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Does Light Deter Possums? (All You Need to Know)

Possums play an important role in the ecosystem as beneficial animals. However, not all of them can be helpful for your garden and home. Sometimes you have to get them out of your sight. 

There are, however, some people who believe that installing lights at night can deter possums from raiding gardens and other food sources. Is light really effective at deterring possums? Now let’s see what we find out.

Light to deter possums

Some research suggests light may deter possums, although the results are preliminary. Being in the dark during the day might make possums feel uncomfortable and decrease their nutrient intake. The use of bright lights at night may keep possums away from gardens.

The evidence suggests that light may deter possums, but it is not conclusive. In the meantime, it might be a good idea to install bright light fixtures in your garden to deter possums. Here are some common light sources and their effectiveness in deterring possums.

Motion lights:

The use of motion lights may prove effective in deterring possums. Possums may be scared away by these fixtures because of their bright lights and movements. Furthermore, these lights usually have a sensor that turns off the light when no movement is detected.

Solar lights:

The use of solar lights might also be effective in deterring possums. Some people believe that ultraviolet light deters possums from entering these fixtures because it can wipe away pests.

Porch lights:

There are also porch lights that may be effective at deterring possums from entering your home. Possums may be uncomfortable when they are near these fixtures as they are usually located in proximity to gardens and other sources of food.

Strobe lights:

A strobe light is another type of light that is often used to deter pests. Possums may run away from these lights because they flash very rapidly. Moreover, these lights often come with cameras that can take pictures of the possum and transmit them to the user.

LED lights:

As LED lights become more popular, they use less energy than traditional lighting sources. Some people believe that LEDs are deterrents for Possums because of their bright light. Moreover, some LED lights have a motion detector that turns them off when no movement is detected.

Fairy lights:

The use of fairy lights does not deter possums. As fairy lights are typically used as decorations, they may not produce a scary enough effect to scare the possum away. Putting fairy lights near gardens or food sources will deter possums from coming close, but not effectively.

Sensor lights:

Some light fixtures have sensors that turn off the light if there is no movement detected by the sensor. Because they are afraid of the sudden light and darkness, this might be an effective way to deter possums from entering your yard.

How effective are lights in deterring possums?

Using lights to deter possums is an effective method, but the lights must be set up properly and be effective. You should install lights at a height that shines down onto the possum’s eye level, and you should make sure they are flashing or bright overall. 

Light intensity must also be high enough to cause discomfort to the animal.

Although lights are useful in deterring possums, they may not always be the best solution. High-intensity lights shielded from possums’ eyes are more effective than weaker ones placed directly above where they live. 

You can keep possums away from your property with lights, as any deterrent measure is better than none.

What lights work best to deter possums?

There are quite a few different types of lights that can be used to deter possums from entering your house. A bright, intense light that is shielded from the animal’s eyes, however, is most likely to be the most effective at keeping the animal from seeing the light. 

Generally, the best light to use to deter possums is a bright LED, motion-activated or floodlight, porch light, or strobe light.

The LED lights are too effective at scaring animals and can be safely installed near gardens or food sources. Porch and strobe lights are also very effective at scaring away possums. Installation is simple, and they use a lot of light to deter animals.

Also, motion-activated or flood lights are highly effective at scaring possums away. Lights that activate with motion are plugged into an outlet and need to be turned on by a person or animal. Additionally, they are relatively affordable and easy to install.

How to get rid of possums with lights?

Possums in your garden can cause you problems. You can find them eating fruit or flowers.  If you want to get rid of them, you might want to try using lights. The following steps will guide you through the process.

Find the best light:

Identifying the best lights for repelling possums is the first step. The most effective lights are those that are bright, intense, and shielded from an animal’s eyes. Furthermore, the lights should be easy to install and use a lot of light.

Find an effective location for the light:

Having selected the best lights, you will need to find an appropriate location for them. Possums tend to live and eat close to where the best place to put this is. Make sure the location is out of the way but still accessible. 

Check your garden for hidden possum spots and ensure your light reaches them.

Turn on the lights when needed:

Make sure that your lights are turned on when necessary, so that you will be able to see. It will scare off any animals who are hiding in the garden that might be hiding there. Furthermore, while staying close to the light, make sure that it is as bright as possible so that you can see it.

Monitor the results:

Make sure your garden repels the possums by keeping an eye on them. Add more lights or adjust the placement of your light if that doesn’t work. The use of lights will likely be successful in getting rid of possums over time.

Keep an eye:

After installing the light, make sure you keep an eye on your garden! When the possums stop visiting your garden, then you know that the light is working.

Use deterrents:

In the case of possums that continue to bother you, you may have to use other deterrents, like Motion-Activated or Floodlight lights. Easily installed, these are bright enough to deter animals and provide plenty of light.

What other things will keep possums away?

You can also use motion-activated lights, an electric fence, and noise generators to keep possums away. To discourage them from entering, motion detectors or flood lights should be placed around the perimeter of the yard. 

These are the best things you can do to keep possums at bay.

Electric fence:

The use of electric fencing is a popular method of keeping unwanted animals, such as possums, out of the property. It is a type of fence that emits an electric pulse that scares away the animal by emitting a shock.

Motion Activated Lights:

Lights like these scare away possums because they provide bright light that they can’t resist. For areas with pets or children, they can be set to turn on and off automatically.

Noise Generators:

A sound generator emits loud noises that scare off any animal, including possums. Your property may need to be turned up high to be effective, but these sounds can keep unwanted pests away.

Spicy Peppers:

The use of spicy peppers to deter possums is one of the oldest and most common methods. The method relies on the fact that young possums prefer sweet flavors and will stop eating when they find pepper in the food they’re after.


Scarecrows are fun and inexpensive ways to keep furry creatures at bay. You can place it near your front door or porch, an area where possums are known to frequent. Seeing the scary figure will likely cause them to flee.

Cat Supplies:

You can also deter possums by placing food and water dishes outside. As possums do not like cats, they will generally stay away from your property if food is available.

Sharp Objects:

Make sure that sharp objects such as knives and scissors are kept out of the reach of possums. These animals are expert climbers, which means that they can get to places where they are not safe due to their height. 

Make sure that any dangerous items you have outside that a possum could gain access to are securely stored inside if they are in the presence of possums.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, bright light can deter possums. To keep possums away, LED, motion-activated or floodlights, porch lights, and strobe lights are the best options. In contrast, if your outdoor lighting emits a large amount of white light, it is most likely to deter possums.