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Why Are Ski Goggles So Expensive? (How Much Do They Cost?)

Ski goggles are essential goggles for skiing. They protect your eyes from accidents and other elements. Ski goggles are pretty helpful for skiing, snowboarding, and other snow games. So, people must buy them while buying other ski suits.

If you want to buy ski goggles, you might think of their quality. But you might be confused about why ski goggles are so expensive. Well, there might be specific reasons for ski goggles being so expensive. You need to know the making process and materials to get the actual idea of the cost of ski goggles.

Why are ski goggles so expensive?

Ski goggles are expensive for their making process and excellent features. Ski goggles might be expensive because they have multiple layers of foam. These layers have different functions too. Moreover, expensive ski goggles are super soft. Expensive goggles are also durable and highly protective.

Ski goggles are made with high-quality materials that provide both comfort and protection. They protect you with their multiple layers of foam. The layer that touches your face has the most comfortable foam layering.

Moreover, ski goggles that are expensive last a long time for their durable materials. Besides, ski goggles are made with excess protection so that you might not hurt your eyes accidentally.

Are all ski goggles expensive?

No, all ski goggles are not expensive. Different price ranges of ski goggles are available. But ski goggles that are expensive have some excellent features.

You can find a lot of cheap ski goggles too. But cheap ski goggles might not have multiple layers of foam. Moreover, they are not durable as the expensive ones. Cheap ski goggles might protect your eyes but might not be comfortable.

The most expensive ski goggles are made of high-quality materials. But other goggles are not so high-quality that the last a long time. So, if you want to buy ski goggles, you should buy the expensive ones. You might spend a little bit more, but you will get high-quality goggles.

Why are some ski goggles so expensive?

Some ski goggles are so expensive for their features. Expensive goggles also have those features that give you ultimate protection and comfort. Here are some features for those some ski goggles are so expensive.


Generally, the frames of ski goggles are made of plastic. Expensive ski goggles use high-quality flexible plastics that provide you safety while skiing. Moreover, they protect you from injury and other elements.

Layers of foams:

Expensive goggles have multiple foam layers. These layers ensure your comfort and safety. Each of these layers has different functions. The layer that touches your skin is the most comfortable foam layer.


If you have bought ski goggles before, you must have noticed that expensive ski goggles last a long time. They have great durability and strength. The quality of the expensive ones is far better than the cheap ones.

Do I need expensive ski goggles?

If you need both protection and comfort, you need expensive ski goggles. Generally, expensive ski goggles use high-quality manufacturing materials with new technology. So, the goggles will be long-lasting and strong.

But they are highly comfortable for their multiple layers of foam. Expensive goggles ensure protection from sun, wind, and other elements too. Some expensive ski goggles even protect you from UV rays.

Expensive ski goggles have expensive lenses that protect you from the fog. Besides, they have flexible frames that will provide the ultimate comfort. Moreover, they ensure proper visibility. So, if you want these excellent features, you need expensive ski goggles.

How much should i spend on ski goggles?

You should use at least more than $200 for medium-size and high-quality ski goggles. Ski goggles are available at different prices. For example, you might find a pair of ski goggles for only $40. But the quality will not be the same as the expensive ones.

But a lot of expensive ski goggles have different prices. For example, a pair of expensive ski goggles might cost more than a ski suit. So, you can’t buy this much expensive ones too. So, you need to find a good pair of ski goggles in the average range.

So, you can spend $250 to $300 if you want a good-quality and standard-size ski goggles pair.

Are more expensive ski goggles better?

Yes, expensive ski goggles are better. Though a lot of budget-friendly ski goggles are also available, expensive ones have some excellent features. Some basic differences make the cheap and expensive ski goggles different from each other.

Some cheaper ski goggles have a single layer and also can be problematic in foggy weather. Moreover, they have a restricted field of vision. But expensive ski goggles have developed features. For example, expensive ski goggles use modern technology to make high-quality lenses.

These lenses ensure a better field of vision. Moreover, these expensive ski goggles are very comfortable. So, if you spend more on ski goggles, you will get better quality.

