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How Does a Push-Button Fishing Reel Work?

Are you interested in fishing but scared to go into the water and mess up? This is a common concern for new anglers. Going directly into fishing without any prior training can be a bit scary as if you mess up you’ll be in deep water.

This is why you need to start with easy gears. That is where a push-button fishing reel comes in. To make your fishing experience better and fun. This not only for beginners though. Any professional can use it as well.

How does a push-button fishing reel work?

To work with a push-button fishing reel you have to press the button and hold it. The line will come out as you let go of the button. Dangle the lure about a foot off at the end of the rod tip and start the cast. To cast push and hold the button down while you bring the rod behind to put a stop.

What is a push-button reel called?

A push-button reel is called a Spin Cast Reel.  The company Zebco reel introduced the first-ever push-button reel and they called it the Zebco Spin Caster. That is how the name stuck to the design and now all push-button reels are known as spin casters.

Sometimes the reels are written as spin casting reels in the websites. It is all the same thing. A push-button reel, a spin cast reel both are automated fishing gears.

How do you cast a push-button or spin-cast reel?

Spin cast reels are easier to use and much more comfortable for beginners. With a few simple steps, you will be able to reel using a push-button like a pro-

  • Step 1: Reel the line until the lure is up to six inches off the rod tip.
  • Step 2: Hold the rod along the back of the reel and place your thumb over the button over the rear.
  • Step 3: Face where you want to fish.
  • Step 4: Avoid holding the reel upright when you cast. Holding the reel in that direction might make you feel a bit stiff.
  • Step 5: Press the button firmly. Hold it like that and get a good grip. Be aware of a drop.
  • Step 6: Start lifting the rod and bend your casting arm. Do this until the tip is slightly off vertical.
  • Step 7: Sweep the reel at eye level using a forward motion.
  • Step 8: Time correctly and let go of the button. This should propel the lure to your desired target spot.
  • Step 9: Press the button as soon as your bait lands in your target location. This will release the tension from the reel and allow the line to ease down.

These are the easy steps you can follow to make sure you get a good catch even if it’s your first time using a spin cast reel. If you want you can practice with the fishing reel in a small water space. It might take the pressure of going directly into the water.

How much line does a spin cast reel need?

Your casting reel should be about an eighth of an inch. This should cover the top and all the way to the top. Make sure not to get too much line in them, you might hear a weird sound. The line will jump off the spool in coils if you put too much line.

Too little line will make the line too tight and the chance of breakage will increase. Too much line will just make a tangled mess of the situation. This is why you must be careful about the length of the line and maintain accordingly.

 How do you spool a spin cast reel?

You should know how to spool a spin-cast properly. this part is not very hard. It just takes a bit of time and practice. The simple steps are given below for you to follow-

  • Take the over off: A spin-cast reel has a cover that you need to uncover first by unscrewing it.
  • Take the entire reel off if it is an old reel: Pull just enough of the line so you can adjust the new line as well.
  • Tie a new line in the spool: Run the new line through the cover hole from the end of the rod. Use the rod as a guide to run the line.
  • Cover the reel back: hold the line tight as you screw the cover back on the reel.
  • Reel the new line: Lay the filler spool on the floor and start reeling the new one onto the reel. Make sure to keep the tension on the line to keep it tight.
  • Fill the spool: Do not put too much line in the reel. About 1/8 inches of the lip should be fine for a new reel. Take the cover off of the spool if needed to check.
  • Run the line and tie on a lure: Use the line as a guide. You can tie your favorite lure now. And at this point, you can start fishing with the reel. 

These small and easy steps can help you spool your reel accordingly without much hassle.

How much does it cost to spool a spin cast reel?

Usually, spooling doesn’t cost much. In fact, if you go to your local fishing gear shop chances are they will do it for free if you bring your own reel and line.

At the line shop, a backing line will cost about Ten dollars, and they will spool free of cost. A good kind of reel will cost around $35-90. You can get a free spooling as well.

How to take apart a push button reel?

Sometimes you may want to disassemble your spin cast reel. This job is not that hard either. You can easily do it by yourself-

  • Remove any hooks, lures or terminal weight with scissors;
  • Loosen the spool cover by turning it. Pull the cover straight out and away from the reel body;
  • Hold and turn the line spool to the left or clockwise until it loosens and is loose enough to completely remove;
  • Keep turning the drag adjustment at maximum position. You will find it at the top of the reel;
  • Hold the spool and turn it slightly to unlock it from the body of the reel;
  • Now the spool should be easy to pull away from the body of the reel.

Spin cast reels are easy to change and remove. It all comes with the package of convenience and ease for the angler.

How to fix a push button reel?

A push button fishing reel can have many problems and it may seem stuck from time to time. Any automated gear has this one drawback. Luckily, a spin cast reel is easily fixable.

  1. Remove the reel housing cover to clockwise and remove it to see the spool;
  2. Examine the spool carefully. Especially the parts of the bushing for any fishing line stuck there.
  3. Cast bail mechanism is a semi-circle of hard wire attached to the reel. Look for tangled fishing line there. Sometimes a single fishing line can get stuck and create problems there.
  4. Release two ends of the cast bailing by pinching the cast bail. Check for bends.

These are a few steps to check and fix any problems regarding your spin cast fishing reel. If you face any other problem than this, make sure to take the fishing reel to you local hardware or gear store.

Is a spin cast reel good?

Yes, a spin cast reel is good. A spin cast reel or a push button reel is an ideal choice for beginners. These types of reels are easy to fish and cast. This is why rookie or new anglers tend to use this type of reels.

The spin cast reels are super easy to use. With the push of a button you can easily cast at your desired target area.

Other than some mechanical disadvantage these reels are a pretty good deal. These reels can tackle wind knots and backlash strongly. 

Does the spin cast reel go on top or bottom?

Usually, a spin cast reel goes at the top of the reel body.

Any automated push button fishing reel mounts to the top of the fishing rod or the reel body. You can find some reels on the underside of the rod. Some might customize the position to the bottom of the reel body.

But typically, the spin cast reel of a push button reel is at the top of the fishing rod.

How much does a spin cast reel cost?

The price of a spin cast reel varies depending on the model, type and color of the product. But the average rate of any fishing reel is around $112 with the reel body and the fishing rod. The average rate is fifty to two hundred dollars.

If you’re only looking for the push button reel, the price rangers around $30 to $ 100 online. The price may be a little lower on the local gear stores and markets.

The classic Zebco spin cast reels starts from nine dollars and can go up to a hundred dollars as well. Obviously the type matters with the price range.

It is easy to get intimidated by the vastness of the water body and the many techniques when you go for fishing for the first time. This is why you need an easy gear like a push button reel to make your experience fun and convenient until you get the hang of it.  

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