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Does Irish Spring Soap Repel Snakes? (All You Need to Know)

Irish spring soap is an American product known for its longtime refreshment and pungent smell. It has NACL and other chemicals that will ultimately help you remove bacteria quickly. It also leaves an aroma, and it stays for hours.

Irish spring soap has different uses. Gardeners find it helpful to repel mammal animals. They scatter the soap by cutting small pieces and placing them in different corners. Those pieces spread a strong odor that snakes dislike. Does it really repel snakes? Keep with us to know more.

Does Irish spring soap repel snakes?

Irish Spring soap repels snakes by its strong and pungent odor. It has some chemicals and sodium chloride that also work as an anti-repellent. It will deter snakes from the surroundings. You can cut the Irish spring soap into small pieces and place them in different corners of the garden or house.

Irish spring soap has a chemical odor that causes serious breathing problems for mammals and snakes. If you talk about the snake’s respiratory system, you will know that they don’t like any strong chemical odor. They feel uncomfortable.

Furthermore, the snakes also struggle to live in the chemical environment. They can’t freely move from here and there; after a specific time, the snakes start to leave the place. They will search for new food sources and start living in a safe place.

Irish spring soap was a famous daily soap. After decades, it starts declining, and people avoid soap for body cleaning. But the importance of this soap is still present. Gardeners and people who live near the jungle still use the Irish spring soap to repel snakes.

The soap has strong chemical bonding and can create a strong odor. It has become a useful and essential method to deter snakes quickly. You can use it in different ways, and you can enjoy the benefits too.

“3” reason why Irish spring soap repel snakes

Irish spring soap is considered to be snake repellent. But what makes it deter the snakes? Let’s get to know them.

Pungent Odor:

Irish spring soap spreads a strong odor that repels the snakes. Snakes cannot bear that odor, even they struggle to take a breath in the pungent odor or the surrounding environment.

But to create the pungent odor, you need to follow some tips.

You can cut the soap into small pieces then place them in different corners of the house/garden. The soap will spread the smells through the air; eventually, the snakes will leave the place.


Snakes don’t like to breathe in the chemical environment and can’t inhale the chemical due to the direct effects. If you go through the Irish soap, you will find some strong and mild chemicals used to make the soap.

When you use the Irish soap in your garden or house, it will spread the chemical in the air. If there is any snake nearby, it will leave the place due to the chemicals.

Unpleasant Air & Environment:

The Irish spring soap turns the air toxic and can make the environment anti-snake.

These two factors ultimately help you to deter the snakes from your garden. Some additional factors also help the gardeners repel the snakes.

Using the soap around the garden will make the air unfavorable for the snakes living. Consequently, the snakes will leave the place soon.

What soap keeps snakes away?

Apart from the Irish Spring soap, the dish soap keeps snakes away from the house and garden. You can add ammonia with the dish soap to get the best result. Ammonia will create a pungent chemical odor that will surely repel the snakes.

We have already talked about the Irish soap and showed how it would repel the snakes. It has both pungent smells, and chemical bonding that spreads the odor in the air, thus repels the snake. You can also add ammonia with the Irish soap to get the best result.

Apart from these two soaps, you can use another dishwasher or strong detergent and add some ammonia with it. The mixture will play a vital role to deter snakes from the house and garden.

What does Irish spring soap repel?

The Irish spring soap can repel some mammals and animals by its smells and chemicals.


Rodents don’t like the Irish soap smells. They keep away from the smells; mainly, the mice can’t breathe in the soap smells. When you use the Irish soap in your garden or house, you can quickly repel the mice.

Mice and other small mammals avoid the place where you put the Irish soap. If you place them in a corner, you will not find any single mice over there.


Irish soap can also repel the rabbit by the pungent odor. Mainly, rabbits are soft and cute animals. It loves to eat different types of vegetables; therefore, it can’t bear the pungent smells and odor in the air.

So, if you have rabbits in your house, you must avoid using Irish soap in your house. The rabbit will struggle to breathe and will fail to live there.


Most animals who live on leaves cannot bear the Irish soap smells. The same goes for the deer. Deer live on grass and leaves, so they also can’t bear the Irish soap.

If you spray or use the Irish soap in your garden, you will not find any deer around your garden. It will work like an anti-deer ingredient that you can spray or put around the garden.

How to use Irish Spring soap to keep snakes away?

There are various ways to use the Irish spring soap to keep snakes away. In Particular, you can follow the top three ways to use the Irish spring soap: Slice of the soap, Irish Spring spray, Ammonia & Irish Soap. Keep with us to explore all these ways.

Slice of the Soap:

The easiest and quickest way to repel the snakes with the Irish Spring soap is to slice them into pieces. You can buy the soap and then split it. After that, you can place the slices into different places in the garden.

Those slices will create a strong and pungent odor which will repel the snakes from the garden of the house. To make the garden anti-snakes, you can place the slices in every corner.

Irish Spring Spray:

You can spray using soap and warm or cool water. You can take a bottle half full of water. Then put some soap slices into it. Then shake the bottle until the soap mixes with the water properly.

Once you are done mixing the soap and water, you can spray it around the garden or the house. Don’t forget to spray on the corner and the middle. It will be better to find the snake’s holes and spray over there. It will work magically, and the snakes will also leave the place soon.

Ammonia & Irish Spring Soap:

The snakes don’t like the ammonia smells and chemicals.

Therefore, you can make a fantastic mixture of ammonia and soap. In that case, you need to buy the ammonia spray and mix some soap water or the soap slice into it.

Then, shake it for a while and mix them. When you don’t find any visible soap slice, you can start spraying around the garden. Avoid spraying on the plants; you can simply spray on the other corners and around the garden.

How to keep snakes away from your yard?

The three best ways are there to keep snakes away from your yard. They are:

Ammonia Spray:

Snakes don’t like the ammonia smells, which ultimately force the snakes to leave the place. Basically, ammonia contains chemicals and creates a strong odor that snakes avoid inhaling.

Therefore, if you use the ammonia spray from the local shop and spray it on your yard, it will keep snakes away. It will be best to spray on the snake holes.

Clean the yard:

Snakes love to live in the jungle or the bushes and weeds. If you don’t clean the yard regularly, some weeds and bushes might grow there, and they will become the snake’s shelter.

If you already have bushes and weeds in the yard, you should spray the ammonia around the weeds and let snakes leave the place. After that, you should clean the bushes and weeds and make the yard clean.

Remove snake’s food source:

If you have rodents and insects in your yard, you should remove them because the snakes will search for food. When they find their food source, they will come again.

It’s better to get rid of the rodents and insects and stop the snakes from coming to your yard.

Final Thoughts

Irish Spring soap has a strong smell and chemical odor which ultimately helps you to repel the snakes. You can put the soap slice in different corners of the garden or yard. Once the soap starts spreading the smells, the snakes will not come and leave the place soon.