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What Size Air Mattress Will Fit In a 2, 3, 4 Person Tent?

The tent is a must-needed piece of equipment if you don’t want to sleep under the open sky with wild animals lurking around you during your expedition.

Although tenting is a fun thing to do, the main confusion arises when you are not sure about the mattress size that will fit your tent.

This is why, in order to clear your doubts, keep along to find out all the different mattress sizes that will fit in a 2-to-4-person tent.

What size air mattress will fit in a 2 person tent?

There are many different-sized mattresses available in the market; regardless, it will be best to purchase a double or twin mattress that might touch the wall of tents, but it will be a perfect size mattress for a two-person tent. The measures can vary, but 77×58 inches is a perfect fit.

Tent sizes may vary depending on the number of people residing inside of the tent. Let’s pretend you are going on a trip with your loved one or a buddy.

Then, the size of the tent should be approximately 90×50 inches and 100cm tall. Although when selecting the ideal tent to fulfill your tastes and objectives, keep in mind your frame and size.

A two-person tent air mattress which is usually measured 77×50 inches, is a perfect size. Although it can vary depending on the floor dimension, for example, a dimension of 85×45 inches will need a 70×43 inches sized air mattress.

Regardless of the variation of size, a 3-person tent will be the best possible option if you want to fit your twin-sized mattress, which will keep more space for movement inside your tent.

What size air mattress will fit in a 3 person tent?

Double or twin air mattress will be the best fit in a three-person tent. Because the double-sized mattresses offer enough space for three people to sleep freely inside the tent, plus, It is not a good idea to get a queen-sized mattress because its size will not leave enough free space for movement.

A double-sized air mattress is around 35-40″ wide by 70-78″ long and takes up the same amount of area as a double-sized bed mattress.

This mattress will usually take approximately 18-20 square feet of floor space. Usually, these measurements vary depending on different tent sizes; however, for a three-person tent, a double-sized mattress is the best fit.

It will leave you with enough space for movement, and also it will keep the tent’s ceiling higher.

What size air mattress will fit in a 4 person tent?

Queen size air mattress is the best fit in a four-person tent because it will take less floor space as well as won’t touch the sloping walls that make the ceiling go down. An inflatable queen mattress will fit easily in a four-person tent whose floor space is about 60 square feet.

A solitary camper with a queen-sized mattress may have a great recreational outdoor experience in a 4-man tent that has 65 square foot floor space.

Throughout the rain, the mattress may be positioned along the wider wall to keep it far away from the walls of the tent. When you place a queen-sized mattress in a 4-man tent, then a noticeable amount of floor area will be available in the tent’s middle for movement.

Air mattress size chart for tents:

Air Mattress sizeDimensionTent Size
Double or Twin air Mattress75 × 50 inches2-person tent or 3-person tent
Queen air mattress81 × 61 inches4-person tent or slightly larger tents
King air mattress85 × 72 inchesSix person tent or larger tents

Will a queen air mattress fit in?

  • 2 person tent: You cannot fit a queen-sized mattress in a 2-person. Although you can fit the mattress inside the tent by inflating it inside your tent, it will touch the fabrics of the tent, which will eventually not leave any floor space and also make the ceiling go down.
  • 3 person tent: No, a queen-size air mattress will not fit in a three-person tent because it will be squeezing in all corners, leaving little room for anything else within the tent.
  • 4 person tent: The 4-person tent can accommodate a queen air bed. But you will need to verify the measurements of each specific tent, but a queen air mattress should fit in the 4-person tent with some area for possessions and roaming around.
  • 6 person tent: A queen air mattress will easily fit into a six-person tent, and it will leave enough floor space for roaming and movement inside the tent.
  • Truck bed: A truck bed has a minimum bed of 5.5 feet wide by 6.6 feet long to fit a queen-sized mattress; therefore, it’s possible.
  • Minivan: Queen-sized air mattresses won’t fit in most minivans. However, it can fit into a combi van, but it depends on the angle you keep it.

Will a full-size air mattress fit in?

