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Does Garlic Repel Roaches? (All You Need to Know)

Garlic has an intense and pungent smell unfavorable to most insects and rodents. You can make different types of home repellent using garlic and hot water. It will give you the best repellent sprayer to save your garden from unnecessary bugs and aphids.

But when it comes to roaches or cockroaches, you might be worried about what natural repellent would be your best choice. If that’s the case, you need to be a little patient. The truth is that you can use spices that have a strong and pungent smell.

Does garlic repel roaches?

Garlic does repel roaches through its pungent smell. Garlic is an intense spicy that we use in our cooking. It enhances the recipe’s taste; cockroaches never tend to go near the garlic. Because of the garlic’s smell and unfavorable food source, roaches never like it.

Garlic can be used directly, or you can paste the cloves of garlic and scatter them around the roaches. It will surely repel the roaches from surrounding. But using direct garlic cloves might be challenging. People try to use different garlic products to repel roaches.

Garlic powder:

Garlic powder can also repel roaches. Since we all have the garlic powder to cook different dishes, we can use it to deter cockroaches.

You can take some garlic powder and scatter it around the kitchen or roaches’ area. It will spread the pungent odor in the air to repel roaches.

Although the garlic cloves give the best result, you cannot always avail them. Therefore, garlic powder is your best solution, and you can make a spray using the powder. It will also deter the roaches.

Garlic spray:

If you go to a pet shop and ask to give you the natural anti-roaches spray, they will suggest you buy the garlic spray. Ready-made garlic spray will repel the roaches from your home. But it will be better to make the spray at home.

Since the making process is pretty simple, you can do it using garlic paste or powder and hot water. Then, you can pour the entire mixture into a sprayer and use it in your kitchen or other places.

Garlic salt:

Garlic salt will also repel the roaches from the surrounding. You must use this salt near the kitchen or where the roaches live most. The salt will spread the garlic smell in the air and make the environment anti-roach.

You can mix some garlic cloves with garlic salt. The mixture would become more effective and deter the cockroaches from home within a while.

Are cockroaches attracted to garlic? Do roaches dislike garlic?

Cockroaches are not attracted to garlic because it has a pungent odor. If they notice any fragrance, they go away.

You can easily understand that it is a natural repellent to homes that can be kept safe from them. Otherwise, you need to use any chemical components that perhaps harm you in secret.

Roaches dislike the scent of garlic, similar to different insects—the fragrant chemical compounds found in garlic launch a robust scent that could deter them.

Generally, not everybody loves an excellent pinch of garlic in their food. There are two general ways to benefit as an ejector, either in spray or powder form.

You can spatter garlic powder anywhere you notice roaches; it will go about as a characteristic anti-agent. Besides, you can also mix garlic extract with water and spread; it will also benefit you from roaches. And It’s the correct path, I think.

Does garlic hurt roaches?

Garlic does not hurt the roaches because its acute smell keeps them away like the vampires. Most likely, the usage of garlic is healthy. While garlic no longer terminates the roaches, it’ll take away those insect pests.

Spread freshly overwhelmed garlic anywhere you locate cockroaches.

If the odor is too sturdy for you, garlic powder can be substituted. The herbal makeup of garlic sends cockroaches on their way to move away. It makes the cockroach sensitive instead of hurting it to move entirely away from the specified area.

Its excellent use protects us from other insects that make you free to become worried. It helps you keep your residence as natural as expected to deal with them and keep you truly comfortable. Another thing to note here is that you are not posing a threat to their lives.

“3” reasons why garlic repels roaches

There are multiple reasons why garlic keeps the roaches away. Let’s get to know them.

Pungent Smell:

The garlic has a pungent smell that humans can’t also bear while breathing.

Although we use it in different recipes, no one likes to chew it raw because of its strong smell. When you cut the cloves and make a garlic paste, it becomes more pungent.

If you scatter some garlic paste around the roaches or where they live most, the pungent smell of the garlic will repel roaches.


Roaches try to eat or chew whatever they find safe and bitable. However, garlic is entirely an inedible food to most insects and bugs. When you cut garlic and place them in different corners of your home, it will spread the smell.

As a result, the cockroaches won’t be able to eat the garlic. It will damage their health if they eat it. Therefore, they remain away from the garlic cloves since they are inedible.

Breathing Issues:

Roaches have different breathing systems. They don’t know breadth through their mouth; they use a specific part of their body and take oxygen to live.

Once they smell the garlic, they avoid the place soon because the garlic spreads the pungent odor in the air, and they fail to inhale it.

Since they can’t eat the garlic and cannot bear to inhale the air, they eventually leave the place. You can spray or use the garlic slices around your home and repel the roaches.

Does planted garlic repel roaches?

Planted garlic does repel roaches. If you plant garlic in your garden or yard, you can naturally protect your home from roaches. Besides, you can easily plan these on your balcony or porch if you will get a great result.

One more method for repelling cockroaches utilizing garlic is squishing it and applying it around or onto regions where insect action and presence have been distinguished.

But it might not last like the plants because it loses its pungent odor and becomes dehydrated over time. In contrast, the living plants give you the best result during their lifetime. So you get the proper result when you choose it.

The particular impactful smell radiated by garlic gets the job done. It disturbs roaches and different insects, making them stay away. Creating a promptly accessible plant you can get for cockroaches’ discouragement.

How do you use garlic to repel roaches?

You can use garlic in different ways to repel roaches. Let’s find some best ways to do so.

Cut the Garlic Cloves & Scatter:

You can start using the garlic most efficiently. First, cut some garlic cloves into small pieces. Then, place them in different corners. They will spread a smell that roaches don’t like to bear or inhale.

Once the placement is done, you need to wait for the result. You won’t see any roaches around the gloves or surroundings.

Use Garlic Powder:

You can use the powder if you don’t have raw garlic. The garlic powder would be an excellent way to repel the roaches from your kitchen. You need to take some powder and scatter them around the kitchen or home.

It will also spread the pungent smell and deter the cockroaches from the kitchen. Since the powder is also not safe and inedible to roaches, they will keep away from the surroundings.

Making Garlic Spray:

You can also make some garlic spray at home and apply it to repel the roaches from nearby areas. To do it, you have to boil some water. Then, add some garlic cloves and simmer for another 5 minutes until the water spreads a pungent smell.

Once the garlic cloves are melted in water and you can smell it, your spray is ready to apply. You need to pour the water into a bottle and spray it on the garden or the kitchen.

Garlic Plants:

If you have roaches in your garden, the best way would be to plant some garlic trees. It might take time to grow, but once it starts to give you garlic, the smell will repel both the roaches and other bugs from the garden.

You will love to get your garden bugs-free. And garlic can be used both as a vegetable or in kitchen cuisine.

Final Thoughts

You can repel roaches using garlic in several ways. Cut the garlic cloves into slices and placing them in corners would be a great idea. You can also make a spray using hot water and garlic powder. Spraying on the roaches will give you the best result because the garlic repels roaches.