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A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing Reels

When you are newly into the fishing hobby, it is necessary to know all about this hobby. It includes a detailed study about all the gears. When talking about the gears, the primary gear that you will need is the fishing reel.

Although the fishing reel is a small piece of gear, this can be very complex for a beginner. Fishing reels usually come in varieties of types and have various components. So, let’s take a little tour of the basics of the fishing reel.

Fishing reels are the most vital part of any fishing equipment set. The entire fishing experience depends on how good a fishing reel is. So, having a good fishing reel is necessary.

Fishing reels are the device that holds the fishing line and allows the user to cast it. Fishing reels control the drag and the retrieving mechanism for the fishing line.

As a result, a decent fishing reel will allow you to regulate the drag of your line, enhancing your fishing experience. Casting is also made easier with a decent fishing reel.

Types of fishing reels

A fishing reel is the most important part of fishing gear. And it has various types as well. Here are some of the types of fishing reels:

Fly fishing reel:

Fly fishing reels are great for using with fake lures. This type of reel is good for light fishing. You can cast your lure very accurately with this reel.

Electric fishing reel:

Electric fishing reels, as the name implies, are powered by electricity. Heavy fishing is done with them. Deep-sea fishing for swordfish and sharks is the most typical application for this sort of reel.

Spincast Fishing reel:

This type of fishing reel is the most beginner-friendly reel. It is often known as push-button fishing reels or closed-face fishing reels. These reels have a button system that allows casting the line with a push-button.

Unlike spinning reels, these types of reels have a spool that remains covered inside a case.

Conventional fishing reels:

Conventional fishing reels are best for heavy fishing. That is why they are common in deep-sea fishing. Compared to other designs, they are simple.

 However, they are very strongly built and can hold heavy fishing lines. Their drag system is also strong.

Price of fishing reels:

When it comes to the pricing of the fishing reels, the range can be wide. The price of fishing reels varies from around $40 or $50 and up to $200.

On average, fishing reels cost around $100. If you are low on budget, you can get cheaper reels. Now the question is, are expensive fishing reels worth it?

Expensive fishing reels are worth it. They have better drag and can be easily cast. The overall weight of these reels is also less, making them easy to handle.

So, the bottom line is that you can get fishing reels for as low as around $50. But if you are not low on a budget, it is better to buy an expensive reel.

Parts of a fishing reel:

If you are into fishing, it’s important to know about the gears you use. Here are the parts of a fishing reel that you should know about:

1.      Frame:

It is the main part of the reel that holds all the components together. The frame gives the reel its structure.

2.      Handle:

The fishing reel handle is an important part. You can rotate the reel using the handle to cast the fishing reel line and retrieve it back.

3.      Spool:  

The spool is another vital part of the reel. Here the fishing line is stored. To save cost, people use backing in the spool followed by the original line.

4.       Drag adjustment knob:

This dial allows the user to adjust the drag when the fishing line is cast. You can control the fishing reel drag with it.

5.       Anti-reverse switch:

This switch prevents the reel from rotating back the fishing line in reverse unwantedly.

What type of fishing reel is best for beginners?

When you are a beginner in the fishing hobby, there are many options for you to start. Here, choosing the right gear is important.

The best and the most popular choice of fishing reel is the Spincast fishing reel. These reels are friendly to use. Casting the lure and reeling back the fish is easy with this type of reel.

Spinning reels are good for catching small fishes with lighter baits. They are also easy to swap between hands.

How do you take care of a fishing reel?

Regularly checking your fishing gear is vital if you want the best result. It is particularly true for the fishing reel, as it is the most complex part of your fishing equipment.

To take care of your fishing reel, you should maintain it regularly. Open it up and clean all the parts carefully.

While opening the reel, make sure to place all the components in a secure place. Clean all the parts in warm water. Use biodegradable detergent to clean them.

Put lubricants on the bearings and the wheel. It will make them smoother. Clean the spool and apply water repellent spray on your reel. It will help your reel from rusting.

How to prevent corrosion on a fishing reel

Rusting or corrosion is a big problem for your fishing reel. Especially if you are into saltwater fishing, salt in the saltwater can heavily corrode the fishing reel and damage it.

The best way to prevent corrosion in your reel is regular maintenance. Clean your fishing reel at least once every week. Using distilled water mixed with vinegar will be more effective. After every use, remove any excess water from your reel with a piece of cloth.

You can also use protective cases for your fishing reel. These cases are made out of neoprene. After washing your reel, dry it properly and use grease and water repellent spray.

Traveling with fishing equipment

Traveling with fishing equipment can be challenging, mainly because they take large space and are very fragile. However, by precautions, you can travel with your fishing equipment hassle-free.

Always remember to call in the airlines ahead of your trip. Make sure whether they will allow carrying your gears onboard. If you are traveling on the road, try getting a roof rack for your fishing gear.

If you frequently travel with your fishing gears, buy gears that come in small parts with a protective case.

As the most vital gear for fishing, the fishing reel should be known by any hobbyist properly. Knowing how it functions, how to care for your fishing reel, and how to choose the right type of fishing reel is necessary. 

So, study a bit about the fishing reel before starting the hobby of fishing.