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How Can I Make My BMX Bike Faster? (Tricks & Tips to Follow)

The speed a BMX bike offers is one of the reasons it’s such a popular sporting bike. But if you’ve been using one for a long time, you may be dropping speed. Or, you simply want to know how to get even faster than you currently are. Check out our tips to do so!

How Can I Make My BMX Bike Faster?

You can make your BMX bike faster by keeping it clean and lubricated. Another way to increase speed is to adjust your brake and gears. Try making sure the tire pressure, pedal tension, and saddle height are properly aligned. Gradually lowering the front end to a certain extent can also add speed.

BMX bikes are racer units, to begin with, so they offer a great velocity. Whenever you’re adjusting, keep in mind that you have to allow yourself to get used to it. So, do it in small steps. Gaining too much speed at once can be dangerous.

Tricks & Tips to Make a BMX Bike Faster

Here are the best ways to make your BMX bike faster for free: 

Chain Lubrication for a Well-Oiled Machine

A big part of increasing speed is making sure your machine is running as smoothly as possible. For this reason, lubricate your BMX’s chains. 

The first main benefit is that you’re eliminating the possibility of the chain slowing you down. The second one is that cleaning will be easier as less mud and grime will stick to the chain because of the oil. 

Keeping It Clean

There’s no doubt that prevention is better than fixing parts due to negligence. Keeping a bike clean not only saves you money in the long run but also allows you to maintain your BMX’s optimal speed.

Grime build-up will lead to deteriorating parts in your bike, slowing it down over time. Weekly thorough cleans and some aftercare following each riding session is a good habit to form.  

While it might seem like a big hassle to do it after every tiring ride, your future self and bike will thank you for it. Postponing will just make cleaning a more complicated venture. 

Make Sure Saddle Height is Not Too High or Too Low

Generally, you can figure out your perfect saddle height through your inseam measurement. Subtract 10 centimeters from the inseam and keep note of it. 

The approximate distance to put between the saddle and the bottom bracket will be this noted measurement. 

The biggest disadvantage of a misaligned saddle height for speed is that it affects your paddling. It doesn’t allow you to get into the optimal position where you can fully put power behind your paddles. 

Other than that, it also brings discomfort. And with that, it increases the risk of injury. 

Find Your Optimal tire Pressure

tire pressure is just about the most beneficial way to gain an instant boost in speed. You need to know the type of roads and distance you will be riding on to find the perfect psi. 

For instance, a lack of pressure in the tires will make them softer and more susceptible to road friction. You’ll lose out on speed. 

An overabundance of pressure will make it harder to control when you switch directions. Too little friction can be dangerous, especially if you’re riding longer distances. 

Generally, the standard is a balance of pressure high enough for a secure grip and low enough that you don’t have to overexert yourself to maintain your speeds.

Check the Pedal Tension

Your clipless pedal goes a long way in increasing your efficiency. Regardless to say that also increases in speed. 

But it’s no use if your tension is not adjusted for you. Different manufacturers and different models have their own way of increasing and decreasing pedal tension. Look up guides for your model type. 

The optimal tension should be a balance of float and grip. Some float is necessary to protect you from hurting yourself. And without the grip, your shoe soles will start slipping when you ride ‘standing’ on the pedals. 

Check Your Gears

Gear adjustments are essential for proper biking. It makes you more efficient. And you don’t have to be unnecessarily cautious when powering if your gears are working smoothly. 

Adjusting the gears is a complicated procedure but doable for most people. However, if you don’t want to do it yourself, an adjustment is not that costly through an expert. 

Drop The Front For More Aerodynamic Position

Aerodynamic bikes are fast for a reason. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to take advantage of physics. 

Modify your current BMX bike by dropping the front section. Between the stem and headset, there are usually a few spacers in between.  

By detaching the fork, you can take out one or two spacers for a lower position.  

Be cautioned about this method. You are used to a certain height and making your body adjust to a sudden change can lead to injuries. So, you should remove one at a time and adjust to the new position before you remove the next. 

Remember to not overdo this trick either. Flexibility training can help to minimize the risk of injuries.

Do Bigger Wheels Make a Bike Go Faster?

A bigger wheel will make a bike go faster only if the bigger wheel can go at the same rate as the smaller wheel. This is due to the larger circumference of the bigger wheel which allows it to cover more ground.

However, that also means that you will need to use more power for a bigger wheel. And more factors like gears, rider height, etc. will affect the speed of a bike even if you have bigger wheels.

Are Lighter Bikes Faster?

Lighter bikes are generally faster but not by much. Realistically, you will only see a few seconds of improvement in a bike with a lighter frame.

A more efficient way of increasing speed is to reduce rider weight by getting rid of unnecessary clothing, accessories, etc. A workout routine focused on lean muscle instead of heavy muscle is also another way.

How Fast Can BMX Bikes Go?

On average, BMX bikes can reach speeds in the 15 to 20mph range.

A lot of factors affect BMX bike speed though, such as gear ratios, rider expertise, and wheel size. Going at 130 rotations per minute with 24-inch wheels and a 44:16 ratio, you can reach up to 23.4mph

The fastest athletes in the Olympic BMX race can go down a ramp of 8 meters in about 2 seconds, reaching 35mph in speed.

How Do You Make a BMX Bike Easier to Pedal?       

You can make your BMX bike easier to pedal by changing the sizes of your gears for a better ratio. 

For instance, if you’re having a tough time pedaling at your reduced speeds, try making it so that the gear at the front will be smaller. You can do so by switching the front to a smaller one or getting a bigger gear for the back.

If it’s the higher range of your speed that you’re having trouble with, the back sprocket is the one that should be smaller. Once again, you can replace the front with a larger one or go for a smaller back gear. 

What Would Make a Bike Hard to Pedal? 

A bike can be hard to pedal if you don’t adjust your seat properly, have a suboptimal gear ratio, and if you’re experiencing too much friction for some other reason.

Adjusting the seat is self-explanatory. If you’re having to reach far for the handles, you won’t be enjoying a comfortable ride.

Gear ratios depend on the area you’ll be riding in and can make your peddling much more efficient.

You may be having unnecessary extra friction if your tire pressure is too low and your chains aren’t well maintained and lubricated.

How Do I Improve My Cycling Speed? 

You can improve your cycling speed by improving your stance and practicing different techniques. By bending and tucking your elbows, you will create a better shape for less air resistance. You can also lower the front of your bike.

Practicing different techniques such as track stands will aid you in balance and body awareness. When you can master a technique such as this, you will be in your element while riding regularly.

You can also ride with a few other cyclists to stay motivated. Staying in good health with lean muscle instead of heavier weights will boost your speed and endurance as well.

Is a BMX Faster Than a Mountain Bike?

A BMX bike is faster than a mountain bike only for short distances. That’s because they have different functions. BMX bikes are made with smaller wheels for single speed and oftentimes for stunt purposes. They accelerate faster and reach their top speed first.

A mountain bike is built for endurance. So, over a long distance it will win over a BMX bike. They also have larger wheels which is a factor that increases bike speed as well.

You don’t have to invest in expensive kits to start with. It’s best to try bringing out the full potential of your bike with some helpful tips first. More often than not, you’ll be satisfied with the gain in speed!

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