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How Do Electric Fishing Reels Work

Imagine yourself in an electric automated engine- boat lurking in the sea and enjoying the breathtaking beauty of a beautiful island. Suddenly, you look into the fresh water and see a flock of fish swimming around a corner.

Indeed, you cannot resist the temptation and take your electric fishing reel and get yourself into the job-fishing using a piece of modern equipment.

How do electric fishing reels work? 

It is very easy fishing with an electric fishing reel. Attaching a long ladder to the sinker with a pair of squids and fish food is an ideal choice to catch fish using an electric fishing reel. There is a button on the reel box which is designed to operate the reel and keep track of the depth in water.

 An electric fishing reel is very user-friendly. Just hit a button on the reel and start finding your dinner or lunch of the day. Another plus point is that they are faster than manual reels as their retrieve speed is higher. 

How effectively an electric reel work also depends on the type of drag system it has. A drag system determines how well the reel can pull off a fish from a vast depth of water. In one day, it makes your job much more accessible than struggling with a manual reel.

How do you fish with an electric reel? 

It’s not that difficult to fish if you know to use an electric fishing reel. A Shimano electric fishing reel is very user friendly.

At first, you will be needing a heavy braid weighing 80 to 100 pounds running down to a 120-pound short ladder with some squids or fish food. The reel needs to be placed at a 0 degree angle.

Once the reel reaches within one meter from the surface, it will slow down. Once you release the braid, start counting up to 6. As it goes down, you will feel a pressure which means it has got a fish stuck.

How to set up an electric fishing reel?

Setting up an electric fish reel isn’t a difficult task if you are aware of the functions and the whole system before getting into the work. So you need to do is to follow a few steps and set up the reel.

Resetting the reel: 

At first, you need to set the length of the wire in your reel. Press the reset button and hold it down for two seconds. 

Dropping the ladder in the sea: 

Your screen show zero as the reel gets dropped. Continue dropping it until it gets to a significant depth. 

Tracking the depth: 

Once you start dropping the rig, you can track the depth of the water the reel box shows you. 

Retrieving the reel:

Once you drop your ladder to a significant depth and feel that there’s a fish movement on your rig, pull it up using the retrieve button. 

When it comes to fishing, nothing can be more advantageous than using an electric fishing reel. It serves as a piece of modern-day equipment. In a word, it brings a combination of a manual ladder, aka handle, and a power-assisted reel to make your job easier. 

While there are many benefits of using an electric fishing reel, we have listed a few for you.

Three benefits of using an electric fishing reel: 


A manual reel is tough to operate as you have to wait until you get any sign of fish without measuring the depth of the water. However, an electric reel brings a solution to every difficulty as you can easily keep a track of the depth and catch the fish giving the minimum effort. 

Because an electric fishing reel will do the job for you without any inconvenience. 

Preventing cranks:

Believe it or not, electric fishing reels are best for saving you from getting cranks. You will enjoy the fresh air and the nature without worrying about how many fishes you will get at the end of the day. 

The electric reels are manufactured in a way to save your efforts from cranking. You can easily pull and fight all you want with fishes but with absolutely giving the least effort. 

The electric reels are also designed in a way that they can save you extra time and labor. So using an electric fishing reel over a manual is always highly recommended for you. 

The drag system: 

A super effective drag system makes the reel more functional and flexible for the user to go for a fishing even in the scorching heat. The drag system is the central controlling system that is designed to control the pressure of the fish and offer an ample amount of stopping power. 

So without giving any extra effort, you can easily lift any heavy fish with a super powerful drag system. A manual reel doesn’t have a drag system. Thus to both save energy and time, an electric fishing reel is highly recommended for you. 

An electric fishing reel has outdated a modern electrical fishing reel. A manual fishing reel is less user friendly than a power assisted reel. Therefore if you love eating fish and prefer comfort over anything, an electric fish reel is a perfect recommendation for you. 

What is a power assist reel? 

A power assist reel is an electric reel supported by the power in the voltage system. With the help of a power assist reel, you can easily catch a big fish in the sea. Starting from fishing a tuna to a big salmon, an electric reel can help you pick fishes weighing 50-100 lbs. 

Manual reels can be really tough if you want to fish in the middle of a sea or in a lake that has a bare minimum of fish eggs. In that case, a power assist reel can help you out even in the bottom of 1800 feet height to catch your desired fish for a mouth-watering dinner.

How to make an electric fishing reel?

You can make an electric fishing reel in a number of ways. However, one of the easiest ways is to make it with the help of a drill. A drill has a battery which is an excellent source of power. 

You will need a pair of pliers, a fishing bowl, and a drill machine. Take off the reeler for the time being as it might disrupt your job. With the help of a screwdriver, take out the screw to uncover the cap. 

You will seek a tiny screw that you can take out with the help of a pillar. Then pull out the top part and attach it to the drilling part and start tightening it. 

Once you have tightened it, your job is done. You can start fishing with the help of this home-made electric fishing reel.

How much power do you need for electric fishing reels? 

Approximately a total of a twelve-volt power system is required in order to operate an electric fishing reel. However, the power of an electric fishing reel depends on how big or medium-sized the reel is. 

If it is a bigger-sized reel, you will need a 20-24 AH battery (You might need a more considerable than the average size). If your reel is medium, you will need a 16-19 AH battery size. For example- Daiwa-100-500 class. 

Your fishing style and time will determine the total consumption of the power you need for electric fishing reels.

How much do electric fishing reels cost? 

A cheap electric fishing reel might cost a total of $50 in a market. If you want a quality one, it should not cost you more than $200. You will find more expensive electric reels; however, this is an average estimate. 

Different brands or companies sell electric fishing reels at different prices. If you want to be thrifty and not let your budget get wasted, you can buy a used fishing reel where you can half of the amount of the actual price.

You might get confused if you aren’t aware of the types, functions, and features of an electric fishing reel. So you must always check if there is any confusion. Like always, in a doubt, don’t hesitate to knock us with your questions. Just remember that we are always here to guide you on your way.

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