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Does Irish Spring Soap Keep Skunks Away? (Quick Answers)

Have you ever thought of using any soap to deter mammals? Maybe or maybe not. But the truth is that you can use some specific soap to deter the mammals from your garden or yard.

And, it is safe to use soap spray or soap slices in your garden without damaging other plants.

The Irish spring soap is such a soap that can repel some mammals and keep them away from the garden. There are some particular ways to use Irish soap. We will talk about them in detail.

Does Irish spring soap keep skunks away?

Irish spring soap can keep skunks away from the garden, yard, and house. This soap has some chemical ingredients that create a pungent odor. The odor then spreads in the air and repels skunks from the surroundings. You can use the soap in different ways to keep skunks away.

One of the best ways is to slice the soap and place them in different corners. When the skunks come near, they will get an unpleasant smell. They lose their interest, and the smells will notify them the inedible threat is coming towards them.

Though repelling mammals is not an easy job, you need to force them by external threats. Here, the Irish Spring soap threatens the skunks and other mammals. It has a strong smell and chemicals that repel the mammals near it.

Moreover, the soap is not edible for any mammals. When skunks or mammals look for food, they always go for the edible one. Whenever they smell something inedible, they keep away from it.

The Irish spring soap and the other dish soap can be used for repelling snakes from the garden and house.

But the Irish soap is more effective than the others because of its chemical ingredients and pungent smells. But you can turn most of the soap into an anti-snakes material with the help of ammonia.

Do skunks like Irish spring soap?

Skunks don’t like Irish spring soap. It remains inedible to the skunks, and the smells are unfavorable.

Whenever the skunks looked for something to eat, they refused to eat the Irish soap and the surrounding food. It seems unpleasant, and they cannot breathe properly.

Here the smells and chemicals play a vital role. These two ingredients spread an unpleasant smell in the air, which deter most mammals, including skunks and rodents. That’s why the skunks also don’t like the Irish soap, and they cannot eat it too.

People slice the soap, and they place those slices in various directions. As a result, the soap will start spreading the smells in the air.

If there are skunks around the garden, they will smell and don’t come to that area. Thus, you can keep the skunks away from the garden by using soap regularly.

3 reason why Irish spring soap keep skunk away

Irish spring soap does help to deter the skunks aways as they do possesses these credibility –

Pungent Smells:

The best reason why Irish spring soap keeps skunks away is pungent smells.

Irish soap has a unique smell that can deter most bacteria and other mammals since the smell is unfavorable. It creates an environment where the skunks can’t breathe freely.

When you cut the soap and place the slice in the garden, it will spread up the smells in the air; as a result, the skunks can smell it from far away. Therefore, they will not come near to it and leave the place.

Chemical Ingredients:

The Irish soap has NACL and other mild to harsh chemicals. These chemical ingredients make the soap super strong.

It’s the only reason why people don’t use Irish soap nowadays. Moreover, the chemicals also work like anti-repellent.

If you look for the best soap to repel the skunks, you will get the name of Irish soap only for the chemicals.

You know pets and animals avoid eating chemical foods, and they even cannot live in such an environment. So, it will be your best idea to use Irish soap and get rid of skunks.


The Irish Spring Soap is not edible to most mammals and insects. The same goes for the skunks.

Skunks always look for the food source; when they find Irish soap, they take it as food. Once they get the pungent smells from it, they avoid it.

The smells help them to know that the Irish soap is not edible. Therefore, they leave it and search for another food source to survive and fill their stomach.

To repel the skunks from the entire garden, you can place the soap slices in different corners.

What soap repels skunks?

Only the Irish Spring soap can repel skunks. The other soap won’t be that effective, and you cannot expect to use them to repel skunks. But the ammonia mixed soap water will help you deter skunks from the surroundings.

You can’t find the ammonia soap in the local shop. You have to make it using ammonia spray and dish soap. In that case, you should buy both ammonia spray and dish soap. After that, mix them in water and make a spray.

In this way, you can use dish soap to repel the skunks from your garden. But the Irish Spring soap is the best one to deter mammals.

How to keep skunks away from your house using Irish Spring soap?

You can use the Irish Spring soap in three ways to keep skunks away from your house. It’s time to reveal those ways.

Using Irish Spring Soap:

You can directly use the Irish Spring soap in your garden and house to keep skunks away from your house.

You can split the soap into pieces. Then, place them in different corners and around the holes of skunks in the garden.

The slice of soap will spread the pungent smells from every corner and repel the skunks from the garden. And, you can quickly follow this way to deter most mammals.

Making soap Spray:

You can spray using the Irish Spring Soap and warm water.

It will become another easy way to repel the skunks from your garden. To make the spray, you need to put the warm water into a bottle and then add the sliced soap.

Shake the bottle for a couple of minutes, and then make the mixture. When the soap dissolves in the water, you can spray it on the garden.

Ammonia & Soap Mixed Water:

If you genuinely want to repel the skunks from your garden. You need to mix the ammonia spray with the spray to do it. Put some ammonia in a bottle, then add some water and soap slices into it.

You can shake the bottle to mix all the ingredients properly for a couple of minutes. After that, the spray will be ready to use, and you can spray it around the garden. Don’t forget to spread it on the holes and every corner.

What home remedy will get rid of skunks?

You can also go for DIY homemade remedies to deter the skunks. Check below to know with which elements present at your home you can repel the skunks

Hot pepper and Cayenne Pepper:

Hot pepper and cayenne peppers are the two most important home remedies you can use to get rid of skunks.

You can make a mixture of these papers and add some water. You need to boil the mix for a while until it boils appropriately.

Once the mixture starts boiling, you need to put the boiled water into a bottle. Add the sprayer to the bottle and start spraying around the house and garden. You can also spread around the yard to repel the skunks. It will be better to spray on the holes and let other insects and animals leave the yard.

Onion & Jalapeno:

Here are two more home remedies that you can use to get rid of skunks. The skunks don’t like the smells of onion and jalapeno.

Therefore, you can make a mixture of water, onion, jalapeno, and cayenne pepper; you need to boil them properly to make the mixture.

Once your mixture is ready, you can use it in your garden and spray pretty much everywhere. Keep in mind, you should cover your face and use gloves to protect your hand from boiling water.

These are the four most helpful home remedies to repel the skunks quickly from your garden and yard. You can mix them all and make a mixture. There will be no issues at all.

Apart from these ingredients, you can also use the predator-urine. If you have predators of skunks, you can use their pees.

If you don’t have any predators, you can buy their pees from the nearby pet shop. Then, you can spray them on the garden and get rid of the skunks eventually.

Final Thoughts

The Irish spring soap can keep skunks away by having some chemical ingredients and spreading the pungent smells in the air. The smell is so hard and unfavorable that the skunks cannot bear it and leave the place. The skunks can’t eat the smelly foods. Thus, the Irish soap can repel the skunks.