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Why Are BMX Bikes so Expensive? (Explained!)

BMX bikes are one of the popular bikes among bicyclists. So if you are a bicyclist and enjoy performing stunts then a BMX bike is your ideal type of bike.

However, when you are about to buy a BMX bicycle, seeing its high price, you must be thinking why BMX bikes are so expensive. 

Why Are BMX Bikes So Expensive? 

BMX bikes are so expensive because it fulfills three main purposes. First, it’s lightweight and this makes it the best for performing stunts. Second, it’s stronger, so, it’s adaptable to harsh usage on roads. And third, it’s responsive, so, BMX bikes allow you to ride over the horizon and further.

The qualities a bicyclist who loves performing stunts would want in a bike, BMX bikes are packed up with those. Therefore, it is so expensive. BMX bikes mainly serve the three major following qualities:

The first one is lightweight, BMX bikes are lightweight and this feature makes these bikes the best bikes for performing stunts. 

Second, BMX bikes are stronger and tougher, therefore, these bikes are highly adaptable. And can withstand harsh riding on the streets and skate parks. And the third one is, it’s responsive so, BMX bikes encourage riders to ride over the edge and distant. 

So, these are the primary reasons why BMX bikes are so expensive. 

5 Reasons Why BMX Bikes Are So Expensive? 

To convince you in a better way, here are five reasons are given with a detailed explanation why BMX bikes are so expensive. 


The specialty of BMX bikes are is they are lightweight. While performing stunts bike weight impacts directly on controlling it.

Due to its lightweight, it is easily controllable and can be lifted easily. And this quality makes BMX bikes best for performing stunts and tricks. As it serves one of the main features, it’s super expensive. 


BMX bikes are really strong and enduring. Therefore, these bikes are highly flexible and can withstand rough riding on the streets, compacted dirt trails, and at stake parks.

They can take up a lot of pressure as well. Therefore, such an excellent quality makes these bikes expensive. 


BMX bikes are really responsive. It allows and encourages bicyclists to ride over the edge and further without having any fear in mind. It gives them the confidence to ride and perform the way they want to. So, this important quality makes these bikes so expensive. 

Chromoly Made Frame 

BMX bike’s frame is made of durable Chromoly-alloy steel. Chromoly steel is stronger than carbon steel. So it makes the BMX bike’s frame stronger. Also, this lightweight frame can last many years, so it is economical as well. 

The Brand’s Name 

BMX the brand name itself is another reason why these bikes are expensive. As the bikes are very popular, it has earned enough reputation in the market. Mainly, these bikes are top-notch quality bikes. So such high-quality bikes are relatively expensive than others. 

How Much Does BMX Cost? 

There are three different types of BMX bikes: the true BMX bike, freestyle or flat land BMX bikes, and the first jumper or jump BMX bikes. And the price range of these bikes can start from $500 to over $3000. Here, the top 7 BMX bikes name with their type and price has been listed. 

  1. Redline Proline Youth BMX Roce Bike: It’s a traditional BMX racing bike. And it can cost $430 and up. 
  2. Fly Supernova: It is a well-rounded BMX bike, and the price is $540.
  3. Kink Switch: This is a freestyle/flatland BMX bike. The cost can be $499
  4. Cult Devotion: This BMX bike is for riding on the streets. The price of it is $539.
  5. Sunday Ex: Sunday Ex is another BMX bike, better suited for street and part means it’s freestyle bike. And can cost $509.
  6. La Bomba Rigid 26” DJ Bike: This BMX first jumping bike is a bit expensive, so it can cost around $825.
  7. Verde 2021 Radix Dirt Jumper: It’s another good dirt jumping BMX bike and can cost nearly $699.99

How Much Should I Spend On A BMX Bike?

How much you should spend on your BMX bike completely depends on your preference, bike riding ability, and bike quality. Therefore there is no definite answer. 

However, the price range for BMX starts from $500 and can go up to over $3000. So if you are a beginner, you should spend less on a BMX bike.

You can spend $500 or a little more on buying your first BMX bike. But you have a personal preference, you are free to spend more but not too much. 

