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Does Lemon Keep Spiders Away? (Quick Answers)

You may have seen spiders in every home, including your own, as these little animals like staying indoors. Spiders are air-breathing arthropods and the order of arachnids. Even though you may think they are present in every part of the world, no spiders live in Antarctica.

Lemon to keep spiders away

Spiders do not like citrus or acidic elements. Therefore, they dislike lemons. Lemon peels are a perfect and safe solution for getting rid of spiders. You can rub some lemon peels around the hiding spots of spiders and on the framework of your windows and doors to keep spiders from coming in.

Even though spiders might look scary, they help to rid the insects that try to eat your plants in your garden. If the number of spiders in your garden is bothering you, you can try using some lemons or citrus essential oils to repel them. 

Spiders dislike citrus elements; hence, you can easily repel them with lemon.

Unlike most animals, spiders have sensors on their legs that allow them to smell and taste. This ability is why repellents are so effective against spiders. 

When they sense an irritating scent, they reach out towards the smell with their front legs and back up to avoid getting their bodies close to the foul smell.

The lemon smell is one of the few things spiders tend to avoid. If they ever come across a lemon smell, they avoid going over it to prevent the smell from getting close to their body. As a result, repellents containing lemon fragrance are significantly effective in getting rid of spiders.

Lemon juice:

Spiders loathe citrus fruits, including lemons. You can use lemon juice to prepare a spider repellent by mixing some lemon juice with water in a container. Then pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray around your house. 

For additional effectiveness, spray the homemade repellent in wall cracks and corners of the walls, as those are where spiders like to hide.

Lemon oil:

Unlike lemon juice, lemon oil does not work as a spider repellent. Some years earlier, a group of researchers found out lemon oil is not an effective repellent against any species of spiders. 

So, do not use lemon oil as a spider repellent since it will not drive them away and stain the walls of your home.

Lemon spray:

As mentioned previously, lemon juice is an excellent spider repellent. You can put a little lemon juice in a container and make a lemon spray. 

Spray the lemon spray inside the wall cracks and around the corners to repel any spiders hiding in your home.

Lemon peel:

Lemon peels are a perfectly safe solution for keeping away spiders. You can rub some lemon peels around your home to ensure the spiders do not enter your home. 

To ensure no spiders set foot in your house, rub the lemon peels on your window sills, door frames, and garage doors.

Lemon balm:

Generally, cooks use lemon balm to add a citrusy edge to dishes. Lemon balm is part of the mint family. Another advantage of lemon balm is it can also behave as a spider and fruit flies repellent. 

This effectiveness is because spiders despise anything that smells like lemons. You can cut a bit of lemon balm, add it to water and spray it around your home to ward off spiders.

Anything that smells like lemons can act as spider repellents. Spraying some citrusy products around your home will force the spiders to leave your house as soon as possible.

Where do spiders hide in the house?

Spiders are predators but also prey to their predators. They tend to hide in spaces where they have an ample supply of food and water. Spiders also prefer hiding in spots close to their food source.

Although spiders mostly hide to stay in peace, they also hide for predatory purposes and to hunt effectively. Most spiders share the tendency to pounce on their prey and surprise them. 

So, you can expect them to constantly seek places they can stay hidden for long times and hunt when they have the opportunity.

Usually, spiders hide behind and under furniture as those places are peaceful and serene. Such hiding places are dark and hidden. As a result, spiders hide here to stay away from their predators and humans.

Moreover, you may find numerous spiders in closed spaces such as closets and cupboards. Also, spiders love hiding under the sinks since people rarely visit those places unless they need to repair something. The garage, attic, and basement are popular hiding spaces for spiders.

3 tips to use lemon to keep spider away

During the summer, you may see spiders crawling into your home. Spiders and spider webs are annoying for most people. Here are some tips on using lemon to keep spiders away to prevent them from making spider webs.

Spray lemon juice:

As mentioned earlier, spiders feel repelled by the lemon smell and juice. So, lemon juice is an effective spider repellent. Making lemon spray at home is simple. Squeeze half a lemon and add some water to the lemon juice. 

Then pour the diluted lemon juice into a spray bottle and spray all around your home. The smell of lemons will soon spread all around your home, and any spiders hiding in your home will flee. 

You can also make a lemon spray by adding a tablespoon of lemon essential oil to water and putting it in a spray bottle.

Use lemon peels:

Most people discard lemon peels as waste. However, lemon peels have several advantages, including being a spider repellent. As lemon skin smells like lemons, you can rub some of them around the hiding spots of spiders. 

For additional benefits, you can rub some lemon peels on the windowsills, door frames, and garage doors. Doing so will ensure no spider sets foot in your home again. Another way you can use lemon peels is by grinding them. 

Grind the lemon skin using a food processor and sprinkle the powder around the house. The smell of lemons will effectively repel any hiding spiders.

Lemon balm:

Lemon balm is commonly used as an ingredient in cooking to add a citrusy flavor to dishes. Besides adding flavor to dishes, you can also use lemon balm as an effective repellent to repel spider and fruit flies. 

The lemon balm smells like lemon, so spiders dislike it. To use it as a spider repellent, you must make its spray. 

Take some lemon balm and soak it in water. Then pour the water with the lemon balm into a small spraying bottle and spray it all around your home. It will work similarly to spraying lemon juice or lemon essential oils. 

However, it will be more effective as it has a slight mint flavor.

If the spiders are bothering you, use the tips to rid them. You will not need to finish off the spiders. Using the tips above will make them flee your home.

3 natural ways to keep spiders away from the house

Apart from using lemon and lemon products to fight off spiders from your home, there are other natural methods to keep spiders away from the house. Some of the working techniques are:

Turn off the lights:

Spiders look for food everywhere, and bugs are a substantial food source. If you keep your outdoor lights on, they will attract bugs and insects. Consequently, spiders will come crawling to look for food near your home. 

So, turn off your outdoor lights after a reasonable time.

Remove the clutter:

One of the most effective ways of keeping spiders away is by staying organized. If your home is messy, spiders will have numerous hiding spaces and will hide among the clutter. 

Therefore, keep your home clean and organize your stuff to eliminate any hiding spots for spiders to thrive.


If you clean your house with a vacuum machine daily, you will pull the spider and its webs into your vacuum bags. Vacuuming serves as an effective way of minimizing spider presence. 

Minimizing spider presence also helps to remove spider webs from the corners of your home, which keeps spiders away.

Using the above-mentioned natural techniques can prove to be beneficial. Try keeping your home clean and make sure there are no clutters around. No hiding spots for spiders will ensure they do not try living in your residence.

Final Thoughts

Lemon and lemon essential oils are perfectly safe and powerful spider repellents. What makes lemon so effective in repelling spiders is that spiders despise anything that smells like lemon. Therefore, you can use lemon juice, peels, and even lemon balm to drive away spiders.