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Does Irish Spring Soap Repel Flies? (Quick Answers)

Irish Spring Soap is an American brand of deodorant soap that is relatively famous for the citizens.

We all love the fragrance it has to offer and how gentle it is on the skin. When we use the product and shower it keeps us fresh and the deodorants last around 12 hours.

The product is not just simply used for washing ourselves. Moreover, the Irish Spring Soap can be used in multiple ways, a small piece of the soap can help a tricky zipper glide smoothly.

If we place a piece of it in our shoes or dirty laundry, it prevents a musty smell in the shoes and adds a refreshing fragrance to the laundry.

Furthermore, those are not the only uses the soap has, apparently if you place them around your backyard. The smell will keep the mammal pests away. Does it also work on insect pests too?

You will find out soon enough. All you have to do is keep reading below to know more about this particular unique soap and all its uses.

Irish Spring soap to repel flies: Does it work? 

The Irish spring soap never claimed to work in deterring flies in their advertising. The flies will not be repelled by the strong scent of the Irish spring soap. Therefore, we can say that it does not work. It might discourage flies from coming to a particular place, but it will not repel them.

There are so many stories spiraling around on the internet about the wonderful soap called “Irish Spring”. This particular soap has an invigorating smell that helps with the repelling of flies.

This allows for a peculiar use of a product that is not intentionally designed for use in such a way.

However, the many videos on Facebook about said product working in deterring flies are fake. Because the authorities and the manufacturer of the Irish Spring Soap did not vouch for such use of the product. In the end, we cannot trust anything on the internet.

Furthermore, if you want to use the Irish Spring Soap to repel something, then use it to repel mammal pests, like the rabbit, mice, or deer even. It does not work in repelling insect pests.

There are many different kinds of flies in the wild that make a hassle in our daily lives. They gather around and make blemishes on walls, and spread diseases that carry from different kinds of disgusting places.

To prevent them from defiling all the things around us we need to get repellants otherwise, sometimes the infestation will get out of hand. Internet success stories seem to promote this Irish Spring Soap as an amazing fly repellant.

However, the truth may be something else. They claim that the strong scent and aroma of the soap keep the flies away. Let us go through some of the well-known flies and see if they are repelled by this wondrous soap.

Fruit Flies:

These flies are the type that spends both their larval and adult life feeding on fruits. They often invade homes that have rotting or decaying fruits. Even ripe fruits and produce are not safe from them.

Irish Spring Soap does not work in repelling fruit flies at all. Getting Irish Spring Soap to repel them is going to be a waste of money.

Horse Flies:

Horse flies are one of the largest true flies. These have the tendency to bite animals. The female of them usually bites humans to take blood.

Irish Spring Soap does not work in deterring them either. Therefore, it is best to get a particular spray for them to help you get rid of them.

Black Flies:

These flies have one of the worse bites among the flies. Unlike mosquitoes which release a mild anesthetic, these flies release nothing and thus they have the worst bites ever. As always Irish Spring Soap does nothing to repel them either.


One of the most annoying flying insects is the Mosquito. This is something that we dislike with passion and thus find solutions to get rid of them asap.

However, there is no scientific backing from the EPA or CDC that the Irish Spring Soap repels mosquitoes.

Effectiveness of Irish Spring soap over flies: 

No, Irish spring soap is not good for flies. There is no effect of the Irish Spring Soap over the flies. No research or study is backing this claim, rather it is all backed by viral videos or posts on the internet.

Let us go into more details below about the product and its uses regarding the flies.

How does it work:

The product does not work in repelling the flies. To quote the manufacturer Colgate-Palmolive, “Our Irish Spring bar soaps were not tested to keep flies and rodents away.

We, therefore, would not have this information as our products were not intended to be used in this way.”

Furthermore, an Entomologist also had this to say, “There is no reason that it should work. There is no scientific explanation for it working as well.”

The product can keep away mice, spiders, deer, and chipmunks. These animals do not like the smell that the soap gives off. However, Possum likes the flavored soap and considers it food.

Why do flies not like Irish spring soap:

Flies do not care about the Irish Spring Soap bar. They do not like the fresh smell but that does not mean they get repelled by the invigorating smell that the Irish Spring Soap.

All of the misleading information on the internet has led people to believe that the flies do not like the Irish Spring Soap as well. So

I have gone on and tried it as they were instructed in the internet posts and videos. Some even had good results, but that is not backed by any good source but rather only comments on the internet.

4 ways to use Irish Spring soap to deter flies:

Even though no studies are backing up the claims made by the people on the internet that the Irish Spring Soap works in deterring flies. We will go through the process for research purposes.

Therefore, we listed 4 different ways that they explain and tell us to use the Soap to help get rid of the flies. Keep reading below to know more about the multiple ways they waste a product.

Hang it:

Apparently if you take a nylon bag or mesh and then place the bar of the soap inside it.

You can just hang it outside on the patio or porch of your house. That way the soap’s invigorating scent will spread and keep the flies away from your home.

This claim is rather backed by the fact that the soap works in keeping spiders, chipmunks, other mammal pests, and even deer.

This claim is mainly the reason why people assumed that the Irish Spring Soap works in keeping flies away as well.

Rubbing it all over:

Once the previous process does not work for you, people who say it works suggest that you rub the soap all over the place that you do not want any flies to come around.

The fragrance and the material from the soap will act as a barrier on the surfaces we rub, to keep the flies away.

Only the Green Bar:

When the internet sees that you are using the other variants of the soap, they claim that only the original green bar of the Irish Spring Soap works but the other ones do not.

Therefore, when using the Irish Spring soap to deter flies use the original “Green Bar”.

Shaving the Bar:

So, if all other ways failed, the supporters of this process also suggest that you cut into the soap and make small parts of it. Preferably small slices of it. They say it brings out the fragrance inside the soap.

One of the influencers on YouTube tried this process over 3 weeks. The results were clear as a day. Where he found that flies still get attracted all be it less than how much it was without the soap shavings.

Final Thoughts

The Irish Spring Soap does not repel flies. The product has no scientific background or research backing it for use in such a way. People have taken matters into their own hands, and still, they found the claims to be wrong. It is a hoax of the internet that went viral nothing more.