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Why are Air Mattresses So Noisy? (Important Facts)

Whether for those unplanned camping trips, for hosting occasional sleepovers, or for the soothing nap sessions after work, a perfectly intact air mattress is the handy little best friend for you. 

However, an air mattress that makes annoying squeaking sounds can absolutely hamper the peaceful soothing experience that you had in mind while buying the air mattress in the first place.  

Why are air mattresses so noisy?

Air mattresses can cause quite intense noise with time and overuse. There can be squeaky noises especially when air mattresses have potential leaks. Air mattresses can also be noisy due to having air bubbles in them and due to the friction resulting from the rubbing of the mattress to the floor. 

Are air mattresses noisy?

Budget-friendly air mattresses are a great alternative to have in place of over-the-top expensive beds. However, they can definitely get pretty noisy over the years with excessive usage.

Leaks, air bubbles, friction between the air mattress and floor are the leading reasons for those hissing, popping, and weird squeaking sounds. 

Why does my air mattress make noise?

Air mattresses’ annoying squeaking sound can really make anyone irritated and can spoil the soothing sleeping experience after a long day of work. Nevertheless, if you know the reasons for these noisy sounds then you may be able to find appropriate ways for alleviating them.

Air Bubbles: 

With time and usage, you may notice some holes in your air mattress. These holes, although very common in air mattresses, can cause air bubbles in your bed. 

These air bubbles can then cause popping sounds which can be pretty intense at times. These air bubbles also make it uncomfortable to sleep in the air mattresses.

Friction of Floor and the Mattress:

Another reason why the air mattresses make funny noises is related to the material the air beds are made of. Air mattresses are made up of vinyl and rubber.

In addition, when the air mattress which is made out of vinyl and rubber is rubbed against the floor, it tends to make squeaky sounds. 

Uncovered Mattress:

If you leave your mattress uncovered without any bed sheets/duvet, chances are your air mattress will make funny noises when you try to walk on them. 

However, this highly varies on the type of material your air mattress is made of.   

Leak in the Mattress:

Over the years, your air mattress can have some leaks in them. These leaks can cause hissing or squeaking sound therefore, this might be another reason why the air mattresses make noises.

How to make an air mattress quieter?

Your sound sleep might be compromised if your trusty air mattress keeps on with the quacking sound. This can get pretty annoying at times; therefore you need to be knowledgeable about the ways to keep that annoying noise at rest. 

Using a Topper: 

Air mattress’s squeaky high-pitched sound can become unbearable but putting a mattress topper can help alleviate the problem. A topper can help you give the traditional elegant bed look and will also cater to silence the noise.  

If you are using an air mattress for your guest or yourself, you have to go the extra mile and get an air mattress with memory foam or a gel topper. This will help to cloak the annoying high-pitch sound. 

Using a Mattress Stand: 

One of the more effective and convenient ways for getting rid of the noise coming from the air bed is to use a mattress stand. It can help place the air bed in a perfect position. 

Additionally, this will also cater to stopping the squeaky or the popping sounds that air mattresses make. You can also invest a bit more and get a box spring to muffle the sound. 

By using a mattress stand, it will add a bit of a height to your air bed which in turn will ensure peaceful sleep and a beautiful start in the morning. 

Placing a Carpet Underneath: 

Some air mattresses are made of rubber and vinyl material. These can make weird sounds when the air mattress is placed on a hardwood floor.

To get rid of the horrible sound, you can place a rug, carpet, or blanket underneath the air mattress. This will prevent the air bed from sliding and this will cater to blur the sound. 

Removing Air Bubbles: 

Another way of making your air mattress quieter is to remove all the air bubbles that might be stuck in there. 

By removing the air bubbles, you will not have to worry about the annoying sounds. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep without compromising your comfort. 

What can I put under my air mattress?

You may want to place something underneath your air beds and your reasons for doing that might vary.

Whether for ventilation, better circulation, or for keeping the air bed dirt-free, you may want to be familiar with all the options that are best for placing something underneath your air beds. 

Use Blankets or Rugs:

You need your air mattress to be useful in a variety of situations such as for camping or for making comfortable sleeping arrangements for your guests. 

Your reason for using an air mattress may vary but it is necessary to protect the air bed from dirt, harsh hardwood floors, and so on. You can simply place a rug or a blanket below your air mattress to save it from dirt and from popping. 

Use Form: 

Foam is another thing that you can put underneath your air mattress. It is a cheaper and affordable route to go.

You can easily get any kind of foam in any supermarket, and they are a very good substitute for tiles which are also used for the base.

By using foam, it can prevent making the air mattress dirty and also prevent it from popping. 

Use Dri-Dek or Tiles:

You can also use dri-dek underneath your air mattress to provide that extra support and security. Dri-dek is a tiles-type material made out of plastic. 

With dri-dek, you can customize and choose how much you need to cover the bottom of the air mattress. Dri-dek can especially come in handy in times of camping. 

Use CCF Mats or Yoga mats:

If you are on a budget and still want to safely secure your air mattress, then you can go with something cheaper and more accessible. You can definitely put yoga mats underneath your air mattress to protect the vinyl of the air mattresses. 

However, you can also use CCF mats under the air beds and this will also get the job done.

Why are air mattresses so uncomfortable?

Air mattresses sure are one of the most convenient ways of bedding and a great substitute for an expensive bed. However, they are not the most comfortable to sleep on.

The reasons for the uncomfortable feeling are due to the fact that air mattresses can get colder if the temperature starts to drop, they can make squeaky/popping sounds, and lastly, the air bubbles can make the bed uncomfortable.

How long does an air mattress last if used every day?

All air mattresses are not made for everyday usage rather most of them are designed for temporary usage.

If you use them every day, then the life expectancy of the air mattresses can be shortened to 6 to 7 months. Additionally, a leak will develop early if it is used every day. However, if it is used occasionally, these air mattresses can last up to 5 years.  

Should you deflate an air mattress every day?

Inflating and deflating your air mattress can be bothersome and it can also cause damage to the mattress. However, if you have some guests over, then it may be acceptable not to deflect the mattress throughout their stay.

Additionally, if you deflate the mattress every day, it will put needless stretching on the seams. Nonetheless, keeping it inflated all the time is also not beneficial for the mattress. 

What is the best air mattress for everyday use? 

You need such air mattresses that are sustainable and will serve as great substitutes for real beds without hampering your sleep schedules. 

If you want to use your air mattress every day, you can look for the ones that contain eco-friendly PVC material. Air mattresses’ top layer should be waterproof and softly made for it to really handle everyday usage.

You should also look for the ones that have a built-in pump, a patch kit, and a headboard. Consequently, if you buy an air mattress with these features in mind, it will cater to durability. Furthermore, your air mattress will be able to take the load of everyday use.

What can I use to keep my air mattress warm?

You can use insulation to keep your air mattress warm. You can use a mattress topper, rug, blanket, thick blanket, and sleeping bag.

Additionally, if you use a rug or blanket underneath the mattress, then it will help to keep the air mattress warm. A mattress topper can also be used for covering the whole mattress which will cater to keep it warm.

To sum up, for using an air mattress, you need to be careful and you should take proper precautions regarding it.

When you hear weird popping noises or squeaking noises coming from your air mattress, you should look for ways to mend it. Nevertheless, an air mattress is a must-have because of its versatility, multiple uses, and durability.

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