Should You Wear a Helmet & Goggles Snow Tubing? (Answered)

While shopping for our snow gears, we often forget to buy helmets and goggles. Many even neglect them. Now the question is, “Do we need to wear helmets and goggles?

Let’s take a look and see whether these are essential or not.

Should you wear a helmet & goggles when snow tubing?

Although helmets and goggles are not essential gears for snow tubing, they are vital for safety. So, the answer is yes. Therefore, you must wear a helmet and goggles for snow tubing. Helmets and goggles will keep you warm and also protect you from any injuries.

Do you need helmets for snow tubing?

A helmet is not an essential gear for snow tubing. You can still snow tub without a helmet. However, experts highly recommend that you wear a helmet during snow tubing.

Helmets are essential safety gear. You should wear safety gear for any sport because it’s always wise to be cautious of any accident. So, even though a helmet is not necessary, you should still wear one.

Do you need goggles for snow tubing?

Just like helmets, goggles are also an essential part of safety gear. Although you can snow tub without a goggle, you should not avoid it. It’ll protect your eyes from any damage.

Goggles also help to keep your eyes warm. Hence, it’s safe to say that you’ll need goggles for snow tubing.

Six reasons why you should wear a helmet & goggles when snow tubing

Helmets and Goggles are not essential gears for snow tubing. But like any sport, there are always chances of accident and injury during snow tubing. So, don’t hesitate to wear your safety gear.

Still, if you are confused about whether to wear a helmet and goggles, here are a few reasons why you should wear them:

To prevent skull damage:

When snow tubing, one of the risks is falling over and hitting your head. If that ever happens, you might hurt your skull. In severe cases, you can have a broken skull. So, to prevent it, you must wear a helmet. 

Safety from concussion:

Concussion is a common injury when you fall over and hit your head. This injury could be hazardous. You must wear a helmet to prevent it while snow tubing.

To avoid breaking your neck:

When you move very fast during tubing, you might hit something accidentally and break your neck. To avoid such a scenario, always wear your helmet.

To keep eyes from drying:

When you are sliding down the hill, the cold wind will splash your face. It’ll be fun for the first few minutes. But, after that, your eyes will start to dry up.

To avoid dry eye and eye irritation, you must wear goggles. It will keep your eyes warm and keep the moisture.

To prevent tearing:

Another problem that you’ll face from exposed eyes to the cold wind is tearing. With the freezing wind, your eyes will tear and blur your vision. It will ruin your whole tubing experience. To avoid tearing, you’ll need a goggle.

To keep things from getting into your eyes:

When snow tubing, small stuff like snow or twig can get into your eyes. As a result, your eyes will start to irritate. So, to prevent things from getting into your eyes, you’ll need a goggle.

What do you need for snow tubing? – Gears needed for snow tubing

Snow tubing is a fun winter activity. It is gaining more popularity day by day. One of the reasons for this increasing popularity is because it is cheap. Unlike most other winter sports, snow tubing won’t cost you a fortune. Here’s a list of gears you’ll need:

Inflated Tube:

This is perhaps the only essential gear you will need for snow tubing. You’ll sit on the tube and slide down the slope. Buy the ones that come with attached handles to it.

Snow outfit:

This is very obvious that you’ll need a proper set of clothing for snow activities. Choose a fitting outfit that will keep you warm and safe.

Safety gears:

As you will be sliding down the slope, you must wear safety gears. Wear primary safety gear like helmets and goggles.

Snow Boots:

Lastly, wear a good pair of boots. Keep in mind that you’ll need a good grip on snow and warmth as well. So, buy one accordingly.

What to wear snow tubing? – Clothes needed for snow tubing

Staying warm is the primary target while choosing your clothes for snow tubing. But you have to stay fashionable as well. So choose a mix of clothing that will keep you warm and make you look fun and sporty.

For any snow-sport, you have to dress, maintaining some layers. These layers help to insulate the heat and keep you warm and comfortable. So, choose your clothes based on these layers. Wear leggings for the bottom part.

For the base layer, you can choose a bodysuit. Again, go for thermals for this layer. The woolen bodysuit will help with insulation. Synthetic ones will retain moisture more.

In the middle layer, you have to wear some insulating clothes. For this, you can wear a hoodie. Woolen sweaters are also a good option for this layer. These will insulate the body heat.

The last layer is the waterproof layer. This layer will keep the snow away from wetting your dress. Wear a waterproof jacket and some snow pants for this layer.

Finally, wear snow boots with warm socks. Mittens for your hands will look good and keep you comfortable. You can also wear a scarf along with a winter hat to keep your ears warm.

How do you stay warm while snow tubing?

Staying warm while you have fun snow tubing is vital. If your body doesn’t stay warm, your snow tubing time will cut short. So to fully enjoy the time and stay warm, you need to prepare correctly.

Here are a few tips on how you can keep yourself warm while snow tubing:

  • Wearing a base layer of clothing to retain moisture and heat will help you stay warm. You can choose a full-body suit or separate pieces for this.
  • On top of your base layer, use a warming layer of clothing. This layer should be of suitable insulating materials like wool or fur. This layer will help retain body heat.
  • In the final layer, wear waterproof clothes like jackets and pants. These will keep all the dresses below it dry and warm.
  • In addition, wear woolen gloves and a cap to keep your hands and head warm. You can also wear a muffler scarf for extra warmth.
  • For your feet, wear warm socks and a pair of insulated boots on top of it.

These tips are general guidelines that you can follow to keep yourself warm. So, follow these and have fun while tubing.

Snow tubing is a fun winter sport. However, to maximize your experience, you should prepare well and take safety measures and wear goggles and helmets.

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