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What Animals Does Fox Urine Repel? (Read This First!)

Fox is a kind of dog. You can say they are a mixture of both dog and wolf. Although both dogs, wolf, and fox are from the same family. There are many species of fox in the world. Fox is cunning and aggressive. They search for the pray. Different animals are afraid of the fox. Let’s find out more.

8 to 12 animals that fox urine repel

The smell-sensitive animal will avoid the smell of fox urine. Also, those animals which are the prey of fox will try to avoid fox urine. Such animals are rodents, rabbits, skunks, voles, cats, squirrels, chipmunks, and even deer. The sense of safety is triggered when these animals smell fox urine.

Mice and rats:

Mice and rats are commonly found in every corner of the world. Like cockroaches, they’ve perfectly walked throughout the world. Because these animals can hide quite nicely and they have powerful regenerating power, and they carry a ton of diseases. All these capabilities made them the most powerful and most praiseworthy animals.

They have a strong sensing smell, and they fear fox, thus the smell of fox urine. You can easily get rid of them for a few days by using fox urine. Because the smell will warn them about a fox, and they will avoid coming near the place you have sprayed fox urine.


Raccoons are nocturnal mammals. You may never see them invading your place. You may know that they are cunning and silent. They can steal and they can silently run away as well. Also, they are quite clean as well. They eat different kinds of food, and they are classified as omnivorous animals. Raccoons look for food by using their powerful smelling capability.

But they aren’t also afraid of fox, mainly the smell of fox. If you spray fox urine around every corner of your place, raccoons may still come near to your place. Because they are attracted to that smell.


Cats are also belonging to Mammalia. They can be domesticated or there are wild cats as well. Cats have a good smelling sense as well. Cats are also being found in different parts of the world. The big cats such as leopards, jaguars, tigers, and Lions are wild. They will never be bothered by fox urine. But the domestic, or small stray cats will easily be triggered by fox urine.

Cats are most likely to avoid coming to the places where they get to see animals like a fox or any other hunter-gatherer stays. So, fox urine will help you to get rid of stray cats. Though cats are not that bad, they can steal food from your kitchen.


Rabbits are carnivorous. They love to stay with the group. They are fast and they can steal food from your yard. When they see fresh vegetables, they run to grab them. You can easily catch them by setting a trap. But the more humane way is to use a repellent. Like the other animals we have seen so far, rabbits also search for food by using their strong-smelling power.

They stay in a group, and they love to eat fresh. Also, they will not bother to come to your yard, unless they don’t have enough food. Fox urine smell is one of the powerful rabbit repellents. As this smell warns rabbits to keep themselves away from the fox. To reserve rabbits or animals, you always should choose a natural way. So that the environment can be safe for everyone.


Snakes dislike chemical smells. Even clove, cinnamon oil, and vinegar keep the snake away. Snake got a powerful sense of smell. They are bothered by chemical scents, and they keep themselves away from them. The urine of fox is quite concentrated with different ammonia and the distant smell of fox. And snakes keep themselves hidden. So, they don’t want to fall into a trap of any animal. That’s why the snake stays away from the smell of fox urine.


Birds are not particularly bothered by the urine of foxes. But, to keep the bird food safe, people use fox urine. So that, groundhogs, chipmunks, rabbits, and squirrels don’t steal those foods from the bird’s nest. Some birds may be warned by the smell of fox urine, but it is not a repellent for birds. Because the bird can fly away faster enough to be the prey of fox. They have their own defensive mechanisms.


Groundhogs live with their family. They are always there in search of food. You cannot get rid of them even after you fenced your garden or yard fully. But they are afraid of an animal that can be harmful to them and their family. So, that’s why fox urine will help deter groundhogs. If they smell fox urine, they may never come back to the same place again.


Skunks are smelly animals. The smell is like rotten eggs, and it is quite painful. Mainly skunks spread this smell when they think that they are at any sort of risk. So, they are afraid of different things. To get rid of skunks, you can use fox urine. They are afraid of hunter-gatherers.


Possums are quite wild. But they are afraid of anything wilder than them. They avoid harsh smells as well. Urine contains ammonia, which is not nice to them. That’s why you can use fox urine to deter possums.


Dogs are not afraid of a fox. Even people used to go on fox hunts taking their dogs with them. So, when the dog is wild or stray, then there is no chance that the dog will be afraid to smell the fox’s urine. It will not be going to work for dogs.


Voles are small creatures. They are also classified as rodents. They are like small mice. They eat plants and veggies. Like mice and other rodents, voles are also afraid of fox urine smell. Using urine will keep voles away.

How to apply fox urine as a repellent?

Buy Fox Urine from a Retail Store:

You can get the fox urine in any retail store. Sometimes you can buy it online. The fox urine comes in different sizes. So, you can buy a large amount of it or a smaller amount. The fox urine bottle might be named predator urine. Whether you buy predator urine or fox urine, both are fine.

Mix the Urine with Water:

Fox urine is concentrated. So, you can mix it with a little portion of water. Or you can use it without any extra water as well. But the mixing of the urine will increase the volume as the urine might be concentrated. So that you can use the urine for a longer time.

Take the Water in a Sprayer Bottle:

After mixing the urine with a little bit of water. Then you should keep the mixture in a bottle, and it should be a sprayer bottle so that you can spray it around. Generally, other animals get through the corner of your yard. So, locate where to spray the mixture.

Spray the Mixture:

Spray the mixture of urine and water throughout the corner properly. It will stay for some days and then spray again. After doing so, these rodents and other animals will not come near again.

What does fox urine attract?


Coyote is also like a fox. They are attracted to fox urine. Because these two-animal come from the same root. Coyotes are stronger and taller than regular foxes. Or they have a similar pattern of living and similar smell. So, a coyote is an animal that is not deterred by the fox urine smell.


This nocturnal animal is not afraid of the smell of fox urine. They are cunning enough to take themselves to a safe place before any predator harms them. So, they are intelligent. Raccoons are not afraid of anything but the smells of essential oils, pepper, etc. will deter them.


Bobcat is a wild and ferocious cat. They don’t have to be worried about another predator. As they are predators themselves. Bobcat doesn’t go away after getting any smell of fox urine.

Other Canines:

Fox is also a canine. Other canines such as wolves, jackals, dogs, etc. are not afraid of fox urine. Rather they are attracted by the smell of fox urine.

Final Thoughts

Different animals react differently when they smell fox urine. Canines are particularly keen on fox urine. But some mammals are afraid of the predator. The smell of predators warns some of the carnivores to be safe. Rabbits, rodents, groundhogs, etc. are some animals that are afraid of fox urine.