Are expensive ski goggles worth it?

Yes, expensive ski goggles worth it. Expensive ski goggles have durability and comfort. Generally, if you buy a good pair of expensive ski goggles, they will last a couple of years. So, their manufacturing materials are high-quality.

Moreover, expensive ski goggles use expensive lenses that protect you from UV rays, sunlight, wind and other elements. Sometimes, foggy weather can be problematic while using ski goggles. But expensive ski goggles ensure better vision in foggy weather.

Expensive ski goggles use multiple layers of foam that ensure ultimate comfort while using goggles. Even the frames are flexible so that you might not get hurt from the frames.

How much do ski goggles cost?

Ski goggles are available at different prices. The cost of ski goggles varies for quality, brands, materials, etc. Let’s see how much different ski goggles cost.

Overall Ski Goggles:

Overall best ski goggles are pretty expensive because they are best for all the features. You can get Smith I/O Mag ChromaPop or Rudy Project Klonyx Snow ski goggles from $250 to $300.


You can get budget-friendly ski goggles at a cheaper rate. OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles and Smith Range Goggles are available from $30 to $80 only.

Interchangeable and high end:

These goggles are pretty expensive. You can get them from $250 to $350. Two of the best interchangeable and high-end ski goggles are Anon M4 Toric MFI and Anon M4 Toric Snow Goggles.

Large Frame:

Large frame ski goggles are for people who have large faces. Oakley Flight Deck Prizm ski goggles are from $170 to $210.

Price chart for different types of Ski Goggles

Type of Ski GoggleBrandPrice
Best OverallSmith I/O Mag ChromaPop($250-$280)
Best Budget Ski GoggleSmith Range Goggle($75)
Best Interchangeable-Lens SystemAnon M4 Toric MFI($300)
Best Large-Frame Ski GoggleOakley Flight Deck Prizm($170-$210)
For Maximum Field of ViewSmith 4D Mag($300)
Most Ventilated for Backcountry SkiingJulbo Aerospace($250-$260)
Best ski goggles for smaller faces: OakleyOakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles($200)

Why are ski goggles lenses so expensive?

Ski goggles lenses are pretty expensive. Ski goggles lenses are made of high-quality materials. These lenses will protect you from sunlight and wind. Moreover, these will save you even from UV rays.

Besides, ski goggles lenses provide a better and increased field of vision. These lenses are photochromic that help you to balance in changing light situations. So, for these excellent features, ski goggles lenses are so expensive.

Ski goggles cheap vs expensive – Basic difference

Cheap ski goggles and expensive ski goggles have some basic differences. If you know the differences, it will be easy to choose suitable ski goggles for you.

First of all, expensive ski goggles have multiple layers of foam that might be absent in cheap goggles. Expensive ski goggles have interchangeable lenses and a better field of vision. But cheap ski goggles have a restricted field of vision.

Moreover, the expensive ones have anti-fog lenses and flexible frames. But cheap ones don’t have anti-fog lenses, and the frames are also rigid. So, these differences make them different.

Are cheap ski goggles good?

Cheap ski goggles are not very bad. A lot of budget-friendly ski goggles are available. But they might not have the features as the expensive ones.

Cheap ski goggles might not be durable and super comfortable. But they can be manageable. If you are a beginner at skiing, you can buy cheap ones. Affordable ski goggles will protect you primarily. So, cheap ski goggles are not excellent, but they are usable.

How much does it cost to rent ski goggles?

If you want to rent ski goggles, you can rent them. The rent cost depends on the location. The average cost to rent ski goggles is $5 to $12. This charge might vary in different locations.

But if you want to use the ski goggles for some days or as a beginner, you should buy an affordable pair of ski goggles. If you get budget-friendly ski goggles for less than $50, it wouldn’t be wise to rent ski goggles at a high cost.

Ski goggles are pretty expensive. The primary reasons for ski goggles being expensive are the manufacturing process and features. Affordable ski goggles are also usable. But, expensive ski goggles are super comfortable and durable. So, you can spend a little more to get good-quality ski goggles. 

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