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What Smells Do Chipmunks Dislike? What Keeps Chipmunks Away?

If you already have encountered chipmunks, you know how bothersome they can become. Keeping this tiny creature away by using smells can help you avoid them from invading your yard.

So, let’s see what those smells are, which can help you keep your backyard safe from chipmunks.

What smells do chipmunks dislike?

Chipmunks dislikes the smells of oils such as Peppermint, Castor, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Citrus, & Mothballs, Vinegar, Garlic, Ammonia, Predators Urine, Deer Repellent, Liquid Fence Repellent, Spearmint, Cayenne Pepper, Bleach, Blood Meals, etc. Some are effective, while others are eco-friendly.

Chipmunks, if not treated, can damage plants and can ruin the beauty of a garden. There are so many ways to keep this creature away. These tiny animals can be tricked and kept away just using the smells of certain things.

The most humane approach is to use smells of the following things mentioned. The deterrents are listed in three main categories, and these are –

Predators Existence:

Smells of Cayote, Fox urine is widely used repellent to get rid of chipmunks. Human Urine can be used, but mostly the chipmunks run away from the smell of human urine as there are intense ammonia levels in human urine.

The smell of ammonia mainly discourages chipmunks from coming.

Furthermore, you can use mammals’ urine, which has a pungent smell that signals the chipmunks that some predators exist in the area.

Also, the Blood Meal can indicate chipmunks about the existence of predators. As blood meal contains animals’ blood, the smell of blood meal pushes chipmunks away too.

Pungent Smells of Essential Oils & Plants:

Strong and Pungent Smells of essential oils, such as Peppermint, Castor, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Tea Tree, and the smells of citrus, spearmint, pepper, etc., hold the chipmunks away from the yard. And using such things is the most eco-friendly approach.

Moreover, using these elements keeps chipmunks away and keeps the place free of similar types of creatures.

Essential oil smells are harmful to the lungs. However, these things are nature friendly. Using these oils keeps the place clean from these rodents and keeps nature fresh.

Chemical Based Repellents:

Some of the repellents that are industry-made are Liquid Fence, Deer Repellent, etc. Moreover, Mothballs, Bleach, Ammonia these works as repellents too. These specified repellents are used for different animals, mainly rodents and other mammals.

If you want to keep the chipmunks out from your yard, you can use these as an efficient instrument. Besides, these repellents will keep other invaders of the yard too.

Chemical-based repellents generally are not nature friendly. This is the main drawback of these chemical-based repellents.

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Do these keep chipmunks away?

Most of the time, chipmunks invade the garden or yard and ruin everything. For saving the yard, using the mentioned ingredients below can help get rid of chipmunks.

Irish Spring Soap:

Irish Spring Soap has a strong smell and comes with eleven variants. All of them are mild deodorant soap. This soap is made of coconut acid, tallow acid and fragrances, and many other ingredients.

These soaps are good for getting rid of chipmunks and can be used for controlling pests. It is tested to keep rodents such as chipmunks, mice, squirrels away.

Vinegar or Apple cider vinegar:

Using the smell of vinegar or apple cider vinegar is one of the oldest ways to chipmunks away. Ordinary White Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar has a strong, pungent smell that helps avoid chipmunks from coming back.

Cedar mulch:

Cedar mulch’s smell constantly fights with the rodents like chipmunks, mice, etc. Moreover, it will keep your yard free of mosquitoes and many other bugs, snakes. Cedar Mulch smell is also harmful to chipmunks’ lungs.

One of the significant drawbacks of cedar mulch is that you cannot put them on a wet area, or it will cause your land to absorb more moisture than needed.


Cinnamon is one of the intense flavorsome spices whose smell cause chipmunks to run away. Bring some cinnamon essential oil and spray them where the chipmunks invade if you can.

The way you can spread cinnamon is to mix them and sprinkle them throughout the place, and the smell will bother the chipmunk and run away from your area.

Deer repellent:

By using deer repellent, you can have both the deer and rodents like chipmunks away. Moreover, these repellents will not cause any adverse effect to chipmunks; only these will keep them away.

Deer repellents are handy to use; they usually come with a sprayer. So, you can spray them around, and it will keep your yard safe from chipmunks.

Liquid fence:

Liquid Fence comes with different options. From them, Liquid Fence All-Purpose can serve you to get rid of all types of small mammals, such as chipmunks, squirrels, mice, etc.

Just spray them, as the name suggests; it will work as a liquid fence from all kinds of tiny invaders of the yard.

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Coyote urine:

The smells of a coyote can alert chipmunks that there is a predator around the place. So, the chipmunks may not come close to the area where they risk losing their existence.

Human Urine:

Human urine certainly contains an ample amount of ammonia, and it got a harsh smell too. Human urine’s smell will always bother chipmunks to stay away.

Fox urine:

Fox urine can work the same as coyote urine. It will alert the chipmunks about the presence of any of the predators. And it will certainly keep them away from your area.


Bleach is a concentrated chemical element of chlorine. The smell of chlorine is harmful to all types of animals. Using bleach in the specified areas can keep the chipmunks away.

The only drawback of bleaching is that it is quite harmful, and you must be adequately prepared to spread these elements.

Peppermint Oil:

It is considered the most effective and nature-friendly way of keeping chipmunks away. As the smell of peppermint oil annoys these tiny creatures, it will not harm these creatures, but it will keep them away.

The pungent smell of peppermint oil hampers chipmunks and other critters like squirrels and saves your garden.


Combined with pepper and other intensely strong spices and water, garlic can make a powerful chipmunks repellent. The smell of mixed spices can deter the chipmunk from coming near the area where the mixer is spread.

Moreover, if you want, you can plant garlic where the chipmunks strike the most. Soon they will leave the area and go away.


The smell of mint distracts chipmunks. The essential oil of mint can help to put all the chipmunks away. You can plant mint in your yard in every corner or the way of these chipmunks or other rodents.

So, when they try to enter your garden, they cannot get in because of the strong smell.

Cayenne pepper:

Cayenne pepper solution can be used as a short-term chipmunk repellent. As it is made of pepper, the smell impacts the chipmunks and keeps them away.

Moreover, if you mix different spices, make a solution, and spray them, the effectiveness will rise. It can help reduce the strike of these chipmunks.

Blood meal:

A blood meal is a type of mixer that keeps the chipmunks away from the source of the smell. And the smell indicates to the chipmunks that there is a predator around the place.

As blood meal contains the blood of animals and works as a fertilizer, you can use it as fertilizer and chipmunks’ repellent simultaneously.


Ammonia is a harsh-smelling chemical element, which has a quite similar smell to human urine. The smell of ammonia deters chipmunks from coming near to the area ammonia sprayed.


Chipmunks do not like anything with a pungent smell. Mothballs have a scent that bothers the chipmunks. By putting mothballs around the place’s chipmunks entrance, huge benefits can be found.

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Tea tree:

Tea tree has a strong smell that chipmunks do not like. So, using tea trees is an option to get rid of these creatures. Generally, tea tree essential oil is found, and it has acquired more intensity.

So, if you can manage the essential oil of tea trees, spray them, it will cause a barrier for the chipmunks to come.

Final thoughts

These little carnivorous critters will feed on anything. So, to keep them away from your place, using strong smell-based natural elements such as peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, or any chemical components such as liquid fence can serve massively. If these fail, try using other chipmunk deterrents.