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What to Wear Under Snow Pants? (Helpful Examples)

There are many fun activities to do in snow-filled climates. However, due to the cold sensation in the body, it might be impossible to go out.

Thus, the correct outfit should be worn for both adults and kids for trapping the highest level of heat. Give a quick read to solve the lower body outfit issues that are frequently experienced!

What to wear under snow pants?

A base layer has to be worn under the snow pants. The base layer is also known as long underwear. The long underwear should be made from synthetic or natural fabric as it helps the legs to stay dry and warm. Cotton long underwear, if worn underneath snow pants, may not provide the utmost warmth.

It is suggested to wear more than just a layer of pants underneath the snow pants. At least two pairs of pants should be worn, according to the temperatures.

Over the long underwear, sweatpants, thermal underwear or track pants could be worn. These can be considered mid-layers.

The third layer is mostly optional and any thin-layered pants could be worn. It will be recommended to wear polyester or synthetic fabric pants as it will provide more flexibility while walking.

However, regular pants cannot be worn under the snow pants in low temperatures, as regular pants have no or little insulation properties, especially when they are made from cotton.  Hence, wearing it under the snow pants can feel very cold and inflexible when moving around.

Here’s a list of the things that you can wear under snow pants:

  • Track pants
  • Leggings
  • Thermal underwear or long johns
  • Sweat pants

What to wear under snow pants when skiing?

When skiing, it is likely to experience coldness so it is better to wear two to three layers of pants underneath the snow pants.

Long underwear:

  • It must be worn to prevent the cold air from touching the skin.
  • It is usually made of fabric such as cotton, spandex, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, or rayon.
  • For skiing, long underwear made of polyester would be more recommendable.
  • Long underwear made of cotton should not be worn while skiing as it provides the least warmth of all fabrics.
  • The legs might experience coldness on the skin as cotton long underwear does not have insulation properties.

An insulated mid-layer or top layer pants:

It should also be worn over long underwear to generate more heat.

Skiers generate less heat than snowboarders and this might require them to wear thicker layers of insulated pants under the snow pants.

What to wear under snow pants when snowboarding?

While snowboarding, the legs do most of the work as it has to control the snowboard, so it may need these layers:

A non-cotton base layer:

Long underwear has to be worn under the snow pants.

Its material should be able to draw off any snow or water on its body. It has three different weights- light, mid, and heavy. Heavy ones should be worn in very low temperatures.

Thermal underwear:

Over the long underwear, a thermal pant can be worn. It has high insulation properties and is great for keeping the body warm while snowboarding. Thermal underwear is also widely known as long johns, a flexible type of underwear.


When it is very cold, shorts or regular pants could be worn over the two layers of thermal and long underwear.

These three layers under the snow pants should be enough for providing warmth when snowboarding.

What to wear under snow pants when snowmobiling?

Snowmobiles when taken out, snow usually falls everywhere on the snowmobile, including the seats. It melts and might seep through the snow pants if its lining is torn or the waterproof coat over the snow pants has been washed off.

A strong and waterproof pair of leggings:

It must be worn under the snow pants when snowmobiling. High-quality leggings as base layers will be able to wick away all the moisture and liquid from the legs, leaving the snowmobile rider dry when sitting on the wet seats.

The leggings or any pants worn under the snow pants should be made of polyester or synthetic fabric and not cotton.

A thick mid-layer:

It might not be enough for the rider to wear leggings only, especially when the temperatures are comparatively low.

A thick mid-layer made of wool or fleece should be worn to provide warmth, comfort, and flexibility.

What should I wear under snow pants for sledding?

Under the snow pants, all the riders should wear at least two to three layers of clothing as the sleds can get cold due to the snow melting on its seat. The three layers of pants include:

Long underwear:

A base layer is also called long underwear. It is designed to make a sledder feel warm like it’s summer.

It does not absorb any liquid that lands on its body and is perfect for the first layer under the pants when sledding.

Sweat pants:

High-quality sweatpants help trap heat close to the body and can help warm up the muscles more quickly.

It may also reduce the risk of injuries that might take place while riding a sled.

Running pants (optional):

As an inner top later, it will help keep the moisture out and can work best while sledding, especially if it’s made of nylon.

What should kids wear under snow pants to school?

Kids should wear at least two layers of pants underneath snow pants to avoid severe problems such as frostbite and hypothermia. The two layers of pants might include:

Long johns:

Long johns can be a great option for the base layer. They are made from moisture-wicking material, thus keeping the kids dry when they are playing at school.

The size of the long johns should fit snugly against the body, allowing it to breathe and dry quickly if there’s any snow on it.

Comfortable pants:

Over the long johns underwear, kids should wear comfortable pants. It could be a pair of track pants, sweatpants, or any other thin and stretchy leggings.

The thin and stretchy material of the pants won’t absorb any melted snow and dry quickly when soaked in liquid. However, they shouldn’t wear jeans or pants made from heavy material. 

Do you wear any clothes under snow pants?

Yes! People mostly prefer wearing clothes under snow pants due to the low temperatures.

In fact, they wear more than two layers of clothing under snow pants. The first layer is called a base layer. For a base layer, usually long underwear is worn. It is made of cotton-polyester-blend and is great for wicking away any liquid.

However, cotton clothes under the snow pants are not recommended.

Do you wear pants under snow pants?

Yes. Pants have to be worn under snow pants so that it provides warmth for the person in the snow. However, regular pants cannot be worn under snow pants. This is because it doesn’t have thermal properties.

Wearing regular or no pants under snow pants isn’t enough as it also doesn’t fit snugly against the skin and leaves cold air between the skin and the pants.

Do you wear leggings under snow pants?

Leggings are a great option to wear for base layers under snow pants. Leggings are usually made of nylon, cotton, and spandex. It is advisable to avoid cotton leggings under snow pants as they will most likely absorb moisture. On the other hand, nylon leggings wick away moisture.

As it is thin-layered and fits snugly against the skin, it feels less cold, not allowing cold air to touch the bare skin.

Do you wear jeans under snow pants?

It is not recommended to wear jeans under snow pants because of their material. It’s made of thick and inflexible material that absorbs and traps moisture and water. It will also absorb the snow when it melts and will make the skin feel cold and uncomfortable.

Wearing jeans under snow pants also leaves the person feeling stiff and unable to turn, move, or walk freely in deep snow and slopes.

Can you wear sweatpants under snow pants?

Sweatpants can be worn under snow pants but in some cases, it alone might not be enough. In low temperatures, sweatpants might be better when worn over thermal underwear as it alone does not contribute much to the warmth.

Sweatpants can be good for trapping heat quickly to warm up the leg muscles but another waterproof layer of pants might be required to protect it from the melted snow.

Can I wear Danskins pants under snow pants?

Some water-resistant and splash-resistant Danskins pants and leggings can be worn under the snow pants. They are known for quickly drying after it is soaked in water and their sizes fit snugly against the body.

However, many other Danskins pants and leggings are made of 57% to 90% cotton, thus making it unreliable to wear under snow pants.

Can you wear long johns under snow pants?

Long johns, also known as thermal underwear, can be worn underneath snow pants. It is light enough to layer under a second base or mid-layer. It is also sometimes insulated and provides warmth better than leggings.

For low temperatures, its merino base layers are known as the warmest fabric for long johns.

No specific underwear has to be worn under the snow pants. For the base, mid, and top layer, any comfortable, water-resistant, thin-layered and non-cotton pant can be worn to provide the best of its features.

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