits. It can cause severe problems for rabbits. Though they do not like having garlic, a bit of it even causes great harm to them. The impact of garlic on the health of rabbits is given below.

Digestive problems:

Garlic can trigger the rabbit’s digestive system and create problems in digestion. Rabbits have a sensitive digestive system. They often do not eat foods rather than plants or leaves. When they do, there is a slight chance of getting ill. 

Some elements are not suitable for them to eat like potato and garlic. This would cause them to have diarrhea, and stomach pain. Moreover, the digestive system may not work properly. 

Lower immune system:

Rabbits are mostly cute yet weak animals. The weakness exists in every species of animal. Eating garlic can have an impact on their immune system. Well, problems in the digestive system can lead to weakness. 

How to make garlic rabbit repellent?

Garlic used in any form can work to repel rabbits. You can either use garlic spray or even powder. Moreover, cloves of garlic can work for rabbits. You can make garlic spray easily by mixing garlic, and vinegar. You can also use pepper in the garlic spray. 

Well, pepper spray itself is capable of repelling rabbits.

You can only use pepper spray. Moreover, garlic powder also works on rabbits. You can sprinkle some garlic powder on the plants or leaves. You might need to reapply the garlic powder to keep its effectiveness going. 

Even garlic is not bad for plants, you can apply it over the plants as it will not cause harm. 

Apart from that, garlic oil can be also used to repel rabbits. You can place some garlic oil around the plants or over a place surrounding the leaves. Better to leave it there. You can also leave garlic cloves on the ground to repel rabbits. Well, all these methods can work from time to time. 

How to use garlic to repel rabbits?

Garlic is effective at repelling rabbits. You can use garlic to repel it temporarily. Yet, there is no permanent solution. If you continue using garlic for several days, they might get used to it and leave your garden. You can use garlic in several ways following below to repel rabbits.

Use of garlic:

You should first surround the area with fences to keep the rabbits away. If it still does not work, you can go with garlic. Well, garlic can be used as fertilizer on the plants as it will not necessarily harm the plants and trees. 

Make a garlic spray with minced garlic, vinegar, and water. You can also add pepper to the spray. Spray the mixture on the plants. Do that for several days. Otherwise, you can also grind garlic and sprinkle the garlic on the plants. As long as the smell lasts, the rabbits will ignore garlic.

You can also leave some garlic cloves surrounding the garden. Or even put some minced garlic or cloves in a small bag and hang it on the plants. This would also help to keep the rabbits away from your garden.

Well, these all are some temporary methods. Using these methods continuously for several days may show some effectiveness against rabbits. Otherwise, netting can be a good option to repel the rabbits as well.

Final thoughts:

Overall, garlic is capable of repelling rabbits. Even many animals ignore garlic and will not come near it. The smell of the garlic is too strong for the rabbits to stand. Having garlic can also cause the rabbit to have a bad stomach, a lower immune system, and problems in the digestive system.