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How Much Does a BMX Bike Weigh? (All You Need to Know)

The weight of every type of bike varies depending on its size, components, and material. BMX bikes have a range of sizes for both adults and children which makes their weight differ greatly. Some BMX bikes weigh as low as Road bikes whereas others weigh similarly to Mountain bikes. 

How much does a BMX bike weigh?

That depends on the size of the BMX bike. Lower sizes start from 10 pounds and can go as high as 28 pounds. Small sizes such as Micro Mini, Mini, and Junior weigh less than 20 pounds whereas larger sizes such as Pro XXL and Cruisers can weigh 25 to 28 pounds. Adult sizes weigh above 20 pounds. 

Let’s compare the weight according to the sizes of BMX bikes

BMX Bike Size NameAverage Weight (Pounds)
Micro Mini11 to 13 pounds
Mini14 to 16 pounds
Junior16 to 20 pounds
Expert20 to 24 pounds
Pro20 to 25 pounds
Pro XL22 to 26 pounds
Pro XXL23 to 27 pounds
Pro-XXX24 to 28 pounds
Cruiser25 to 28 pounds

This is just an estimate. The actual weight varies by model, brand, and what works best with your riding style. 

What is the average BMX bike weight? 

BMX bikes weigh around 21 to 25 pounds on average. They are known to be lightweight. The lighter the weight of a BMX bike, the more expensive it is.

Most adults do not pick BMX bikes that are below 20 pounds as it can make the bike fragile. If you’re looking for stability, higher than 21 pounds is suggested. 

Small sizes are available for kids which are very light and can even be 9 pounds. The frames of a BMX bike are what weighs the most. The size of your BMX bike will vary depending on the brand as well. 

Heavy BMX bikes are not suited for racing. Prioritize your strength more than the weight. Building your strength can help you improve on the track. 

How much do different BMX bikes weigh? 

How much does a mongoose BMX bike weigh?

They offer various sizes which is why the weight can differ. Most of the BMX frames are made out of aluminum which can make them lightweight. On average they weigh from 24 to 30 pounds. Most of them come in a fixed size. 

How much does a gt slammer BMX bike weigh?

Most of them weigh around 25 pounds. The most popular one, GT Slammer BMX 20 weighs 26.5 pounds. This is the median size. 

How much does a Haro BMX bike weigh?

They weigh around 26.75 pounds. They have heavy rims which can make them weigh more than a lot of brands. 

How much does an elf BMX bike weigh?

This is one of the oldest BMX bike brands. It has one of the lightest frames. They were as light as 10 to 11 pounds. Even the Elf Expert and Pro Bmx bike sizes used to weigh that low. Nowadays, they weigh around 21 pounds, the Pro size ones. 

How much does a BMX race bike weigh?

BMX race bikes weigh around 21 to 25 pounds. They don’t prefer buying less than 21 pounds because it can get flimsy. BMX bikes were created for racing because you can do plenty of stunts and tricks with them. 

How much does a Zike BMX bike weigh?

Zike bikes are specially made for people who are overweight. They weigh around 25 pounds. They have aluminum frames as well. 

How much does a Supernova BMX bike weigh?

They are low on the weight category. This is because many of their models don’t have any pegs. Most Supernova BMX bike models weigh around 21 pounds. Their frames are made with Chromoly material which also reduces the weight. 

At the end of the day, the weight depends on which model and size you are buying. Every brand has BMX bikes of different sizes. Usually, the larger the size, the greater the weight. Just make sure whichever one you buy, fits you well as well as your riding style.  

Are 26 pounds heavy for a BMX bike? 

Not at all. That is a little higher than the weight of average BMX bikes but nothing out of the ordinary. BMX bikes of large sizes can weigh as much as mountain bikes and be over 28 pounds.

It is on the higher side of the sizes but understandable if you have additional pegs, brakes, and hub guards. It all comes down to the material and parts of the bike.

Your bike can also be heavy if the material of your frames, seats, and pedals are made out of stainless steel. If you feel that your bike is weighing you down, replace the parts to make it lighter. 

Cheaper and poor quality bikes tend to be on the heavy side as well. Older models were heavier so maybe it’s time for an upgrade! 

