Do Fishing Reels Wear Out? (Explained for Beginners)

If you love fishing, you have faced the problem of your fishing reels wearing out at some point in your life. Well, you are not the first to face this problem and won’t be the last.

Do fishing reels wear out? 

Yes, fishing reels can wear out at some point in their service. Fishing reels can stop working for different reasons, like twisting in the ball bearings’ lines or corrosion. With proper precaution about the quality and right way of usage, you can prevent it from falling apart and delay wearing out.

Who doesn’t love fishing? We all love fishing until it gets boring sitting in one place and waiting for the fish to catch your bait. But you will surely try the same day or the other day again because the excitement remains the same as always.

Fishing with a rod can be exciting for most people, but those who don’t have the idea about the parts of fishing rods might fall into different sorts of problems. For instance, the fishing reel of the fishing rod might decay at some point in their service.

What will you do if your fishing reel wears out? Will you buy a new one or fix the damaged reel? Let’s find the answer.

Let’s be super clear: What is a fishing reel? 

Fishing reels are mostly used in retrieving lines and throw the line at the accurate right distance. The fishing reel is also used in competitive angling recreational sports because of its correct angling capabilities.

The fishing reel has some pressure sensors that can immediately retrieve the fishing line used for “deep drop” and trolling.

The Chinese in 1195 AD invented the fishing reel. The first fishing reel was introduced in England in Western Hemisphere around 1650 AD.

While it took almost 100 years to showcase the multiple reeling gear in England’s market, Americans had the first look at fishing reels around 1820 AD.

Types of Fishing Reels:

The different types of fishing reels can be confusing if you are a newbie in angling. But things might get easier if you have ideas about different sorts of fishing reels.

Knowing all the details about fishing reels, you can be a professional in no time and can make your luck in the water. So let’s head to the main point:

Spincast Reel:

Spincast reel is the most comfortable handling reel among modern reels. It is best for people who are new to fishing. But you can’t see these reels often, but it is undoubtedly the best idea to start your fishing journey with this reel.

Spinning Reel:

The spinning reel is the most well-liked reel among the experienced fish wranglers. It is a bit complicated to use the spinning reel, but it is a lot more sustainable, and the beginners find no difficulty in using it.

Reasons why fishing reels wear out: 

Fishing reels make the fishing experience a lot easier and more effective. But every piece of equipment can cause default problems if it doesn’t work in the right way. This is also no difference in the case of fishing reels.

There are a lot of reasons why fishing reels wears out:

  • Line twist is one of the significant problems in reels and can happen for various reasons. The lures can cause such issues if the rod of the attractions is not straight.
  • Bail spring failures can happen if the return flip fails to make the bail back open, the springs become damaged.
  • Using the wrong line size can reduce the reel’s performance, causing tangles and casting.
  • The level wind operated by worm gear assembly is exposed to dirt, water, sand. The external particles can cause difficulties in movement and can damage the parts.
  • The bearings can be damaged by dirt and sand mostly when it is submerged. It can impact the casting and reeling of your line.
  • Too much lubrication can lower the performance of your reel.
  • Corrosion is one of the common problems of fishing reels. Saltwater can permanently damage your reels and their parts. Corrosion also happens when the reel is more than often exposed to sand and water.

How to fix fishing rod reel? 

Every machinery needs some maintenance at some point in its service. The malfunctioning fishing reels can be fixed if you follow the proper steps.

The tools that you will need for repairing the fishing reel:

  • Wrenches
  • Lubricants
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers

The steps that you need to follow to repair the fishing reel:

  • Step 1: Unscrew all the nuts that lock the line spool to the reel.
  • Step 2: Unscrew the bail and remove the locknut.
  • Step 3: You should remove the bail spool now.
  • Step 4: Closely look up to the bail and roller and see if they are corroded. If so, replace it immediately.
  • Step 5: The new bail should be set up through the bail arm.
  • Step 6: Now remove the old spring using pliers.
  • Step 7: Investigate if there is any corrosion in the spring. If not, then reinstall the spring.
  • Step 8: Make sure the roller is attached to the bail and bail arm.
  • Step 9: Using the screwdriver, tighten the locknut.

How to prevent the fishing reel from wearing out? 

Daily maintenance can prevent your fishing reel from wearing out. Caring out the recommended methods and techniques by the reel manufacturers can increase your fishing reel’s life.

Therefore the best prevention technique for your fishing reel is daily maintenance. But here are some more ways of preventing your reels from decaying:

  • Way 1: Try to remove the saltwater from the bearings and make sure there are not external particles in them.
  • Way 2: Clean out the reels with clean water after every trip, wipe it with a cloth and let it dry.
  • Way 3: Always use warm water for the washing process of reels and avoid using detergents.
  • Way 4: The bail rollers, bail arms, and handle equipment lose if it is not used for a long time.
  • Way 5: For removing the corrosion, spray silicon components above it.
  • Way 6: Try to buy good quality reels from the market and also with a warranty.

Daily, monthly, and seasonal maintenance will ensure your fishing reel performs better day by day and makes your day better in water.

Therefore, always follow the right method and the proper techniques for repairing your fishing reel.

How long do fishing reels last? 

The tenure of fishing reels depends on the quality and how you maintain it. But other factors make the fishing reels last long.

Fishing reels can last for eternity if they are cleaned and lubed correctly, but also, quality plays a vital role in it.

Low-quality fishing reels can last more than a season, while high-quality fishing reels can last forever if maintained regularly.

How to protect fishing reels from damage? 

The first and foremost tip to avoid fishing reel from damage is to clean it with clean and warm water after every trip. Ensure that you wash the reel in low water pressure because water’s high pressure will damage the reel entirely.

Then carefully open all the bearings, rinse every part slowly, and let it dry.

Finally, make sure that you give your reel a full service every six months depending upon use. You can get free maintenance service from your reel manufacturer.

Why is my fishing reel not reeling? 

A fishing reel won’t reel in for mainly two reasons: a tangled line inside the reel or cast-bail is bent.

The problem can be fixed by following the proper steps.

At first, remove the housing cover. Now check both ends of the spool. Take a look at the cast-bail system and lastly pinch the cast-bail.

The fishing reel and line are dependent on each other. If one doesn’t work, the other won’t work too.

Are old fishing reels still good?

Well, as long as you maintain your old reel, You can use it for life long.

The things that you will prolong your fishing reel’s life depend on how you maintain it. But there is a question about quality; low-quality reels don’t last long even if you maintain them properly.

Therefore, always make sure you buy the best quality of reels from the shop.

Fishing is always fun until your fishing rod shows some malfunctions in the middle of reeling in a fish, and eventually, you lose the fish.

That is why, as much as you love fishing, you should also put the same amount of love into maintaining your fishing rod regularly.

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