Why are Fishing Rods so Expensive? (Reasons Explained)

Fishing rods are one of the main elements in a fishing tool. Even If you have the best reel and the best fishing line at your disposal & you lack a good quality fishing rod, then you won’t be able to enjoy the joy of fishing.

A good quality fishing rod will give you proper sensitivity, durability, and effectiveness while fishing. Getting a decent quality fishing rod, might cost you a little bit of money. Let’s talk about the price and the factors affecting the price of a fishing rod.

Why are fishing rods so expensive?

The cost of the fishing rods mainly depends on the building material, construction patent, attached components, and the brand value of the manufacturer. Fishing rods made out of high-quality durable material are relatively expensive. The brand name and market demand also influence the price.

What makes a fishing rod expensive?

There are few factors at work behind rods being expensive, those factors are:

What is the rod made of:

The materials used to make the fishing rods bear a large portion of the total cost. 

The rods made out of carbon fiber are generally expensive as the carbon fiber provides more durability and longevity to the rod. Many other composite rod building materials are used to make rods and the rarer the composite elements are the higher they will cost.

How it was made:

The rod’s construction patent and the attachments are another major reason behind its high cost. It takes effort and months of research, trial & error to find the best design that will work better than the previous version.

Who made it:

The manufacturer’s brand name and its popularity will influence the price range. If a manufacturer is well known and has a monopoly over the market, it can put a high price tag on it.

Market demand:

If a fishing rod is in high demand among the buyer’s then the manufacturer and the retailer will use that to their advantage and increase the price. 

Why are fly rods so expensive?

Generally, You can find fly rods made out of bamboo, fiberglass, graphite & carbon fiber. The fly rods made out of graphite and carbon fiber will be quite expensive as they provide durability, strength, and longevity.

If you are looking for a cheap version there are $150 to $300 fly rods available in the market. For a decent quality fly rod you will have to invest up to $1000, and if you are looking for a professional level fly rod It might cost you up to $5000 or more.  

Are expensive rods worth it?

Expensive is a relative term. If you are earning a good amount of money in life then a $500 or a $1000 rod might not be that much of a deal for you. It’s obvious that a $1000 rod will perform much better than a $50 fishing rod.

The manufacturer tries to achieve lighter weight and high strength rods and to achieve this goal high-quality materials, composites are used to make the rods. It will also provide you adequate sensitivity and reliability while fishing. 

How much should a good fishing rod cost?

You can find decent quality fishing rods for $300 to $ 500. Though you can find fishing rods even at a $30 price, it will be wise to spend on relatively better quality fishing rods.

Your fishing style and how often you go out fishing should be the deciding factor in choosing the fishing rod.

Is it cheaper to build your own fishing rod?

Yes, it’s gonna be pretty cheap if you are building your own fishing rods. If you have proper knowledge about how to build it, where to find the desired components and what attachment will go best with your rod then it’s wise to build your own rod. 

Building your own rod is gonna be quite a hustle and the difficulty of not finding the desired components and attachments in the market may discourage you.

So before building your own fishing rod, make a list, get an overall idea, make a proper blueprint of your procedure and mark your ultimate goal. Building your own fishing rods may be cheaper but it’s gonna be quite difficult for making it effective for fishing.  

You can make a bamboo fishing rod, it’s going to be the cheapest but it won’t be that easy to make effective bamboo fishing rods. Materials may be cheap but the skills and the knowledge to make the rod is really valuable.

Are old fishing rods worth money? 

It depends if the fishing rod got any significant history attachment or was in the possession of a famous person then an old fishing rod will be worth money.  But if the value is based on effectiveness then an old fishing rod won’t be worth that much.

During world war two, most of the fishing rods were made out of fiberglass but in modern times the rod manufacturers are using graphite and carbon fiber for making better, lighter, and durable fishing rods.

If you have an old fishing rod and if you find it’s a worthy collector’s item then you can earn good cash out of it. Otherwise, in terms of effectiveness, it really won’t bring you that much cash.

Should I spend more on rod or reel?

I would say spend on both. Rod and reels & lines are the main elements of a fishing tool. If you have invested in good quality fishing reels but not on fishing rods, there is a high chance that you might not get the smooth and effortless performance while fishing.  

A good quality fishing rod will provide you durability, strength, and sensitivity which will be a great advantage while fishing. A good quality reel will give you proper flexibility and effectiveness while catching the fish. 

So both the rod and reel are working as a unit and it will be wise to invest in both.

Fun fact: What is the most expensive fishing rod in the world?

  • The mantra series 4 piece rod. It is priced at $1576 and is a bamboo fly rod. But rods like the mantra are not just a reel stuck onto a piece of bamboo. They are handcrafted by professionals and can take even months to create.
  • The sweetgrass series 4 piece bamboo Rod. It costs $3285. This fishing rod is a large step up from the Mantra being 1709 dollars more expensive.
  • The bamboo 1856 805-3 full rod.  price at $3672. It’s American-made products and a very delicate 3-piece fly rod. That is 8 feet long when assembled. 
  •  The Scott SC fly rod cost a large $4197. With annually updating fishing technology and huge attention to detail. This Rod is definitely worth the money. 
  •  The engraved 24 karat gold bamboo oyster rod. on this jewel-encrusted masterpiece of Rod costs a whopping $6560 to buy. This impractical rod has plated and solid gold parts. The road is telescopic and has carbon fiber near the tip.

As gold doesn’t Bend easily. The fishing rod is probably only an antique collector’s item. However, some people risk breaking it by using it for normal fishing.

I hope you got an in-depth look at the fishing rod prices and the reasons behind it. If you only fish on the weekends or rarely do any fishing at all then it’s wise not to invest too much money in your fishing equipment. Best of luck.

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