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Does Pine Sol Attract or Repel Roaches? (Answered)

Roaches are one of the most disgusting insects. Whenever we find cockroaches somewhere in our houses, we think about hygiene.

So, repelling roaches is essential sometimes. You might know about different products for repelling roaches. You might have also heard about pine sol as a repellent.

But you might be confused about whether pine sol attracts or repels roaches. You have to know about the ingredients of pine sol and its effectiveness for repelling roaches. 

If it attracts the roaches, you can’t use it. Otherwise, pine sol can be a natural repellent for roaches.

Does pine sol attract or repel roaches?

Pine-sol repels roaches. It can’t attract roaches since roaches dislike the smell of pine sol. The smell and taste of pine sol are not bearable for roaches. So, you can use pine sol to repel roaches from different places in your house. Moreover, pine sol will keep your home clean and hygienic.

However, removing roaches from a house can be difficult sometimes. Because cockroaches are stubborn and can spread germs quickly. One effective way to keep cockroaches away is to clean the house thoroughly.

But you might not find a cleaner that is natural and effective. Most repellents are commercial and sometimes toxic. So, if you want to use it sometimes effectively, you can use pine sol as a cleaner.

It will clean the house from roaches and germs. Moreover, the house will remain hygienic. The cause of removing cockroaches by pine sol is its smell and taste. When you apply pine sol in your home, the scent will not be pleasant for the roaches.

Roaches dislike the smell of pine sol. Because pine sol has some chemicals and flavors that are not bearable for cockroaches. When you use pine sol in your house for cleaning, it becomes an unfavorable environment for the roaches.

But if you want to get maximum effectiveness from the pine sol, you have to use it properly. You can use the pine sol with water. But the water to pine sol ratio should be according to the strength of the solution.

Generally, pine sol is a cleanser for cleaning different surfaces. But this cleanser has the property to remove roaches. Moreover, pine sol also removes dirt and grease that attract cockroaches.

So, roaches can’t come for the dirty residues that attract cockroaches. Moreover, pine sol is available in different flavors. You can use the lemon-flavored pine sol, which will be more effective in removing roaches.

What is pine sol made of?

Generally, one of the main ingredients of pine sol is pine scent. This scent is collected from the pine tree. But many other ingredients are added for other properties. For example, pine sol has grease-cutting surfactants.

Moreover, pine sol has cleaning agents. These agents work for cleaning the surface that has been used pine sol. Also, pine sol has water as a solvent. That’s why pine sol is in the liquid form most times.

Also, pine sol has isopropanol. This alcohol works as an antibacterial agent. Moreover, pine sol has other acids and salts that make pine sol a perfect cleaner.

How does pine sol work on roaches?

Pine-sol works on roaches in two ways. Firstly, it removes roaches, and Secondly, it prevents cockroaches from further coming. Generally, pine sol has ingredients that clean and disinfect your house.

Pine-sol has antibacterial properties. So, when you apply pine sol in a place, roaches will not come to that place. Because cockroaches don’t like the smell of pine sol. Even pine sol can cause breathing problems for cockroaches. Whenever cockroaches find the existence of pine sol, they will leave the place.

However, you might know roaches come to places with rotten things and dirt. So, if you clean the area with pine sol, it will be cleaned from rotten things and grime. Roaches will not come to a clean home.

So, pine sol works well on roaches. It also prevents cockroaches. Moreover, pine sol will keep your house so clean that it will also prevent other insects.

How to use pine sol to repel roaches?

Now that you know pine sol can remove roaches, you might want to see the process of using pine sol. So, let’s see how you can use pine sol to repel cockroaches.


One of the main tasks for repelling roaches is cleaning. If you find cockroaches in different places of your house, you have to clean the whole house thoroughly. Otherwise, you can clean a specific area that has roaches.

Generally, cleaning the whole house is recommended. You can clean the house and floor with water, detergent, and a regular cleaning agent.

Mixing pine sol:

Generally, using direct pine sol is not recommended. Because the pine sol is a pretty strong agent. So, you have to make a mixture of pine sol that you can use regularly.

You can pour one cup of pine sol into a spray bottle. Then you can add one cup of water to it. Moreover, you can also add one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol to the bottle.

Though pine sol is an effective cleaner, alcohol will make it more effective in fighting against bacteria and germs.

Applying pine sol:

Then you have to apply the pine sol to repel roaches. You have to spray the pine sol mixture in the places where you can find cockroaches. Moreover, you can spray the pine sol on the floor of your house.

First, you have to apply the mixture directly in the places where you find roaches. This will keep the cockroaches away instantly. Then you have to mop the area well. After that, you can spray the pine sol mixture on the floor.

You have to clean the floor with the pine sol mixture properly. It will be enough to keep the roaches away. But for more effect, you can use this mixture to clean your house and floor regularly. It will keep the house clean and germ-free.

How do you get rid of roaches in the house?

Some other ways are also available that you can follow to get rid of roaches in the house. But you might not know all the processes. So, let’s see how you can get rid of cockroaches in the home.


Pine-sol is one of the most effective liquids that can repel roaches from your house. You have to use pine sol appropriately in your home. Moreover, pine sol keeps your house germ-free and clean. So, roaches will also stay away from the clean house.

Baking soda:

Another good roaches repellent is baking soda. Roaches don’t like the smell of baking soda. You might have baking soda in your house. You have to sprinkle the baking soda with some onion slices.

This will attract the roaches, and the roaches will consume the onions with baking soda. But baking soda is unsafe for roaches. They will not live long after consuming baking soda. Baking soda is one of the easiest and fastest materials for repelling cockroaches.

Boric acid:

Though boric acid is safe for humans and animals, it can be harmful for roaches. Roaches can’t bear the smell of boric acid. You can mix boron and water to make the boric acid solution. Then you can spray the acid directly on the roaches.


Citrus is another roaches repellent. Though citrus is a tasty treat for humans, it can remove cockroaches from your house. The smell of citrus repels roaches. The roaches will go away if you clean your home with citrus or lemon oil. But the scent will be pleasant for humans.

Essential oils:

Different essential oils are also effective in keeping roaches away. These essential oils are readily available and affordable. So, you can use essential oils to deter cockroaches from your house.

What does pine sol repel?

Pine-sol is an effective repellent. So, let’s see what pine sol repels.


Pine-sol can repel roaches effectively. You can use pine sol to deter cockroaches if you want a quick solution. Moreover, pine sol will keep the house clean and germ-free.


Pine-sol can also repel flies. Flies are disgusting and carry germs everywhere. If you clean your house with pine sol, the place will be free from flies.

Ants and bugs:

Ants are also irritating. Pine-sol is also effective in repelling ants. Ants don’t like the smell of pine sol. Pine-sol can also deter bugs. Try to clean the house with pine sol regularly. Then the place will be free from ants and bugs.

Final Thoughts

Pine-sol is pretty efficient in repelling roaches. Roaches don’t like the smell of pine sol. If you spray pine sol on cockroaches directly, they will leave quickly. If you clean a place with pine sol, cockroaches will not come to the place. Also, pine sol is effective in keeping the house germ-free.