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Does Mint Keep Mice Away? (Read This First!)

A mouse is a small rodent that can be found everywhere. These earthlings are one of the oldest inhabitants, and they are infamous for spreading different types of diseases. These diseases were so earth-shattering that those diseases created pandemics for centuries. 

Let’s see if mints keep mice away.

Does mint keep mice away?

Mint keeps mice away. Mice search for food from one place to another. They love to eat, and they love the smell of the foods nearby. Some mice can smell from 10 miles away. The sensitive nose of this tiny creature cannot avoid any harsh smell like mint. Rodents are sensitive to mint smells.

Let’s walk through this section to know more about mint that can repel rodents –

Mint leaves:

The strong sense of smell helps mice run for food from one place to another. Mice always try to have food that can give them energy, and they love to stay beside human inhabitants. Because it will ensure their food and they can have shelter too.

But keeping fresh mint beside your yard can help rodents move elsewhere.

Mint tea/Mint tea bags:

Rodents can replicate themselves more than any other animal. A single mouse can give five to six baby mice. So, they might get inside of your place empty-handed, but soon they will create an army of mice. 

So, in the very first place, you must have to be aware of any sort of mice infestation. Mint tea or Mint tea bags are also effective as regular mint leaves. So, it will help.

Mint scent:

Anything with a harsh smell will deter mice. Even any sort of rodent will never come near your place. Mainly the odor or scent of the mint works as a deterrent to mice. So, the essential oil of mint will keep these small animals away.

Peppermint oil:

Peppermint is the harshest mint species. Peppermint will not cause any harm to the place, as peppermint oil comes from natural sources. Peppermint oil will keep mice away and spiders, cockroaches, flies, and other harmful insects and animals out.

Dried mint:

Dried mint leaves also have the power to keep the mice away. But the harshness of the dried leaves may drain down. As the smells of the mint will be concentrated on the leaves. So, using a hefty sprinkle of dried mint may keep these rodents away. 

Does the mint plant deter mice? Does mint work to keep mice/rodents away? 

Smell of mint is famous for deterring most sorts of rodents including mice so that mint plants can surely deter mice.

Mint plants are one of the holy grails that can be grown in shady or sunny areas. Apart from their deterring capabilities, mint leaves have medicinal power. They can be eaten raw or help reduce bacterial infestation and inflammation. 

Also, mints are the best natural solution to keep the mouth fresh and improve teeth and gum health.
There are different types of mints. Peppermints can help you effectively deter the most harmful insects and rodents. Other artificial deterrents may harm nature and can be poisonous for you too. You can plant catnip in your yard so that your cat will be happy too. 

As catnip is also a member of mint plants.

The main reason for mints to deter mice is that they have a strong scent. The rodents or mice cannot stand firmly in front of this scent. So that’s why they ran away from the mint plant.

Do mice like fresh mint? What mint keeps mice away?

Mice can’t tolerate the smell of mint. There are about six hundred species of mint throughout the planet. Peppermint, spearmint and apple mint etc., are the most famous. All types of mints have deterring capabilities as all of them have the smell that keeps mice away.
Fresh mint, oil of mint, mint tea or dried mint can deter mice, as the smell persists within the leaves in different forms. Also, mint plants are quite beautiful for your garden. After plating them, you don’t need to be bothered to nurture them often. 

These plants can grow under the direct light of the sun or in shady places. These plants can stay up to ten years. So, if you plant these plants around the garden, you can happily keep your yard or place out of harmful insects and rodents like a mouse. 

Also, peppermint and spearmint have the most deterring ability. To keep mice away, you should plant any of these two. Moreover, peppermint seems to have the most deterring capabilities, as it can deter both rodents and harmful insects effectively. So, fresh mints will keep mice away.

Three reasons why do mint keep away mice

Mice cannot stay around strong smells like mint, spices, eucalyptus, etc. As they have a sensitive nose, that helps them search for food.

Chemical Structure of Mint:

There are about six hundred mint leaves found all over the world. Even catnip is also a part of the mint family. The most commonly found mint is peppermint spearmint. 

Other mints also have the same chemical structure within the plants. In mint leaves, many chemical substances are running around. Menthol is almost about 40%, and menthone is about 23%. 

These chemicals spread the sort of smell that triggers mice to stay away.

Strong Scent of Mint:

The smell that we found from the mint leaves is the menthol flavor. This flavor is commonly used in toothpaste. This particular flavor is typical to use in mouthwash. Also, the smell is found in pain relief spray. 

The mint leaves or menthol smell is well known and familiar for humans. But this smell is quite disturbing for insects like spiders, moths, etc., and rodents like mice. Even critters like squirrels and chipmunks cannot stand against the strong scent of mint.

Natural Repelling Capabilities:

Mint has natural repelling capabilities. Even it has anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial properties as well. Peppermint has the most potent deterrent capability, while spearmint also helps. 

Mainly, these mint leaves will not harm nature. Instead, these plants will increase the yard’s beauty and guard the area against insects and rodents.

How much mint to plant to keep mice away?

How much mint to plant to keep mice away will mostly depend on the size of the area. 

It is suggested to plant mint plants to deter a lot of invaders. The most effective way of using mint is to use their essential oils. Essential oils have the exact and concentrated high volume of mint scent, which keeps the rodents away. Harsh smells will keep the mice away from them.

When you are willing to plant mint plants, you should plant them between other plants. Or you can plant them in a bunch and then dry their leaves and sprinkle the leaves on the gateway of the rodents. It will surely help you to keep rodents like mice away. 

So, if your yard is big, just plant near your house. If your yard is small, plant mint leaves in a small number. Remember to keep the place clean and keep nourishing your plants.

How do you get rid of mice with mint?

Mice are small but cunning animals. They can sense their food from a longer distance. The way mice reproduce is quite alarming if the mice are inside the house. 

To avoid them and stay out of diseases, you should get rid of mice. And nature has, that comes in the mint, the solution to mice infestation.

Plant Mint Plants throughout the Garden:

When you are willing to plant any plants in the garden, plant some mints within them. Mint plants will not bother any other plants’ growth. Instead, mints will secure other plants from squirrels and chipmunks. 

In the garden, or side of your house, just plant mint as much as you want. They can grow in every weather and direct sunlight or a bit of a shady area, these plants can grow.

Gather Essential Oils of Mints:

Essential oils have a more concentrated scent within them. The smell from essential oils is more effective than any other mint. 

As essential oils have a concentrated scent in them, a few drops of essential oil over cotton balls and spread them throughout your place. Or you can just spray essential oil throughout the area to get rid of these tiny creatures.

Sprinkle Some dried mints:

Mints can be used in a different way to deter mice. Whether you use fresh mint leaves or dried ones or in oil form, it will deter mice. Mice are social animals; they live together with their partners. 

So, whether a single mouse or an army of mice, mints always stand firmly against these rodents.

Final Thoughts

Mints can deter mice and other rodents from swarming around the world. As mints are low cost and natural, they will not adversely impact your wallet and your yard. Moreover, mints can deter all the harmful insects such as flies, spiders, and moths. So, it is pretty handy to use mints as a deterrent.