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Does Peppermint Oil Repel Squirrels? (Answered)

If you use pest controllers or other chemicals to stop the growth of garden aphids or bugs, you might know the importance of peppermint oil. We, the garden owner, want to use natural repellent that will never damage our garden plants.

If you use any chemical-made repellent, you cannot expect not to damage other plants with those chemicals. Spraying the pest controller will go through all other plants and might terminate the good aphids. Here, the home ingredients would be a great relief.

Peppermint oil repel squirrels

Peppermint oil repels squirrels and other rodents. Squirrels mostly dislike the smell of peppermint strong oil. If you use any sort of peppermint oil around your garden, it will repel the squirrels from the surroundings. In Particular, you may spray this oil around the garden to stop them.

Most rodents, including squirrels, will always keep away from strong smells. You may grow some smelly flower plants in your garden to repel the rodents. Whenever the squirrels smell the flowers, they will keep away from that area. 

It’s not like they can bear it; it’s more like they avoid it.

Unfortunately, you will rarely find any squirrel-proof trees, although you may find some squirrel-resistant plants that do not entirely repel the squirrels and other rodents. It happens with most other ingredients except peppermint. This oil has some strong natural chemicals.

Those elements will indeed work like squirrel-repellent. If you mix any sprayer using peppermint and vinegar or hot water, this mixture will be an excellent squirrel repellent within a while. You can start spraying it around the garden and get a better result or a squirrel-proof garden.

It could happen with your pet squirrel. If you have a pet squirrel and you want to keep them away from eating flowers and other fruits from your garden, you can use some peppermint oil. It will always keep it away from your garden without hurting your squirrels.

Especially if you want to let your pet play in your garden and eat some fruits there. But there might be some flowers that you want to protect from squirrel strikes. In that case, peppermint oil will be the best solution for you. 

You can spray some peppermint oil around those flowers to repel your squirrel.

You cannot use the peppermint oil alone to repel the squirrels and other rodents. You must use some vinegar to make a strong repellent that will work in every situation. The squirrel will avoid that area where you spray this mixture. Even the squirrel will never come to that area.

So, it’s better to use some vinegar, boiled water, and peppermint oil to make the best squirrel-repellent home. You don’t need to use anything else to glorify this mixture. Instead, you can cook the vinegar and water until they mix correctly and become a pure mixture.

Then, you may add peppermint oil there and make the best mixture that will ultimately deter squirrels from your garden. Typically, when your garden has some wild squirrels, you must use this mixture to repel them. Otherwise, the so-called repellent may not work properly.

Do squirrels dislike the smell of peppermint?

Squirrels dislike the smell of peppermint. Squirrels are tiny and cute-looking creatures. Squirrels mostly like nuts and similar food. They have sensitive noses, whereas the peppermint has a freezing and pleasing aroma. 

Even if humans inhale peppermint, they feel a deep cold air passing their throat. The squirrel community strongly avoids excessive cold aroma. The peppermint causes them suffocation as they also have a sensitive nose.

 The strong scent also overwhelms the squirrel’s senses. The peppermint overpowers all other smells as they find their food through smell. So they can’t find food due to that. That’s why squirrels always avoid the smell of peppermint. 

Most people use peppermint as a natural remedy for repelling squirrels. 

The disliking is from the hassle of finding food as the peppermint overpowers all other smells around. As a result, the squirrels always try to keep away from peppermint plants and search for their food elsewhere. 

If you don’t have options, you must plant some peppermint herbs in your garden.

Do peppermint plants deter squirrels?

Peppermint plants deter squirrels from the surroundings. You must have heard of planting some rodent-proof plants. And here, the peppermint plants are the actual squirrel and rodent-proof plants. 

It has a strong smell that spreads through the air and deter rodents and other wild animals.

If you want to deter squirrels naturally, you must plant some peppermint herbs. It has some medicinal benefits that you can also use to make some healthy ingredients. Especially if you have unnecessary aphids and insects in your garden, you must plant some peppermint.

This plant will have a strong smell and a bitter taste that most animals and rodents dislike. Some insects will always keep away from these plants. Therefore, you can indeed plant some peppermint herbs to deter squirrels from your garden.

Reasons peppermint oil repels squirrels

Peppermint oil will repel squirrels because of three reasons. You may count more, but these three characteristics or reasons would be enough to describe why squirrels dislike the peppermint that much.

Unbearable Smell:

If you ask anyone why squirrels and other rodents don’t like peppermint, they will say because of the unbearable smell. The pungent smell of peppermint oil indeed plays a crucial role in repelling squirrels or other rodents. 

You won’t find any particular reasons that can strongly work against the squirrels.

If you smell other squirrel-repellent, you will find a similar type of smell there. Manufacturers also know that squirrels and other wild animals don’t like the pungent smell. So, they make something that can spread a pungent smell like peppermint oil.

Bitter Taste:

When you spray some peppermint oil in your garden, it will spread that smell to other plants and leaves. If any squirrel comes and tries to eat fruits or flowers from there, it will get a bitter taste. 

Eventually, they will leave that place since they cannot eat those foods.

The bitter taste is the second reason squirrels avoid peppermint oil. Or why peppermint oil repels squirrels. You can only spray some peppermint oil and will not find any single squirrels in your garden.

Health Problem:

The third reason is health problems. No person wants to get sick after eating something unpleasant; the same goes for wild animals. 

When they know that a particular food may damage their stomach or ruin their health, they will always keep away from that food.

Here, peppermint oil can also damage the squirrel’s health. Therefore, this rodent will always keep away from eating peppermint oil mixed foods.

How do you use peppermint oil to keep squirrels away?

You can use peppermint oil in several ways to keep squirrels away from your garden. I will tell you the three best steps to keep away squirrels by using peppermint oil. You can also modify them and find a new way of using peppermint oil.

Boiled Water & Peppermint:

You must consider boiling one cup of water on high heat. Boil the water for five minutes, then add some peppermint oil into the water. 

You can mix the water and peppermint for a while and then put it in the oven or preheated skillet.

It will be better to heat the mixture to get the best-heated peppermint mixture. But, you can also mix them separately and use them to create an excellent mixture. First, boil the water, and then add some peppermint. 

The ratio would be 2:1, which means a half cup of peppermint oil is for one cup of water.

Add Vinegar:

When you have boiled water and peppermint oil mixture, you may add some vinegar to the mixture. It will add an extra ingredient to make a perfect squirrel repellent within five minutes.

You may also premix water and vinegar before you add peppermint. 

Otherwise, add some vinegar when your mixture is ready, and boil the water and peppermint for a while. Then go for the next step.

Spray on Squirrel Area:

Now your squirrel-repellent is ready. You need to lower the heat and get down your peppermint mixture. Leave it at room temperature and wait for ten minutes. The mixture will reduce some heat and will have a bearable temperature.

Then, you need to put the mixture into a sprayer. Do it carefully, and go to your garden. You may spray around the garden to stop squirrels from coming to your garden further.

If you have enough attractive squirrel trees, you may spray on them to repel squirrels from there too.

Final Thoughts

Since peppermint oil has a strong smell, taste, and chemical ingredients, peppermint oil repels squirrels and other rodents from the surrounding area. You can make a different mixture of water, vinegar, and peppermint to spray around the garden to repel the squirrels.