BMX bikes are more responsive when lighter than 25 pounds. Most BMX bikers prefer to stay within 22 to 25 pounds. But too light is not good as it can make your bike weak. 

What is the lightest BMX bike? 

The lightest BMX bike is called ‘Crumpton BMX Bike’. It was made by the owner of Crumpton Cycles himself and weighs less than 11 pounds. 

There are lighter BMX bikes available but they are made for kids who are around 5-8 years old. A lot of bikers have made their BMX bikes lighter by replacing parts and materials. 

How much does a BMX frame weigh?

They can be the heaviest component of a bike. BMX bike frames can weigh around 5 pounds. The heaviest ones are made out of stainless steel. Aluminum and plastic frames are much lighter. But the lightest are titanium frames.

Although, titanium frames can be very expensive and worth it. It’s better to stick to Chromoly frames, they are lightweight and affordable. 

Older frames weigh more but modern BMX bike frames don’t usually weigh more than 6 pounds. Now you can get frames that weigh 3 to 4 pounds.  

Do BMX bikes have a weight limit?

There is no standard weight limit for a BMX bike. Most bikes cannot withstand more weight than 300 pounds. The weight limit of BMX bikes depends on their sizes.

Although there is no official weight limit, there is an estimated weight of the rider for every BMX bike size.  A Micro Mini BMX bike for a 5-year-old will never fit a person who weighs 200 pounds. 

Sizes such as Micro Mini and Mini cannot take more than 100 pounds as they’re mostly built for kids. But larger sizes such as Pro XXL, Pro-XXX, and Cruisers can take over 165 pounds.

The maximum weight a BMX bike can take depends on parts such as the frames, wheels, tires, seat, and handlebars. 

BMX bikes are designed to hold large amounts of pressure so that riders can perform stunts and tricks easily.

There are bike brands specially made for holding overweight people such as Zike, Trek, Specialized, and Cannondale. They offer bikes which can hold more than 300 pounds. 

For your own comfort, you should get a BMX bike that suits your weight. Otherwise, it can be a safety risk and can cause harm to your bike. It will not occur right away but will eventually damage your bike. 

You can also customize your BMX bike or build it yourself according to your weight and height. Weight is barely a factor. 

What is a good BMX bike for adults?

Adults ride BMX bikes which have large frames and wheels. They usually start with sizes such as Pro. A frame size of at least 20 inches is suggested. Or else it can be too small. Other sizes that are popular among adults are Pro XL, Pro XXL, Pro-XXX, and Cruisers. 

It is not the age that matters, what matters most is your height. The Pro size is built for people who are at least 5 feet and 4 inches tall. The taller you are, the larger size you’ll need. Larger sizes are built for riders who ride professionally or on the streets. 

You don’t require large sizes such as Pro-XXX and Cruisers if you’re buying a BMX bike for riding in a park. A larger size than 20 inches is recommended if you’re going to pull out stunts. 

Here are some top-rated brands and models to help you decide.

  • Haro Bob Haro Freestyler 26
  • Redline Proline Series
  • GT Pro Performer 29
  • Dutch Frames (Curved and Plate). This is for professionals.
  • Fit Bike Co.
  • Mongoose Legion 20. This is perfect for beginners. 
  • Elite Freestyle Bike

Do lighter bikes go faster?

There is no doubt that riding a heavy bike can be difficult to move around. But can lighter bikes make you faster? As technology advances, people are determined on making their bikes lighter.

However, studies have found that lighter doesn’t always mean better. It can make you faster a little, but not as much as you’d hope for it to. 

There are several drawbacks to having a lightweight bike. For starters, they are way expensive than the traditional heavy bikes. And you are more likely to fall down and cause damage to your bike, especially if you’re riding on off-track streets.

But overall, lighter bikes offer more flexibility and give access to performing stunts better. Most professional riders and BMX racers prefer lighter bikes. 

Weight shouldn’t be a problem as long as it’s less than 25 pounds. Unless you’re riding for stunting, then weight definitely counts.

Having a light BMX bike will enable you to jump higher and spin faster. It all comes down to personal preference. Try some lightweight BMX bikes and see how it feels before completely shifting to it. 

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