And if you are a pro bicyclist and want a pro bike as well to match your skills, then you should spend at least $1000 on a pro bike. And BMX pro bike’s cost can go up to $4000. So to get a high-quality BMX pro bike you can spend that much money depending on your wallet. 

Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy A BMX Bike? 

A complete BMX bike is relatively far cheaper than building a BMX bike. Because if you want to build your own BMX, you need to start from the frame and that is costly enough. And it is a must to get the right one. There is absolutely no room for low-quality parts. 

Generally, a good quality frame itself costs like $450 or above, and the total cost can be approximately $1500. Sometimes it can rise depending on your customization process. 

So whether you are a beginner or a pro rider, you are always suggested to buy a complete BMX bike as these are pretty reasonable than assembling by yourself. 

However, if you really want to build a BMX bike, you can go for a second-hand one and then jot it with special offer parts. And this process can be a cheaper option in terms of building a BMX bike. 

How Much Does It Cost To Build Your Own BMX? 

Approximately, the cost of building your own BMX can be $1000-$2000. Because building own BMX is always expensive as the frame itself can cost nearly $400-$500.

And all the parts should be high-quality ones. Moreover, it is hard to find bike parts that are congenial to your bike so those rare parts are costly too. 

Two noticeable factors for you are if you want a fully customized BMX bike then you have to count more than $2000 to build your own BMX.

Another is if you want customized parts but don’t want to spend tons of money then look for some BMX brands that supply top quality customized parts at less price, nearly $800.

What Parts Are Needed To Build A BMX Bike? 

To build a BMX bike, you will be needing a BMX frame, handlebars, fork, stem, headset, grip, pedals, cranks, chain, seat, seat post, seat post clamps, tires, hubs, rims, pegs, hub guard, brakes. 

These are the crucial BMX bike parts, that are needed to be top-notch quality. Even if it is a small part, there is no room for buying cheap quality parts for building a BMX bike. 

BMX frame is the essential one as the whole assembling will begin on basis of it. Tires, brakes, and handlebars are other important parts of BMX. As smooth riding, enduring pressure, and movement depends on these things.

And lastly, lower seats are also very important while building BMX bikes because BMX should have a lower seat as its lower seats support performing stunts smoothly. 

What Is The Best BMX Brand For A Beginner? 

There are numerous BMX bike brands out there, but here is a list is given below of the best BMX brand for a beginner. If you are a beginner and looking for the best BMX brand, then have a look at it. 

  • GT Pro Series 26
  • Mongoose Title 24
  • Redline PL-26 
  • Haro Lineage Team Master 26 
  • Mongoose Legion 20
  • Eastern Cobra 
  • Redline Bikes Proline Youth BMX Race Bike 
  • Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike 
  • Elite 20” BMX The Stealth Freestyle 
  • Schwann Predator Team 24 
  • Elite 20” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle

What Is The Most Expensive BMX?

BMX bikes are always the most expensive in but some bikes are excessively expensive due to their features. Therefore, here is the list of top 5 most expensive BMX bikes give below.

  • Sunday Soundwave Special BMX Bike- It provides versatility to ride on different terrain. 
  • WeThePeople Revolver 2019 Bike- This bike delivers outstanding performance on any surface. 
  • Subrosa X Shadow BMX 2019 Bike- it features the great quality Subrosa’s exclusive bike frame and forks. And high-quality bike parts from Shadow’s  
  • WeThePeople Battleship Freecoaster BMX- It is suitable for different types of riders and their riding style. 
  • Sunday Street Sweeper Bicycle- One of the top street riding bikes and great for performing tricks that are hard to do. 
  • Haro Blackout 2021 Race Bike- The Blackout Power Transfer Centre(PTC) frame is its specialty.
  • Haro Lineage Team Master BMX- This bike’s frame is made of 100% Chromoly and has a very unique twin top tube, an integrated head tube, and an hourglass Mid BB Shell. It also features the original design from 1978. 

Since the beginning, BMX bikes have been served the best service to its customer with high-quality bike parts.

And fulfilling the rider’s every expectation from a bike. Also, brought variations and development in bike type. All these factors made it a renowned brand, therefore, BMX bikes have become so expensive. 

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