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Does Irish Spring Soap Repel Squirrels? (Quick Facts!)

Squirrels are a real headache. They might look just naughty and harmless but if you own a garden or a nice yard then you know how dangerous they can be. They eat veggies and plants, destroy the flowers, soil bed even dig up the whole ground. 

If you too are tired of squirrels and looking for something that’s really effective against these little destroyers, you must have heard of using Irish Spring Soap. Though this soap is most loved while taking a good bath many people recommend this soap for repelling squirrels too. 

It’s known as an affordable repellent that’s available everywhere. Maybe at this moment on your bathroom shelf too. 

But before you adopt this technique, it’s important to know whether Irish Spring Soap really can repel squirrels and how. To know in brief, you can read further.

Does Irish Spring Soap Repel Squirrels?

Irish Spring Soap repels squirrels with its odor when used around the yard or garden. The strong smell of Irish Spring soap makes the squirrel feel nauseous and sick so they can’t go near to the yard. Thus this soap’s fragrance keeps squirrels away till the smell remains in that place. 

Irish Spring soap is famous for its classic earthy and refreshing smell. Most of us have used this soap and loved the experience. But this soap is not beneficial for your skin only, if you’re frustrated with garden pests, such as squirrels, this soap can help to repel them as well. 

As much as we admire the fragrance of Irish Spring soap, squirrels dislike it. So through it, you can drive those little destructive animals away from your crop and plants.

Squirrels have a sensitivity towards fragrances. Moreover, they have a sharp-smelling power. The smell of Irish Spring soap makes squirrels sick. They can’t stand the strong, herbal scent of this soap and always tries to avoid it whenever they can smell it. 

If you place a bar of Irish Spring soap in a corner of your garden or grate the bar and spread that around your yard, the scent will be in the air of the surrounding.

When the squirrels try to come near the yard, the strong and crisp smell of Irish Spring will discomfort them. The squirrels get nauseous with this scent so they will not step forward towards the source. Thus your yard will be free of squirrels.

However, this is not a formula that permanently eliminates squirrels or any other pest. But since it’s a quick way to reduce the presence of squirrels it’s suggested to apply. Moreover, trying this method cost very little, and also you can apply this anytime around the year.

Do squirrel-like Irish spring soap?

Squirrels don’t like Irish Spring soap because of its fragrance. 

Squirrels are very selective about aromas. Top over that, they have a very sensitive yet powerful sense of smell. Among the smells, they don’t like the fragrance of Irish spring soap.

Irish spring soap has a classic scent mix of floral-fruity-herbal notes. It’s a refreshing yet strong fragrance that stays for quite a good time. 

But squirrels can’t tolerate this scent. Whenever they smell this scent, it makes them feel sick or down. The strong aroma of Irish spring soap strikes their head and makes them nauseous. So they try to stay away from this specific fragrance. 

Since squirrels can’t stand the smell of Irish Spring soap, it prevents them from eating and playing with your crops and plants. So it’s very clear they don’t like the soap in any way.

Do squirrels eat Irish spring soap? Will Irish spring soap hurt squirrels? 

Irish Spring soap is often used in yards or gardens to keep them safe from squirrels. It’s the smell of the soap that drives squirrels away. But these animals don’t eat Irish Spring soap

Though destructive animals are usually trapped or eliminated using some attractive food item that’s toxic to them. When the animal consumes it out of curiosity they feel discomfort and avoid that specific in the future. In the worst case, the animal can lose its life too. 

Squirrels aren’t trapped using Irish Spring soap as food. They are dispelled by the smell of Irish spring soap. So there’s no way they can or wish to eat it.

Irish spring soap doesn’t hurt squirrels. They just give them temporary discomforts like nausea or weakness. But it doesn’t cause any major harm to them or eliminate them.

How does Irish spring soap keep squirrels away?

Irish Spring soap is a popular soap largely used around the world. The soap is most known for its strong, crisp, and refreshing fragrance that’s mostly herbal with a hint of a floral or citrus note.  

The fragrance of Irish spring is not just for having a nice fragrant shower. This classic smell is the key to keeping squirrels away from a crop field or garden

Squirrels are choosy when it comes to liking different fragrances. Also, there are a number of scents that create discomfort in them. Moreover, these little animals have a sharp smelling ability that alerts them of unpleasant smells from a long distance.  

So when you keep some cubes of Irish Spring soap around your yard, the smell of it hits the squirrel’s senses. They feel weak and nauseous. Then leaves the area. Thus Irish Spring soap dispelled squirrels.

What does Irish Spring soap do to squirrels?

Using Irish Spring soap is an affordable yet effective way to prevent squirrels from destroying your yard. At the same, it’s a harmless way to keep these garden pests at bay since it doesn’t take their life. 

Irish spring soap’s fragrance isn’t something squirrels like. The strong scent of this soap makes squirrels nauseous when they inhale it. They also feel weak and sick as the fragrance doesn’t match squirrels’ too picky scent list.

So the squirrels fall ill, weak, and try to stay from the area having Irish Spring soap’s scent. Mainly, the soap’s smell makes them uncomfortable and sick thus compelling them to leave the place. But it doesn’t hurt them intensely. 

How to use Irish Spring soap to repel squirrels?

Irish Spring soap can be used to repel squirrels. You can use them easily in your garden or yard. We’ve shown here in a few easy steps how you can use this soap for keeping squirrels away:

Cut the soap into pieces:

Take a new Irish Spring Original soap and cut the bar into small cubes. It will help to vapor the scent better. Also in this way the soap can be used several times as well as all around the yard.

Put the pieces into cloth:

Put the small cubes of Irish spring soap into a small cloth bag or a cotton sock. Or you can just take 1 or 2 cubes of the soap and wrap them using a piece of cloth. Make several pieces like this for use in the whole area.

Take some sticks:

At this step, you will need some sticks that can be used as stands to put in the yard. We’d suggest taking wooden and strong ones as a post. Take as many as we’ll need according to your yard’s area.

Attach the cloths to the stand:

Attach each cloth having Irish spring soap cubes to each stand with a thin wire or a strong rope.

Put them around the yard:

Put the stands in between the vegetables, around the corner of the fence as per your need. The smell of the soap spread around and thus repels squirrels.

What is the best squirrel repellent?

Squirrels can damage your organized garden or the picture-like yard in a very short time. They don’t care about the fence or strict barriers so repellent is essential to drive them away. Most of the time they are dispelled using scents. 

Apart from chemical-based repellent, there are many available ingredients that work strongly against squirrels. Here’s a list of some of the most effective squirrel repellent:

  • The smell of Peppermint oil
  • The smell of Coffee Grounds
  • The smell of Capsaicin
  • The smell of Rosemary
  • The smell of Irish Spring soap
  • The smell of Garlic
  • The smell of White vinegar
  • The smell of Dryer sheets
  • Water- dish soap solution
  • Jalapeno and cayenne pepper mix, etc.

Final Thoughts:

Squirrels don’t like the scent of Irish Spring soap neither they can tolerate it. They are sensitive to this earthy-herbal fragrance. The strong fragrance of Irish spring soap makes squirrels weak, queasy and requires them to leave the place. Thus this soap repels squirrels when placed in the yard.