  • 2 person tent: A full-size air mattress will easily fit into a two-person tent. As the size of the mattress varies from 74 inches long to 54 inches in width, therefore, it will be a perfect fit.
  • 3 person tent: A full-size air mattress will certainly fit into a three-person tent while leaving enough floor space for movement.
  • 4 person tent: Yes. But you will need two full-sized air mattresses for your other three companions to sleep. Sometimes it can go up to three air beds depending on the number of persons residing in the tent.
  • 6 person tent: Well, definitely yes, but you will need at least three air beds for the six people to sleep. Some six-person tents can fit up to six air beds for the people to sleep comfortably.
  • Truck bed: A full-size mattress can fit in almost any truck bed. A full-size mattress is 54 inches broad by 75 inches long. If necessary, a full-size mattress can be simply reduced to suit a short truck bed.
  • Minivan: There are few minivans that can fit a full-size air mattress, but some minivans does not have the capacity to fit a full-size air mattress. Although it varies depending on the size of the floor space and mattress size, if you keep the mattress by inflating it at an angle, you can certainly fit the mattress inside the minivan.
  • Tahoe: A Tahoe is at least 48 feet tall because sheets of plywood, etc., lie between the wheel wells. That leaves three and a half-space that you’ll need on each side to fit the mattress. It shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Rav 4: Yes, for sure, but you will need to move the front passenger seat all the way forward, and the right rear seat will need to be removed.

Will a twin air mattress fit in an SUV or a truck bed?

A twin air mattress will definitely fit in an SUV or a truck bed because the truck beds or the backside of an SUV are perfectly made to hold a 78×50 inches double-sized air mattress.

You can go for a twin air mattress without a doubt because most of the truck beds have the capacity to hold the size of a twin mattress.

Although it is better to measure the dimensions of your truck bed before buying the air mattress as sometimes the measurement can vary.

What size air mattress fits in a truck bed?

Camping on a truck bed is an incredible experience since it keeps you off the dirt, dry, and comfortable. There are several options available including light-weighted, huge, and standard mattresses.

However, you can choose twin size if your vehicle is medium in size and the length of your truck bed is short. You may choose a queen-size (60 x 80) mattress, which has a great rectangular form and offers you an additional area to cover your truck bed comfortably.

What size air mattress fits in a minivan?

In most minivans, a full-size mattress will comfortably fit. A full-size mattress measures 53″ by 75″ normally, and a minivan’s cargo compartment is roughly 80″ x 52″ x 41″.

Some minivans, though, have a lot of decors, which makes them harder to install. However, you can fit a full-size mattress in a minivan by keeping it on one side, giving you more space to store your other belongings.

What size air mattress fits in a suburban?

A full-size air mattress can perfectly fit in a suburban as long as there is no person in the third row. You can also keep the air mattress at one angle, which will create space for other people to sit and also to store your other stuff during the time of camping.

What size air mattress fits in a jeep?

A full-size air mattress should perfectly fit in a jeep. In most cases, all medium to large-sized SUVs have the capacity to accommodate a full-size mattress.

Aside from keeping the bed, the Jeep Wrangler features a lot of storage capacity, despite its tiny size for an SUV.

This makes it a great vehicle for lengthy travels and hauling a lot of gear since it may also be one of the more comfy SUVs to stay in. Even the 2-door Jeep, which is a somewhat smaller vehicle, has a luggage compartment that can be used to store a bed. 


Vehicle NameRecommended Air mattress size
Truck bedDouble or twin-size
SUVDouble or twin-size
Jeep Grand CherokeeQueen-size
Jeep WranglerFull-size
Jeep PatriotLarger twin-size
Ford F150Full-size
Ford ExpeditionQueen-size
Ford ExplorerFull-size
Dodge Grand CaravanFull-size
Subaru OutbackTwin-size
Honda OdysseyFull-size
Toyota TacomaQueen-size

Air mattresses come in a variety of quality, depending on whether you need one for your camping tent or your van. However, before purchasing an air mattress, you should carefully measure the exact measurements of your vehicle or tent.

Finally, it can be said that an air mattress provides a comfy sleeping environment, whether in the woods or in the back of your vehicle.

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