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Does Lysol Repel Roaches? (All You Need to Know)

Roaches are one of the disgusting and unhygienic things in our houses. Moreover, cockroaches bring a lot of different diseases.

So, repelling cockroaches is an essential thing. You might have tried other methods to keep the roaches away. But all ways might not be effective. You might want to use a element that will perform both as a cleaner and roaches repellent.

So, you might be confused about whether Lysol repels roaches or not. You have to know about the efficiency of Lysol and the consequences of using Lysol for repelling roaches. Moreover, you must know about the safety of using Lysol to repel roaches.

Lysol to repel roaches

Lysol repels roaches. Lysol is a pretty effective roaches repellent. Generally, roaches have spiracles that are openings through which they breathe. So, when you use Lysol on roaches, Lysol penetrates these openings. So, the roaches suffocate and choke. Thus Lysol helps to keep roaches away.

However, Lysol is generally a cleaning and disinfectant element. We use Lysol in our houses or floors to keep them clean. Even Lysol helps to keep away roaches and other insects. But you might not know how Lysol repel them.

When you use Lysol on roaches or in the places where cockroaches come, the smell spreads around the area. So, the first thing the cockroaches experience is the smell of Lysol. The smell of Lysol is not bearable for the roaches.

Roaches generally dislike the smell of Lysol. Moreover, the elements in the Lysol spread the scent, and roaches know about the existing features that are harmful to them. So, whenever roaches smell Lysol, they go away from that place.

Moreover, if you directly apply Lysol to roaches, it becomes more effective. For example, it helps to repel the roaches instantly. Generally, cockroaches have openings through which the cockroaches breathe. These openings are called spiracles.

So, when you apply Lysol on them, the spiracles penetrate Lysol. As a result, the openings can’t work correctly. Roaches suffocate while breathing if you use Lysol on them. This way, the roaches keep away from Lysol.

Another thing that helps to repel the roaches is the cleaning ability of Lysol. Generally, Lysol is used for cleaning purposes.

So, when you use Lysol to clean the area, the area will be cleaned properly. You might know that roaches like dirty places. So, they will keep away from clean locations.

The ingredients in Lysol are strong enough to keep roaches and insects away. These ingredients can suffocate the roaches. You can use Lysol both directly on the roaches. Otherwise, you can use it to keep the roaches away.

Moreover, if you can use Lysol regularly for cleaning, it will repel roaches and will not allow them to return. So, using Lysol will be beneficial for both purposes.

Lysol is an effective element to keep the roaches away and stop returning of cockroaches. Sometimes, you might terminate the roaches with repellent. But the roaches will return. To avoid this situation, Lysol is one of the best products.

Does Lysol terminate roaches?

Yes, Lysol terminates roaches. You might think that Lysol will only keep them away. But Lysol is effective enough to remove roaches. Generally, Lysol does this work by suffocating the roaches.

The termination process is fast when you use Lysol on the roaches directly. But when you apply Lysol in different places to repel roaches, this process also works. You might know that roaches breathe from their openings called spiracles.

These spiracles are sensitive to repellents. When you use Lysol, and the roaches come close to the Lysol, the spiracles will penetrate Lysol. As a result, the roaches will face difficulty breathing.

Through this process, the termination is easy and faster. If you want to terminate roaches, you can use both methods. You can spread Lysol in the places where cockroaches come. Otherwise, you can directly apply Lysol to them.

How long does Lysol take to terminate roaches?

How long Lysol takes to terminate roaches depends on how you are using the Lysol. If you directly use Lysol on cockroaches, this will work faster.

Generally, you can use Lysol by applying directly on roaches or spreading Lysol in different places. If you can use Lysol directly on the roaches, it will immediately terminate them within a few minutes.

But if you spread the Lysol on different places and roaches come to those places later, it will take longer. Generally, Lysol takes a couple of hours in this method.

If you use Lysol to keep the roaches away, it will take 6 to 12 hours to terminate roaches. This process takes time to remove roaches.

So, it depends on the use technique of Lysol. If you want to terminate the roaches instantly, you must use it directly on them. Otherwise, you have to wait some time to see an effective result.

How to use Lysol to repel roaches?

Now that you know you can use Lysol to repel roaches, you might want to know the application process. So, let’s see how you can use Lysol to repel cockroaches.

Cleaning the area:

First, you have to clean the areas where you want to use Lysol. Because the place can have other dirty elements that need cleaning. Moreover, if you have already used Lysol there, you must clean the residual.

Prepare the Lysol:

Now you have to prepare the Lysol to use for repelling roaches. Generally, Lysol is a concentrated cleaning element. When you use it on the floor, you might dilute it with water while cleaning the floor.

But when you use it for repelling roaches, you must dilute it another way. For example, you can add one portion of Lysol with one part of water. Then you have to pour the solution into a spraying bottle.

Applying Lysol:

Now you can apply Lysol to repel roaches. If you find any roaches around, you can directly spray Lysol on them roaches. This will terminate the roaches immediately. Otherwise, you can spread the Lysol around your houses or different places.

Spray the Lysol carefully in those places where the roaches come regularly.

Cleaning the Lysol:

The next day, you have to see whether Lysol terminated the roaches or not. You must clean the area immediately if you notice any roaches around.

But if you don’t find any terminated roaches, you still have to clean the place again. Then you have to re-apply Lysol for the next day.

What other cleaning products keep roaches away?

You might know that Lysol is an effective cleaning product that helps to repel roaches. But Lysol might not always be available. So, you might want to know about other options. So, let’s see what other cleaning products keep roaches away.


You can use a soap and water mixture to repel roaches. Generally, a soap and water mixture is effective in keeping the roaches away.

Soap has the ingredient that can suffocate the roaches. But you must use this mixture carefully so that anyone doesn’t slip on the soap water.

Commercial repellents:

Many commercial repellents are also available that repel roaches effectively. But you have to find the best solution to terminate the cockroaches faster.


You might find it unusual, but hairspray can repel the roaches. Generally, hairspray has some ingredients that roaches dislike. So, whenever the roaches find the smell of hairspray, they will avoid that places.

Natural repellents:

Many natural ingredients also can repel roaches. These natural repellents are the best because these repellents are not harmful to the environment. For example, citrus can repel roaches.

Generally, citrus has a scent that roaches dislike. This smell can suffocate the cockroaches, and the roaches keep away from this smell. 

Moreover, lemon and other essential oils are also effective repellents for roaches. You can use essential oils or trees to keep the roaches away.

Final Thoughts

Lysol is one of the effective elements to repel roaches and other insects. Lysol is so effective because it has the ingredients that keep the cockroaches away. Lysol can terminate roaches immediately if you use it directly on them. You can use Lysol regularly to clean the floor from roaches.