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Is Snowboard Boot Size The Same as Shoe Size? (Answered!)

After the snowboard, your snowboard boots are the second most important thing for snowboarding. The right snowboard boot size is crucial. It will affect your entire snowboarding experience. It has to be comfortable. The wrong size can even get you into accidents.

If it’s too small, it will hurt your toes and if it is too big, you will have to put in more effort with your feet. This is why for riding to go smoothly, you need the correct snowboard boot size.

Is snowboard boot size the same as shoe size?

Often, snowboard boot size is the same as regular or street shoe size. However, it could vary between brands. Some snowboard boots are also measured in mondo size. If it’s not the same as your shoe size, it will be somewhat close. Snowboard boot size depends on several other factors.

It is better to try the snowboard boots on before purchasing them to find which size is right for you. Whether they fit you or not will depend on the width of your feet, your arch, your instep, your ankles, and your calves.

You can also measure your foot in centimeters at home if you can’t go to a store and follow the mondo size. 

Are snowboard boots true to size?

Your snowboard boot size will not always be the same as your regular street shoe size. Trial and error is the best method to go to find your true size.

It won’t fit perfectly right away either. Your snowboard boot size will either be the same as your shoe size or 1 or 2 sizes more or less. 

Other factors come into play. For example, the brand of your normal shoes and the brand of your snowboard boots.

If they are from the same brand, there are more chances of it matching your shoe size. The thickness of your socks should also be considered. If you’re wearing a thick sock, it can alter the size. 

Instead of guessing your snowboard boot size, it is better to go to a store and try it out until you find the perfect size for you. 

Should you buy snowboard boots a size bigger or smaller?

Many people buy boots that are bigger than the size of their foot. This is not the ideal choice. Do not buy snowboarding boots that are bigger than your normal wear shoe size.

Many professionals tend to buy boots that are smaller than their feet because boots naturally expand over time. Shoe sizes fluctuate depending on where you live. You can be a size 9 and a half in one pair of shoes and a size 10 in another. 

The best thing to do is to check the mondo-print of your snowboard boots. The mondo-print gives the size that the boots were meant for. It should be your normal shoe size or half a size smaller or larger. Make sure you can feel the front of the boot with your toe.

Always try on the boots before you purchase. Different brands can fit you differently. To be prepared, measure your foot size at home using a measuring tape. This will give you a head start on what to do and an estimate of your true size. 

Should snowboard boots be tight or loose?

Snowboard boots should neither be tight or loose. They should only be tight at a reasonable amount when they’re brand new.

It takes time to pack out to its original size. You will need to use it for several days first. However, it should not be so tight to the point it aches. It should feel snug everywhere. 

Both tight and loose snowboard boots will cause many problems while snowboarding and could lead to accidents too. If it is loose, you might lose control of your snowboard. If it’s too tight, it will be tough for you to turn at low speeds and hurt your feet.

How do I know my snowboard boot size?

There are a number of ways to find out your true snowboard boot size.

The first thing you can do is measure the length of your foot using the mondo point system. The length of your foot should be measured in centimeters (cm) to the nearest 0.5 cm. Then according to that, convert it to the manufacturing size.

Another thing you can do is ask a salesperson to use a Brannock Device to find out your correct size. A Brannock device is a foot measurement tool used to find out foot size.

If you are shopping online, you can buy your snowboard boot size by finding the mondo point size at home. Follow the steps below.

How do you measure your foot for snowboard boots? 

Find out your mondo size then follow the size conversion chart. Most manufacturers have a size chart.

  • Bring a blank sheet: Put the short edge up against the wall (make sure it is a hard surface). Place your heel flat against the wall. Your feet should be in an equally balanced position. 
  • Use a pencil to trace: Trace around the front of your foot. 
  • Bring a measuring tape or ruler: Measure from the wall to the toe which is the longest. (Or mark at the end of your longest toe) This is your Mondopoint size in centimeters! 

There can be some issues if you have a wide foot. For that, you will need to check some wide-foot-specific boots. 

How do I know if my snowboard boots are too small?

Newly bought snowboard boots could feel tight at first because it takes some time to completely fit. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s too small for you. They should fit like a glove after a week or two.

However, if it feels very tight and your toes feel constricted by the edge of the boot, then it’s time to check if they’re too small or not.

The first thing you could do is place your feet inside the shell after removing the inner lining from your boot. Your toes should not touch the shell ceiling. If it does then your boots are too small. 

Another way to check is by sticking a finger behind your heel after putting your toes inside the boot completely (make sure your toes are touching the edge of the shell). If you can’t fit your finger behind your heel it is too small. 

You should feel comfortable wearing snowboard boots and walking with them. Your toes shouldn’t curl back and you should be able to move backward. There are still ways to make them loose even if they are tight.

What if my snowboard boots are too big? 

Having big snowboard boots can be unsafe. You’ll have less control over your snowboard and you’ll have to use your feet and ankles more.

You can even get into accidents and fall. Your toes should touch the end of the boot. Otherwise, your feet will slide around. Your heel shouldn’t be loose. Your boot should securely hold your feet down.

This can also reduce your blood circulation because of the excessive pressure placed on the pathways. Snowboard boots also get a little bigger with use.

If they’re too loose, your heel will move around. It can cause heel pain, overpronation, and plantar fasciitis. You will get blisters too.

How tight should new snowboard boots be?

Snowboard boots should be tight enough to hold your foot securely in position. It should be a snug fit around your entire foot, ankle, and calf. It will be especially tight around the heel and ankle.

But you should be able to move your toes without feeling restricted. Otherwise, it will get numb in the cold. 

You should tighten the boots properly and at the correct amount. If it’s too tight, it can cut off circulation to your feet and make your feet hurt afterward. 

Should my toes touch the end of my snowboard boots?

You should be able to feel the end of the snowboard boot using your toes when you are standing up. It shouldn’t be banged into the end or curled but it should feel snug.

Make sure it ‘brushes’ against the edge of the boot. Your toes shouldn’t bend. Do not forget to clip your toenails before trying on the shoes. You can get a black nail if your toenails hit the end of the boot all day.

Another thing to keep in mind is socks! Wear suitable socks for snowboarding before you try out snowboard boots. This can affect how it feels later on. If your toes do not reach the end of the foot, they will slide around.

Do snowboard boots run big or small?

Snowboard boots are true to size most of the time or at least close to your shoe size. The difference is never too much.

If you have wide feet, it will make a bit of difference. Whether it runs big or not varies from brand to brand. Some brands run big as much as one full size bigger and some brands run small by half a size. Pressure points and heel lift differs from brand to brand. 

Let’s talk about three popular brands: Burton, Nike, and Salomon. Based on user experience, Burton snowboard boots are usually the same as the shoe size. When it comes to Nike snowboard boots, it is said to run small.

You’ll have to buy a bigger size (slightly bigger) for it to fit you properly. Salomon snowboard boots run ½ size larger than regular shoe size.

There are other factors that you need to consider before choosing a snowboard boot. You will need to buy your snowboard boot according to your board and bindings, your flex level, riding style, and lacing systems.

It’s okay if you buy them online because most of the time they have a return policy.

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