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How Do Fishing Reels Work?

Fishing is almost like the ancient enthusiastic pastime for people in general. It has always been both occupation and hobby. There are plenty of ways used by people for this particular work.

Fishing nets, spears, rods, hooks, lines, baits, reels, etcetera are used for fishing. Among all these and many more, reels have never stopped being used since their invention till now. The concept of reels was first introduced in 1195 AD through paintings! Yes! Reels are this old!

However, the models of reels kept evolving, and today we have faster, easily controllable, and stronger reels.

How Do Fishing Reels Work?

The basic function of the fishing reel is to throw the fishing line and haul it back in a twine. The fishing line is basically coiled inside the reel and locked with a drag adjustment switch. Reels are not too heavy, and they come with a handle to roll the line back and forth.

How Do Electric Fishing Reels Work? 

Just like every other electronics, electric fishing reels are saviors. They save extra toil. In most cases, electric reels contain both the electric motor and a handle for manual use.

The features of the exceptions are not much mentionable. So, how do these electric reels actually work? The answer to this is very simple! 

The electric fishing reels come with an electric motor. Such motors don’t require any manual effort to pull. You just need to throw the fishing line and set your fishing rod on position, and wait!

Let a fish be persuaded into the bait as well as the hook. The electric reel will do the work for you here. As soon as the trapped fish starts pulling the line, the electric reel itself will start pulling it backward.

About the manual handle, it helps to roll the line with your hand whenever necessary. Sometimes, pulling only by the motor is not enough; it requires manual effort. This is when the handle is used.

Oh, and also, as these are electronics, they require charging! 

Read more in details about how electric fishing reels work.

How Do Fly Fishing Reels Work? 

Fly fishing is nothing but just the fishing process where the fishing line is thrown in an angled way. Here, usually, the reel is set a bit near the bottom of the fishing rod. Such fishing rods are usually used to fish far from the standing spot.

Fly fishing reels pretty much work the same as the normal fishing reels. These just don’t come with handles usually. The fishing line is coiled in between the extensions of the discuses.

After throwing when there’s a fish in the hook, and the fishing line is pulled, the reel associates converse pressure and pulls the lineup. Everything here is preset. These are usually single handed processes where one hand is active on the reel while the other hand is holding the rod in a proper direction.

How Do Spinning Fishing Reels Work? 

Spinning reels were highly used in the late 19th century. These work almost like egg-beaters! This is so because the reels have handles that are used in swirling to haul the fishing line.

The spinning reels don’t have rotating spools. Not having a rotating spool makes the twining of the fishing line harder. Here, the spools are fixed so the process here is done manually.

The spinning is roughly done single-handedly whilst the other hand is keeping the rod in position. The reel here is set at the bottom just like the fly fishing reels. However, unlike the fly fishing reels the spinning reels are harder to handle.

How Does A Spincast Reel Work? 

Spincast reels are almost like the solution to the problem of backlashing. Baitcasting aka the baitrunner reels were worldwide famous but the issue that these reels have, is backlashing. Because certainly, the reels are not stable.

Spincast reels are like the solution to this issue. They have better stable reels and the lines get twined without creating any unnecessary mess.

Spincast reels are set on top of the fishing rod. These are very easy working reels. There’s usually a push button to release the line.

All you have to do is, push and hold the button till the line has reached its limit inside the water and then release the button. Spincast reels are pretty lightweight and they are really inexpensive. Nowadays, Spincast reels are becoming famous among fisherman these days.

How Do Baitrunner Reels Work? 

The baitrunner reels work just like followed by the name. It is known as some other names as well. The commonest of them are- Free Spool, Live Liner, Bait Feeder, Bite-n-Run and many more!

It allows the prey to take the bait and run but escape. It has both main and secondary drag systems. Such type reels have Teaser Levers which allow the engagement of the secondary drag.

Once the prey starts to run away with the bait, the teaser lever intercepts the secondary drag and main drag takes over.

The purpose of this two drag system is to let the prey fish swim freely. However it has some permanent issues. Such as, backlashing while casting, handling two drags etcetera.

Such reels can sometimes be pretty expensive. At least more expensive than the spinning reels. Also, these are not easy to maintain. One must have a lot of practice before confidently going out there.

How Do Yo Yo Fishing Reels Work? 

Yo yo fishing reels are the fancy fishing reels out there. These kinds of reels are not attached with the fishing rod. Instead, the reels are in the fishing line and they float.

Yo yo fishing reels are nothing but just a slim disk set reel. You don’t even have to do anything. Just cast the fishing line and the reel will automatically float itself.

As soon as there’ll be a pull pressure in the reel, it’ll activate the hook and pull the fish out of water. These are mostly used for night fishing. Some say, catfish and other species that intend to stay at the bottom of the water, are easily caught with such a kind of reel.

How Do Fishing Reel Gear Ratios Work? 

The knowledge of fishing reel gears is compulsory before going fishing. Choosing the right kind of gear is necessary because it relieves you from irrelevant stress while on water. Also, it increases your knack for both handling the reel and the water.

Now, the question may arrive about how you would understand the reel gear ratio. This is really simple. The ratio is measured by the number of spins the spool inside the reel takes with every turn of the handle.

As an example, if however an instruction says that the gear ratio of that particular reel is 6.2:1, it will mean that the gear spool spins 6.2 times with every turn of the handle. The less the spin of the spool is going to be, the more slow the reel will be! As simple as that!

How Does Fishing Reel Drag Work? 

Drag is nothing but just a pair of friction plates set by default inside a fishing reel. In almost every reel out there, you will find the drags. So, how do they work?

It’s very simple. Whenever there’s extra pressure on the fishing line i.e. let’s assume, a fish is trapped and it’s pulling the fishing line and hence the pressure is applied, the drags get activated.

Therefore, the drags start pulling the fishing line backwards.

Thus the fish is pulled out of the water.

How Do Fishing Reel Sizes Work? 

Fishing reel size is a very necessary part of fishing. Gaining knowledge about the appropriate size of reels and how they actually work is mandatory. The size of the fishing reel depends on the length of the fishing line.

The longer the fishing line is, the bigger the reel is going to be. This is so because the twined fishing line needs space. So, bigger fishing lines need bigger reels.

If you however use a smaller reel for a longer fishing line, there will be what we call the backlash. There will be a mess even after having a stable reel. So, you need to be wise enough while choosing the proper size of the reel for your fishing rod.

How Do Fishing Rods Work?

Fishing rod is the most important part of fishing accessories. A fishing rod is a pole-like tube that is coarse at the bottom and gradually fine at the top. A fishing line and in most cases fishing reels are attached to it.

Fishing rods were usually made of wood, bamboo, etcetera. These days, fishing rods are made of carbon fibre or glass-fibre. Such materials make it easily bendable and unbreakable unless applied a huge amount of pressure to specifically break it.

The size of the fishing rods may as well vary in different models.

The use of a fishing rod is exactly how you imagine it to be. Just hold the fishing rod, attach a bait in the hook and cast the fishing line. Keep the fishing rod steady or keep it in a stable position.

As soon as there will be a pull pressure, grab the rod and start twining the handle manually if not mechanically. And that’s it!

There can be no alternative to fishing reels. They are time savers! Even help you ease yourself while onboard because these often do the work for you!

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