How Long do Fishing Rods Last? (Explained)

Have you found a piece of equipment so perfect that you were afraid to use it regularly out of fear that it will wear out? Well, this concern is irrelevant when it comes to fishing rods.

This necessary fishing gear lasts for decades to come without affecting the performance. As long as your hobby of fishing lasts, your favorite fishing rod will be there to give you support for as long as you dream.

How long do fishing rods last?

Fishing rods can last a decade and more if it is taken care of properly. A good fishing rod takes about two decades to wear out. Some anglers use rods made of bamboo that are about 60-70 years old. Fishing rods dating back to the early 1960s are still used without much difficulty.

Any equipment and gear depends on how much you use it, the materials, and how you care for it. Fishing rods are no exception. But these gears are much more durable and do not take damage easily. Each rod can last for decades.

How long do graphite fishing rods last?

Graphite rods can last up to 30 to 35 years without any problem. It takes a significant amount of time to feel a difference in the rod.

These types of rods are very popular in competitions and are used for fishing games almost regularly. As a result, the rods are hammered frequently.

As the rods are hammered hard more than often, there is a chance of breakdown compared to other rods. If you use the rod regularly for competitions, you will notice a breakdown in a year or so. But it isn’t visible or obvious. You’ll have to look very closely.

Graphite rods are more sensitive and light compared to other rods. This is why these types of rods need a bit of care. However, these light and flexible rods do not last as long as the usual fishing rods.

How long do fiberglass fishing rods last?

Fiberglass fishing rods are less sensitive, which means more durability with less maintenance. These rods offer less flexibility and more strength. This is why when people do not want to spend more money on fishing rods, they opt for this type of rods as it is very much reasonable.

These slow-medium action rods are used for normal fishing. They offer more bait to the fish, which is why you get more catch.

These rods last a longer time than graphite rods, and they are more durable.

How to maintain a fishing rod?

Fishing rods require less maintenance and can offer proper services for years to come. There are some small things you might want to keep in check to make the rods more durable with minimum damage-

Keep the fishing rod straight

Try to keep your rod straight when it is with the boat. If you keep your rod lying down on the boat, it might break or get in the nooks.

Remove hooks after fishing

After the fishing session is over, do not forget to remove the hook and lure. Keeping them attached to the rod will attract rust. This is why you should always keep the hooks separated from the rod and reel after the job is done.

Rinse properly

Make sure to clean your equipment after it’s done catching the fish. There are many dirty objects stuck with the rod, and the stench will last long if you don’t properly clean it before storing it.

Store in a dry place

Always store your rod in a dry place. Try to keep it as far away as possible from wet and moist areas. This will prevent the rod from catching rust.

Use special racks

There are special racks to keep your rods organized. These racks keep your rods horizontal and have locks, so the rod doesn’t fall out. You can customize a rack for your rods as well. This looks good as well.

Dust from time to time

Try to dust and polish your fishing rod if you haven’t used it in a long time. This is to keep it clean and fresh. Use a dry cloth. Do not let dust stick to it.


Keep your fiberglass fishing rod away from sunlight. They harm the rod a lot. You can keep it protected in a cardboard tube.

These are some basic stuff you can do to keep your trusted fishing rod well and damage-free. They are easy to follow and can be done every other month as well.

Do fishing rods wear out?

You will have to work, or in this case, fish, a lot to wear out your fishing rod. On average, a fishing rod lasts up to decades.

There are people who have been using ancestral fishing rods without any damage or breakout. This is an amazing blessing for the fishers. They can keep their favorite gear with them without much hassle or maintenance.

You can easily keep a fishing rod around for years to go even if you use it regularly. So if you want to get a new fishing rod, do not wait for your old one to wear out. You probably won’t wear it out till a decade at the very least.

How to understand if a fishing rod is worn out?

It can be very hard to detect if your fishing rod is worn out. The details are small. You’ll have to carefully inspect the fishing rod to see the signs of it being worn out or on the brink of it-

  • See if your rod has become more limber;
  • Delamination can make your fishing rod softer;
  • If the fiber starts to bend back and forth;
  • If the pull becomes slower and harder than before;

After a very long time of regular use, it is natural for the rod to lose its initial strength and durability. The rod might start to decay, and with that, you have to start a bit of care for it if you want to use it a little while longer. 

Are old fishing rods still good?

No matter how old our fishing rod is, if it has good gear, it is good to go. Time is not an essential factor for the performance of fishing rods. With good maintenance of the gear, an old fishing rod can be as much useable as a new one.  

Fishing rods are one of the most durable equipment, and they take a very long time to wear out. Decades will fly along with your fishing rod working like a new one. Even if you use it regularly, you can pass it along to the younger generation without a dent.

Antique fishing rods will fuel your inner aesthete while getting the job done perfectly. Do not worry about the age of a fishing rod; it hardly matters. If you find a fishing rod that is old but has properly working gear, be sure to grab it for keeps.

A fishing gear does not break or wear out easily. Have all the fun in the world with your favorite fishing rod without a single worry of it breaking along the way. Your trusty fishing rod will be your strong support and help you catch all the big fish in the water.

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