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Does Pine Sol Repel Bears? (Read This First!)

Pine sol is a strong household cleaner that can remove grease and soil. It’s mainly based on pine oil with some natural chemicals to work against dirt & stains.

If you go back to the mother company, you will find that the Clorox company invented and manufactured this pine sol cleaner.

You can use this cleaner solution for different purposes & will give you the best house cleaning experience.

Pine sol to repel bears

Bears can’t bear the pine scent since it has a bitter smell & taste. Therefore, pile sol does repel bears & other wild animals. The direct pine oil works better, but the pine sol will also keep away the bears from your garden & surrounding. If you want to get a bear-proof garden, use some pine oil.

The use of pine sol might become a mess for your garden since it’s a pure house cleaner. It will keep things neat & clean and will spread a smell in the air.

When you have bears nearby, you should make a quick spray using this pine sol & water or apply the direct pine sol on the bears. It will work, and the bear will leave the area.

When you make the bear-repellent using this pine sol, I’d suggest using some pure pine oil that will work a hundred times better than the pine sol.

The oil will contain all the natural elements of the pine tree that the bears dislike most. They always avoid the pine tree and the surrounding.

It’s common for any bear to avoid the pine tree, and the pine tree smell of anything. If you use some pine leaves and scatter them around, the bears will never come to taste those leaves and will keep away from that area. One thing is clear: pine oil can repel most wild animals.

You can use a mixture of pine oil & vinegar or water to make a sprayer. Then, you can spray that mixture around your garden to keep things easier and more effective for your garden.

That mixture will contain some natural chemicals and smell that wild animal avoid most. They will never come to that area to get that food.

You may find some animals that come to the pine tree and live nearby, but the bear is not there.

It has some distinct characteristics and features that separate this animal from other wild animals. For these reasons, the bear cannot accept the pine oil or sol and always keeps away from it.

Black bears:

When considering the bear repellent, you must consider the bear types. You might find two different repellents for the black bears & brown bears since they have some common & distinctive characteristics that differentiate these two.

However, most of the repellent will work against the black & brown bears simultaneously.

Brown bears:

Here come the brown bears that also have a similar smell detection & reaction system to the black bears. You can expect an excellent choice for repelling the brown bears, but the pine sol is there to work both the bears.

So, pine sol can also repel brown bears with the same natural ingredients & smell. If you have any particular repellent, you may skip that, use the pine sol regularly, and get the solution short.

It will keep the bears and other wild animals away from your garden & surrounding areas.

Is it safe?

Since pine oil is a natural product, it is safe for everything. But the pine sol might create issues for other plants since their growth depends on various factors.

When you use the pine sol, you can expect to maintain the growth of other plants, but the spraying of pine sol might damage the flowers & fruits.

However, pine oil will make things easier since it’s a natural repellent. But you cannot use the pine oil directly because it can damage the beneficial garden insects from the surrounding. From this concern, you must avoid spraying the pine oil on the good beneficial insects.

You will find different ways to use this pine oil to avoid such incidents and get the most out of it. Moreover, pine oil will also help you to clean the soil and grease from your garden and terminate harmful bacteria. You can use both the pine sol & pine oil together.

How effective is pine sol in repelling bears?

Pine sol is highly effective in repelling bears. It has the natural pine components to repel the bears from the surrounding without harmful chemicals.

You can directly use the pine sol in your garden safely. Spraying the pine sol around the home & garden will spread the pine tree smell.

It will avoid that area whenever the bears get the pine smell from the sol cleaner. You can also use some pine sol outside your home to repel bears.

It will be effective because of its chemical reaction and pine smell. These two things are the best bear repellent that can be used to protect your garden.

How to use pine sol to deter bears?

You can use the pine sol to deter bears in several ways. You can also use pine oil and sol cleaner to deter bears and other wild animals. If they don’t work, you must mix them and use vinegar and other repellers.

Let’s get some ways to repel the bears using pine sol cleaner.

Spray Pine Sol Cleaner:

When you only have the pine sol cleaner in your house, you must use it accordingly to repel bears. It’s a readymade cleaner solution that can be used anywhere to clean that area from grease & soil.

You can also make a mixture of pine sol and hot water to repel the bears from your garden or surrounding.

You boil some water and then add some pine sol cleaner. Stir the mixture and get the best bear repellent in 5-10 minutes.

Then, you can pour the mixture into a bottle and spray it around the garden. It will spread pine sol acute smell and will deter bears from surrounding.

Mix Pine Sol & Oil:

If the pine sol fails to repel bears perfectly, you must use some pine oil. First, take some pine sol in a bottle, then pour half the amount of pine oil into the mixture.

It will give you the best bear repellent to work against everything, including bears and other wild animals.

The pine oil smell will last a long time and will disturb bears & other wild animals in eating your garden leaves & flowers. You can spray all over the garden & expect to get rid of the bears and other garden bugs with an easy solution.

Mix Pine Sol with Vinegar:

Another way to use pine sol is with vinegar. You can use some vinegar with your pine sol and make a good mixture.

It will work against bears and other animals that can’t bear the pine sol smell and vinegar. Both these ingredients will make a sharp smell.

When you spray around the garden, it will repel the bears and other wild animals. So, use the mixture of vinegar and pine sol against bears. Or you can use some hot water and make a mixture of vinegar, hot water & pine sol.

What smells will keep bears away?

The below things will keep bears away from your garden and become an excellent solution for you.


The presence of a radio playing a talk show can give the impression that someone is home, which may encourage bears to move on and find another food source.

The sound of a human voice has the desired effect; music does not appear to have any bearing on the situation. Programming a radio timer if you will be absent for an extended period is possible.

Scent Deterrents:

The sense of smell possessed by a bear is one hundred times more acute than a human’s. If the smell of ammonia or bleach makes your eyes water, try to picture what it must be like for a bear to breathe in those fumes.

Trash cans and other areas that might attract bears due to solid odors are good candidates for cleaning with bleach or ammonia-based products.

These buckets or containers should be placed outside doors and windows that bears can access. Bears find the pungent smell of pine-based cleaning products offensive, but you should steer clear of anything with a zesty, lemony, or fruity aroma.

And under no circumstances should you ever combine ammonia and bleach, as this produces fumes that are poisonous to both people and bears.

Final Thoughts

Since it has a strong smell natural chemicals to become a perfect repellent, the pine sol can repel the bears. You can make different mixtures using vinegar, hot water, and pine oil. Then, spray it around your garden. It will spread the smell and keep away the bears and garden bugs.