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How Does an Air Mattress Get A Bubble? (Quick Answers!)

Air mattresses are temporary alternate options for regular mattresses. If taken care of properly, they can last up to 5 years. They are inflatable and easy to carry anywhere in a bag. These are comfy and fun to use. Take an air mattress with you next time you go camping for relaxation.

How does an air mattress get a bubble?

An air mattress can get bubbles at the start of its usage if the materials in use and seams are not of good quality. Moreover, over-inflation and excessive weight upon it, and using the same mattress for a prolonged period without proper maintenance can cause it to form bubbles.

Why does my air mattress have a bubble?

Production defect:

If your air mattress has a bubble in its fresh state, there is a higher possibility of manufacturing flaws. The seams and stitches of the air mattress are delicate and precise. Inaccurate seams can cause bubbles in them.

Old mattress:

Manufacturers manufacture air mattresses with a certain longevity period. You will notice bulges and bubbles in it after using it for a long time. Prolonged use of these mattresses, like one to two years, can cause it to form bubbles in them.

Inflating the mattress with excess air:

You have to fill your air mattress with air to use it. But the manual that comes with it states that you have to leave some room while inflating it. Overinflating its bearing capacity can lead to forming bubbles in it.

Poor quality material:

Preciseness and quality are two factors when it comes to the production of air mattresses. Using low-quality materials for its surface and seam can cause problems in it. The seams will not be accurate and proper. Thus air bubbles will form in it.

Excessive weight on the mattress:

If you burden your air mattress with more weight than it can carry, it will not serve its purpose anymore. And there will be bubbles visible in it.

Why is my air mattress bulging on one side?

Air mattress functions based on air pressure on it. When you use your mattress for a long time at the same spot, the unused side of it bulges. This phenomenon is usually on different big-size air mattresses like king beds.

When you use the same spot for a long time, it experiences much more weight than the other parts. This overweight on the air mattress causes the mattress to bulge.

Uneven distribution of weight and excessive weight causes bulges on one side of it. If you are using an air mattress, use each side of it to avoid getting bulges.

How to fix air mattress bubble?

  • Identify the bubble Check for small and big bubbles before you attempt to fix them. Remove the sheets or covers from it for proper checking.
  • Pop the bubble: Use your hands to press the bubble slowly and remove the air out of it.
  • Deflate your mattress: Open up your mattress nozzle to deflate it. Press the bubble while it is losing the air.
  • Inflate after fixing the bubble: After the bubble pops and the mattress deflates, then re-inflate it. Inflate it up to the given limit.
  • Lock the mattress nozzle: Then lock the nozzle of the mattress. And you are good to go.

Is it safe to sleep on air mattress with bubble?

There can be small and big bubbles in an air mattress. It is not safe to sleep on it with bubbles.

You have to fix the bubbles as soon as possible before you sleep on them again. These bubbles can pop and cause mishaps.

The bubble inside the mattress is due to unequal air pressure inside it. So, it can pop if you apply pressure or something sharp touches it.

You can fix mattress bubbles. If you cannot fix them, replace your mattress. But it is dangerous to sleep for a long time on an air mattress with bubbles.

Do air mattresses pop?

Yes, air mattresses can pop. If you are not precautious while inflating and handling them, they can pop.

The materials used for making air mattresses are often cheap and of low quality. It can lead to poor seam quality. These air mattresses can pop if someone exerts some extra pressure on them.

Moreover, you should inflate your mattress with 90 percent of its air capacity. Filling it with excessive air can make it stiff and cause it to pop at a slight inconvenience.

Moreover, if there are bubbles in your mattress, they can pop if not fixed in time.

Can you pop your air mattress?

Air mattresses are easy to carry and use. But you have to be very careful while dealing with them.

You can pop your air mattress due to negligence and not taking proper care of it. These mattresses are high maintenance. You have to check them from time to time.

Moreover, inflating and deflating air mattresses have to be done according to the instructions. If there are bubbles in it, they can pop if you do not fix them in time.

You can pop an air mattress by inflating it more than its bearing capacity and by applying more pressure to it.

Can your cat or dog pop your air mattress?

Yes, your cat or dog can pop your air mattress. You have to be careful with your pets if you own an air mattress. You cannot let them come near to It.

Synthetic materials are in use to make air mattresses. And a tiny hole or scratch in it can cause the whole of it to collapse by destroying its seam sews.

The scratches from their nails and teeth can cause a hole in your mattress, causing it to pop.

You have to trim the nails of your pets. Else they can unknowingly pop your mattress while just playing or hopping on top of it.

How to keep an air mattress from popping?

  • Prepare: Read the maintenance manual to figure out how to inflate, deflate, store, and use it.
  • Storage: Store in a safe place free of debris and sharp objects. Use the bag or big that comes along with it to store them safely.
  • Place of installation: Check the surroundings of the environment where you are installing or placing the mattress. It should be free of dirt and sharp objects.
  • Proper inflation: Inflate it properly up to the instructed limit. Do not over-inflate it.
  • Maintenance: Maintain your mattress and check it from time to time for any bubbles and bulges or any scratches. Fix them if you find any.
  • Covers and sheets: Use covers or sheets in your air mattress to provide another layer of protection. It also helps to regulate your body temperature.

What happens if you put too much air in an air mattress? 

Using an air mattress is a high maintenance task. You have to be very careful while inflating and deflating it.

Air mattresses have a maximum capacity of holding air. You have to be aware of that. And try to inflate it up to 90 percent of its inflating capacity.

If you leave some air room in the mattress, it becomes comfortable. Moreover, too much air in it can cause it to become stiff. It can also cause it to pop.

When you put too much air in the mattress, it becomes stiff, the seams may rupture, and it can lead to forming bubbles in it.

Why are air mattresses not flat? 

Air mattresses are an alternate option for regular mattresses. Their production basis is on air pressure principles. The pressure of the air inside the mattress inflates it to use for sleeping and other purposes.

If the mattress is flat, it will not serve its purpose. The ridges or patterns in it allow it to carry and distribute the weight that sits upon it. If it is flat, it will pop as soon as you put any heavyweight upon it.

The modern design of air mattresses is versatile. They make it as flat as possible for better experiences.

Why does my air mattress keep going flat? 

The design of air mattresses is such that they can deflate automatically after a certain amount of time.

But if it is going total flat, then there must be some leaks in it. That leak must be passing all the air inside to make it flat.

Air mattresses deflate a bit overnight because of the temperature as well. The weather temperature varies in the night and the morning. The design of the air mattress allows it to deflate due to this.

Is there an air mattress that doesn’t deflate? 

Air mattresses can deflate a lot of air overnight and become saggy. If you want an air mattress that does not flatten overnight and loses a minimum amount of air, there are options now available in the market.

The Insta-Bed Raised Air Bed with Never Flat Pump, SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress, King Koil Luxury Raised Airbed, etc., are few options that use technology that ensures a mattress that does not deflate.

These mattresses are comfortable, and they do not allow saggy beds. They ensure the minimum loss of air while using it and keeps them firm and functional for a long time.

Air mattresses are fun to use. Be careful about using it and enjoy it to the fullest by using it properly.

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