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Does Snake Plant Attract or Repel Snakes? (Explained)

A snake doesn’t always harm you. But seeing a snake in your surroundings can be terrifying. 

Even many people have a phobia about snakes. Moreover, snake bites can be harmful. So, it becomes necessary to know about snake repellents or plants that attract snakes.

You might have heard the myth that snake plant attracts snakes. But you might be confused about whether snake plant attracts or repels snakes.

You have to know this because the snake plant is pretty common, and people like to grow this plant in their houses. Moreover, learning about the growing snake plant in a safer way is essential.

Does snake plant attract or repel snakes?

Snake plant repels snakes. Generally, the snake plant is a natural repellent for snakes. So, there is no evidence of the myth that snake plant attracts snakes. Snake plants are attractive looking and low maintenance. So, you can easily grow this plant indoors and outdoors to repel snakes.

However, when searching for snake plants, most of the repellents are acids and toxic chemicals. These chemicals can be harmful to the environment, humans, and animals. So, choosing a non-toxic and natural repellent is essential.

You might have heard that snake plant attracts snakes. But this is not true. People might have made this myth for the plant’s name. But snake plant does the opposite. It repels snakes effectively.

Snake plant is pretty common in our houses nowadays. This plant has a sharp shape. This shape makes the plant more beautiful. Moreover, the snake plant is low maintenance. That’s why growing snake plants is not difficult.

Generally, the shape and smell of snake plants scare out the snakes. When a snake comes closer to a snake plant, the plant’s shape will scare away the snake. The sharp leaves are an influencing factor here.

Moreover, the snake plant has such a scent that it deters snakes. Even snakes can sense the scent from a distance. 

Many people experience seeing snakes in their gardens. So, if they plant snake plants in their gardens, these plants will keep snakes away.

You can grow snake plants both indoors and outdoors. So, if you plant some snake plants indoors and outdoors, these will keep away the snakes from the house and garden. Moreover, snake plants will fulfill decorative purposes also.

So, the myth of snake plants attracting snakes is not true. Even snake plant is one of the natural repellents for snakes.

Are snakes attracted to snake plants?

No, snakes are not attracted to snake plants at all. Snake plants are natural snake repellents. Snakes are afraid of these plants. Generally, the shape of these plants scares away snakes. So, there is no chance that snake plants will attract snakes.

Some people might believe this rumor that snake plant attracts snakes. But this isn’t true at all. The snake plant doesn’t have any compound that can attract snakes. So it will not attract snakes.

You might see snakes around some plants rarely. This might happen because snakes might come for other insects. But snake plant is a natural repellents. It will keep other insects also. So, there is no chance that snakes will come closer to snake plants.

The shape of the plant is pretty similar to snakes. That’s why the name of this plant is snake plant. For this reason, people believe the myth about the snake plant. But snake plant doesn’t attract snakes.

Three reasons why snake plants repel snakes

Now that you know snake plants repel snakes, you might want to know the reasons. There are many snake repellents, but m, most of them are chemicals. So, if you know about this natural repellent, you can use it. Let’s see why snake plants repel snakes.


One of the main factors about snake plants is their shape. The shapes of the snake plant’s leaves are like snakes. So, this shape will deter snakes. Generally, snakes are scared by the shape of this plant.

People might think that snakes are attracted by snake plants, which is the reason behind the plant’s name. But the reason is exactly the opposite. The shape scares away snakes.


Another reason why snake plants repel snakes is their smell. The smell of the snake plant makes it an excellent natural repellent. Snakes dislike the scent of snake plants.

Even snakes can sense snake plants’ smells from a distance. So, if you want to deter snakes from snake plants, you can keep snake plants in your house or around your garden. This plant will keep snake plants away.

Air purification:

Generally, snakes are attracted to dirty places. Because these places have insects that snakes search for. But snake plants purify the air. When the air gets purified, snakes will not tend to come to these places. Thus snake plants help repel snakes.

Do snake plants attract anything?

Generally, snake plants don’t attract insects or bugs. There is a myth that snake plants attract snakes. But there is no evidence of this myth. So, snake plants don’t attract anything.

Even in typical weather, snake plants don’t attract anything. But when the snake plant faces cold weather, some insects might come to this plant. For example, spider mites and mealybugs might come to this plant in cold weather.

Moreover, excessive watering can cause root damage and attract spider mites, mealybugs, etc. These insects might attract frogs and other small animals. So, snake plants don’t attract anything directly.

Because snake plants don’t have any specific smell to attract anything. Moreover, snake plants don’t produce any oil. So, the chance of attracting anything by snake plant is very low.

How to get rid of snakes with snake plants?

Now that you know snake plants repel snakes, you might not know the process of how you can use this plant. 

Growing snake plants might not work properly. So, you have to know how you can use snake plants. Let’s see how you can get rid of snakes with snake plants.

Selecting places:

First, you have to select where you want to grow snake plants. You can grow snake plants both indoors and outdoors. For example, you can grow these plants inside your house, corridor, and other places.

Moreover, you can also select garden areas to repel snakes. Besides, you can select places around your house.

Cleaning the places:

Then you have to clean the places thoroughly. Because an unclean place can attract snakes. So, you have to clean the areas where you plan to grow snake plants.

Growing plants:

Then you have to plant snake plants in the selected areas. Follow the instructions for planting trees on the soil. If you want to keep snake plants inside the house, you have to plant these inside containers.

Taking care of plants:

Finally, you have to take care of the snake plants. For example, a good watering schedule is necessary. 

Otherwise, excessive watering can attract insects. Moreover, sufficient sunlight, humidity, temperature, etc., are also essential for the better growth of snake plants.

What plants attract snakes?

If you want to get rid of snakes from your surroundings, you must know about plants that attract snakes. Otherwise, plants around you might attract snakes. So, let’s see what plants attract snakes.

Flowering plants:

Some flowering plants like rosemary, morning glory, etc., attract snakes. Generally, flowers directly don’t attract snakes. Snakes need these plants for their habitat. So, snakes will come to these flowering plants for their need.

Moreover, some flowering plants have strong scents. These scents will attract insects. So, snakes will come to search for these insects. Thus you might find snakes around flowering plants.

Sandalwood tree:

Sandalwood tree also attracts snakes. Because snakes like to be in calm places, herbs and plants and sandalwood could certainly be one of them. Sandalwood will attract snakes since this plant is considered calm and serene.

Queen of night:

You might know this plant by the name because the flowers bloom at night. So, at night, these plants will spread a strong scent. By these scents, snakes and insects will be attracted.

Moreover, when these plants attract insects, snakes will come to search for insects.

Cedar tree:

Cedar trees also attract snakes. In particular, the fragrance of cedar trees attracts snakes the most.

Final Thoughts

Snake plants don’t attract snakes. Even these plants repel snakes effectively. The shape of the snake plant’s leaves is like snakes. But these leaves scare away the snakes. So, many people use snake plants indoors and outdoors to keep snakes away. This plant is a natural repellent.