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How to Keep Squirrels Off Fence? (Explained)

Squirrels are known as the cutest creatures and are capable of destroying a field. Moreover, plants are mostly destroyed by squirrels. Many may lose their harvesting product due to the strike of squirrels. Even fences might not help you as they can climb over them. 

Following the below tips and information regarding squirrels and how to keep them off of the fence would help you to get rid of them.

How to keep squirrels off the fence?

Keeping a fence can be sometimes ineffective to prevent the squirrels from invading as they can easily climb over it. Rather you should try adding spikes to the fence, spreading garlic spray or vinegar spray, or apple cider repellents. You can also place nets to keep the squirrels off of the fence.

Squirrels are cutest yet naughty. They can cause harm to plants, especially to fields. You can often find them running all around the gardens and fields. Later, they would dig down and cause harm to the plants. They even climb up the plants and fences.

As a result, keeping a fence is of no use unless you use other strategies. Below some tips to keep the squirrels off of the fence are provided. 

Use spikes on fences:

Squirrels often climb up the fences and cause harm to the garden. Well, they can enter your house too. You can put spikes on the fences to prevent the squirrels from coming back. Spikes can sometimes hurt them. 

Otherwise, the spikes can make the squirrels imbalanced when they climb on the fences.

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Spray apple cider or vinegar:

Squirrels can not stand the strong smell. They will always find a way to run away as soon as they smell something weird. The strong smell of apple cider vinegar would drive them away. You can spray them on the fences to prevent the squirrels from entering. 

Make sure not to spray on plants. 

Use garlic or onion:

Garlic can be of great use to prevent squirrels from roaming around. The smell of garlic and onion creates discomfort in the nostrils of squirrels. As a result, they always keep themselves away from garlic and onion.

You can use garlic spray or powder and put them on the fences. Moreover, garlic is also safe for plants. You can spray it over plants as well. Using onion extract on fences would help too. You can make garlic spray by using vinegar and garlic extract. It will save your time and money. 

Putting bulbs:

Squirrels will not move to places with light. Well, every animal would assume that there are humans in a lit place. As a result, they will keep themselves away from lit places. The same goes for the squirrels. You can place a light on the fences to keep the squirrels away.

Apply repellents:

There are a variety of repellents available in the market. You can use any of them and see if they really work or not. Well, you can make your own squirrel repellents by using garlic or vinegar. It will cost less and work the same as the repellents. 

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Place net:

If you find too many squirrels in the garden, you can try putting nets. Well, as they can climb over the fences, putting traps will not be of great use. Rather placing a net can make them move with disbalance. It will make their movement difficult and at one point they will be exhausted.

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Do coffee grounds keep squirrels away from fences?

Yes, coffee grounds can keep the squirrels away from fences. Squirrels are sensitive to smell. They do not like strong odors. Coffee grounds indeed have a stronger odor. They would not come near the coffee grounds as the smell will repel them.

Coffee grounds can be sprinkled on the fences to prevent the squirrels from coming near the fences. Moreover, you can make a mixture of coffee grounds and water and spray it over the fence. Well, the mixture would spread a stronger smell. 

Some tend to sprinkle coffee grounds on the soil.

It would help as well. Rather, try putting in some water now and then to enhance its odor. However, coffee grounds are not even bad for plants. Instead, it would help to grow the plants. Overall, using coffee grounds on the fences can be a win-win situation. 

Why are squirrels chewing on my fence?

Squirrels can sometimes be found chewing fences. Well, they can not digest it. Still, they will chew it and destroy the woods. If the wooden material has holes, they would gnaw it more. That’s why wooden materials at home should be kept clean.

Moreover, fences made of wood are more accessible to squirrels than the stuff at home. They will not only climb over it but also chew the wood until they are satisfied. Certain reasons why squirrels chew fences are listed below.

Out of curiosity:

Squirrels are kind of a curious type of creature. They tend to dig around the fields. Moreover, chewing every single plant is their hobby. When they find something new, they will chew it and taste it. If it does not go with their taste then they will throw it. 

Mostly they do this out of curiosity. It is just their hobby to chew things and they do it in the woods as well. They will keep on chewing unless they are satisfied. 


Chewing fences can be a sign of disease in squirrels. Woods are not digestible. Even though they chew it, they can not utilize it. Moreover, when their diet is not nutritious and does not complete their nutritional needs, they gnaw fences. 

Well, it means that they have calcium deficiency in their diet.

To collect wood:

Sometimes, squirrels gnaw wood and collect the small pieces. Well, most of the fences are made of wood. And if they are soft, squirrels would gnaw them more. They do this to collect the woods and to build their nests or to make their hiding place. 

How do I keep squirrels from chewing my wood fence?

Keeping the squirrels from chewing wood fences does not require much effort. You can use several methods. You should definitely put a fence with spikes on. This would prevent the squirrels from climbing up and chewing comfortably. 

Moreover, you can spray vinegar and apple cider over the fences.

As squirrels can not put out a strong smell, you can also spray garlic or pepper spray on the wood. This will keep the squirrels from biting and chewing the wood. Due to the high odor, they will not even go near the fences. 

Otherwise, you can use a bulb on the fences or electric wires. There are also repellents found for the squirrels. You can also try using them to keep the squirrels from chewing the wood fence.

Would electric fences keep squirrels off?

Yes, an electric fence can keep squirrels off. You may often find squirrels running on the fences. Sometimes, they even chew the fences. Some may use repellents and sprays to keep the squirrels away from the fence.

You can also use an electric fence to keep the squirrels away. At the same time, other animals can be repelled as well. You can also use electric wires on the fences. Well, using it once would help enough to keep the squirrels away from the fence.

The current flowing through the electric fence is not too high. It is enough to make the squirrels scared. Moreover, a small amount of current will not cause them any harm.

Do fence spikes work for squirrels? 

Yes, fence spikes work for squirrels. Keeping away squirrels is indeed a tough task. Many may apply every method to keep them away and still fail. Well, every method may not work for you, but at least one would.

You can put spikes on the fence to keep the squirrels away from fences. Squirrels are often seen roaming and running on the fences. Putting spikes would make them fall and disbalance. As a result, they will not be able to stand there for long.

Well, the spikes would not hurt the squirrels to a great extent. Probably, Once they get the taste of the medicine, they would retreat. 

Final thoughts:

Overall, squirrels can be kept away from fences by spraying repellents, garlic spray, vinegar, and pepper. Apart from that, putting on a net can help as well. Rather try to keep the fences with spikes to make them unable to climb up. Moreover, you can also put light to keep the squirrels away.