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What Smells Do Possums Dislike? (Answered)

We all have been guilty of yielding to possum’s cuteness and cuddly forum. But the truth has unraveled pretty soon to us, and we realized what a wreck this possum creature could create around the house, garden, and backyard.

We all have seen possum repellent in markets and super shops, right? But did you know you can DIY some homemade repellent whose odor possum is going to dislike and run a mile away from your home?

Let’s find out what smells these possums abhor and get away from.

10 smells that possums dislike and how to use them:

Pungent, ammonic, stinky all the smells associated with these are threats to the possums. 10 most pungent smells that possums dislike: Camphor, mothball, onion, garlic, hot pepper, fox urine, molasses, tea extract, animal-rooted fertilizer, and fish smell. you can use them by making a concoction.

Possums have a heavy powerful smelling sense that gives them an upper hand in search of food and shelter.

By using this distinct trait, we can repel possums without hurting or hunting them. Know these pungent smells and how to use them to repel those possums.


This menthol-based product unfurls the most abhorrent smell for possums. Its strong, cold smell deters the possum population from a wide range.

You can use this as paste form. To make the paste, add a drop of camphor to half a cup of petroleum jelly. Rub this paste on tree trucks, doorsteps, and roofs. Don’t use them near gardens and vegetation though.


Even though mothballs are used to fend off moths, these balls have another great use. Yes, they are amazing to deter the possums since this nocturnal creature dislikes the smell.

If a possum is hiding in a room or roof, place a few balls surrounding the room. Create an escape route for the possum or a trap cage for it to elope away. 


The same chemical that makes our eyes watery while chopping the onions deters the possums from raiding our kitchen and gardens. The onion smells almost burns their senses and repels them from returning.

To deter them, you can chop an onion and spread them in the garden. Onion peel also comes in handy to shoo away the possums.


Like an onion, garlic is another great enemy for possums. Their pungent smells set them off and away.

You can shove some garlic cloves into the soil of your garden, near plants. You can also use garlic oil which has a more distinct stinky smell than the original garlic.

Hot pepper:

Hot pepper may make you sneeze, but this also shoos away the possums. To make the mixture, add hot pepper, water, cayenne pepper, and detergent to a spray bottle. Spray on fences, doors, and plants twice a day.

Fox urine:

Possums remain alert and beware of their predators and stay away from them. Fox happens to be one of the scariest predators of possums. Spraying some fox urine prevents the possums from entering the backyard.

However, this process may attract foxes if they are nearby.


A pantry doesn’t become e pantry without a jar full of molasses. Now you can make use of it to ward off possums.

Mix molasses with water until it dissolves. Shift them in a spray bottle and use them over greenery. Make sure the plants are adaptive to this mixture.

Tea extract:

Throwing away tea leaves after making tea is literally the most wasteful activity. Out of many advantages of tea extracts, the prevention of possum is one of them.

Boil the tea leaves again in warm water, let it cool, then shift them into a spray bottle and spray them over the plants and trees twice a week.

Animal-rooted fertilizer:

To distract the possum from its usual route, animal-rooted fertilizer works wonder.

Place a stink bomb near the route and where the possums are evading the place. With a netting system and this stink bomb, you can catch the energetic creature easily.

Fish smell:

To keep your rose garden free from this rodent, mix half a cup of fish oil and 1 liter of water, then spray the concoction over the garden. Possums abhor the stinky fish smell and fish oil is the most effective way to make the mixture strong.

Where to place these smells to prevent possums?

The best place to place these smells is the possum’s hiding place. If you can track possums’ route in your home, basement, or attic, you should follow the course and place the smelly elements near the route, for the maximum benefit.

If you place mothballs or camphor balls, place them in a sealed container, because the elements in them might have some side effect on your wooden furniture, floor, or carpet.

You have to make sure the smells you are using don’t have a negative effect on your house. If you place molasses in a pantry area it may drive away the possums but attract the ants.

Likewise, in your garden or foliage area, place the smells in a way it doesn’t hamper the growth and roots of the plants. When you use natural ingredients to make the concoction, there is very little risk of side effects, even so, you must be careful.

In the outdoor area, the best places to plant the smells are fences, doors, and trap doors. That will ensure the possums flee away from the threshold. If your garden has no distinct fence area, spray the smells on the plants and near them.

What attracts possums to your yard or house?

Possums are omnivorous so the smell of food and garbage attracts them the most.

If you have an overflowing garbage can, leftover foods, or open containers in your yard, it is like an invitation for the possums for a feast. Any scraps of meat, fruits, bread, or biscuit boxes are calling out the possums to be evaded.

If your yard has growing vegetation like tomato, peppers, green foliage, edamame, and beans, this nocturnal creature will raid your yard for sure.

The same case goes for fruits too. Apples, mangoes, pears, and any kind of fruits attract the possums like honey attracts bees.

Possums like moist areas like ponds, wet yards, sewers, and drains. If you keep the sprinklers on your yard for a long time, it will make a lovely home for possums undoubtedly. That’s why it is important to keep your yard fresh and crisp.

Since possums are fans of moist and dark areas, your basement and attic are an attraction to them.

The next attractive place for them is your pantry. In case you keep your dry foods in the normal, non-air-tight container, their supercharged and powerful nose will run towards your pantry in search of food.

Tips to get rid of possums from my yard:

Possums are not some friendly creatures you can open your door for. They wreck your home, yard, garden, and whatnot. Follow these tips to learn how to get rid of them from the yard_

Keep the trashes away:

Possums and trashes have some attraction chemistry that we humans can never comprehend.

The more you pile your garbage, the more you play the risk of inviting this rodent. Always throw your trash away in a sealed bag impenetrable by possums.

Build fences:

You need to take some preventive measures against those rodents. Building fences surrounding your gardens will not only keep the possums but other predatory animals away.

Make the fences at least 4 feet tall and wrap some wire around the top for maximum security.

Spray Anti-possum spray:

Now the DIY smell kit will come in handy. Spread the fenced area with your preferred smell kit. Make sure you must cover all the area surrounding the fence. You also have to reapply after a rainy day.

Lock your pantry:

Since the possums are nocturnal creatures, they have their adventures mostly at night. So, you must secure your pantry well. Not only the door but also the ceiling, any moldy area, or any place from where possums can get access.

Clean the pet foods and leftovers:

Before going to bed, check if the dishes for pet foods are empty or not. A full dish will definitely attract the possums.

Also, make sure the leftover dinners are not spread out in the kitchen or dining table. Since possums are omnivorous, any kind of food will attract them.

Seal all access point:

Find and secure all the places from where possums can enter. Door, windows, pet doors, chimney, shaky tiles, pipes, etc. Hire a professional to seal the faulty areas.

Final Thoughts

Camphor, mothball, onion, garlic, hot pepper, fox urine, molasses, tea extract, animal-rooted fertilizer, and fish smell are the smells possums dislike. Using their enemy pungent, ammonic, stinky smell, we can shoo the possums away and keep our home safe and sound.