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Why are Snowboard Pants Baggy? (Explained with Facts)

Snowboarding is a popular pastime since it is an activity you can do on your own, but also make it a group event with your friends and family. A big part of snowboarding is also the outfits and gears you need with it, to have the full experience of it all.

Speaking of clothes, snowboarding attires have a distinct look and feel to them, which a select few would call baggy. This brings us to the question,

Why are snowboard pants baggy?

Snowboard pants are baggy for both practical and social reasons, including having the freedom to layer, not being too tight so you can move freely, and last but certainly not the least, to be fashionable. This doesn’t mean they have to be too baggy, for there are fitted options out there.

The pants are baggy for a reason, other than fashion since it allows you to stay warm through the layers.

This does not imply that you will always have to and must wear super baggy clothes, there are other options available for you to try- in the end, it is always up to the rider and wearer what their clothing style will be.

3 reasons why snowboard pants are baggy

The modern norm of snowboard pants is to have them be loose enough to perform races and tricks in them.

Though snow pants fashion has the urban feel of bold, unique patterns and a fit that is rather looser than most, it happens due to allowing the rider to have enough breadth of movement for the sport.

Extra Layering

Snowboard outfits are all about layering so you can keep yourself warm as you spend the day in heaps of snow. So, it makes sense to have baggy pants, so you can at least two layers of clothes underneath them to keep you warm and insulated as you go about your day.

Easier To Move

Baggier clothes will make it easier for the wearer to move, despite being layered. Since snowboarding is an activity that requires the rider to be dynamic, the bagginess helps which is why most if not all manufacturers make them that way.

Fashion And Trendsetting

 Baggier clothes are becoming their own statement pieces, and wanting to look good while you are in the snow doing what you enjoy is understandable in their own rights.

Fashion movements are a force to be reckoned with, and the fact that it is both fashionable and practical only makes it the best of both worlds.

Now that it is established that bagginess makes it easier to stay warm and insulated while remaining mobile and fashionable, more and more brands are expanding their rosters to have sizes and fits for all styles and needs.

Are snowboard pants supposed to be baggy?

Pants for snowboarding are not necessarily meant to be baggy only, for there are styles that can be rather fitted if that suits your needs. However, these pants are baggy for the reasons mentioned previously, whilst also being a matter of taste.

Practicality-wise, the bagginess allows the rider to stay warm and moveable while staying comfortable. Nonetheless, you can opt to have skinny-style trousers if you wish to.

As with all other choices, it ultimately depends on you, the rider, and the user to determine if you would like to go for baggy pants or not.

If it fits well and allows you to move, that is all you need.

How to choose snowboard pants? What to keep in mind when picking one?

Now that you know how and why snowboard pants are the way they are, you can start looking into getting yourself a pair. In order to have the ones that fit you just right, there are certain things you have to keep in mind.

  • Waterproof: First things first, you need to have them be waterproof. It is a no-brainer that you will be spending a quality amount of time on and in snow, so being waterproof is one of the first and foremost of your priorities.
  • Breathability: The next thing you have to look for is breathability. This means you need the pants to let the air get through so you do not feel heavy and sweaty after a session of activity.
  • Warmth: Another thing you should focus on is warmth, and this too is a no-brainer. Spending hours in the snow means your body needs to stay warm and toasty for you to enjoy said hours in the snow, which is why having clothes that will keep you warm is a priority.
  • Color & Design: Last but certainly not least, you look into the color and design, for amongst everything else, clothing is also a way you express yourself. You are only going to enjoy yourself more when you feel confident in what you are wearing.

You could also look into what kind of zippers, their placements, and the pockets you would like in your pants, which hopefully will be the pants of your dreams. You will also want to look into how durable they are.

How are snowboarding pants supposed to fit?

While snowboard pants are typically baggy, it does not mean they have to be ill-fitting. While you would want them to be loose-ish around your waist, but it should still be tight enough so it does not bunch up when you use a belt.

Lengthwise, it can be up to personal preference but usually, they should be 1cm or so above the ground when in snowboarding boots. If they feel too long, you could always curl them at the cuffs.

It is absolutely understandable if you prefer style over function or vice versa since, in the end, it will always be dependent on the user and rider.

Size-wise, the pants should let you bend, twist, squat and sit comfortably- that is the only criteria that matter, not the s/m/l written at the back. It should be noted that one brand’s medium might be another’s small, for there is no industry standard.

What do snowboarders wear under their pants?

As snowboarding pants are meant to be worn in layers, it means what you wear under matters as well. The main goal is to stay warm and comfortable, so what they have to wear is known as long underwear.

They also are known as long johns, thermal underwear, and/or base layers. However, if you want to layer it with something else, just make sure they are not jeans or sweatpants. If it is going to be particularly cold, snowboarders opt for thermals and so should you.

These long underwear are recommended to be made of polypropylene or silk, even better if they are designed for snow sports.

What can I wear if I don’t have snowboard pants?

It is highly recommended to have snowboard pants for the activity since they are literally designed for it. But let’s say this is your first time you are going to snowboard, and you do not know if you would like it enough to spend a substantial amount of money on it.

In cases such as these, there are substitutions that can be made.

It should be noted that especially with such substitutes, you must make sure to layer properly to stay warm and insulated.

Wind pants, Fleece pants, Nylon, or Polyester Leggings are good choices for they are lightweight, water-resistant, and can keep you warm. 

You should not go for denim and cotton garments because they will only inconvenience you, if not downright put you in harm’s way.

Are snowboard pants necessary?

While it is possible to enjoy the activity without snowboard pants, it is highly recommended that you get yourself one, especially if and when it becomes a regular in your life.

Snowboard pants are designed to be efficient and effective when you are engrossed in the activity itself, so nothing else is going to really beat what they bring to the table.

Snowboard pants will provide dryness, breathability, and comfort all in one which remains unmatched with other non-snowboard pants combinations.

If nothing else, you should at least make sure your pants are waterproof, regardless if you are a beginner or a professional at the task. The key to staying comfortable when riding the snow slopes is to stay as dry as possible.

Why do snowboarders wear baggy clothes?

Snowboarders wear baggy clothes for the same reason they prefer baggy pants. For a comfortable yet smooth snowboarding experience, the clothing needs to be able to keep you warm whilst not making you feel cramped and crammed in your layers.

While the bagginess started as a style statement, they quickly turned out to be advantageous for they helped the riders hide crooked movements that might look unsightly otherwise. They also reduce the chances of snow burns.

In the end, baggy clothes keep you warm, fashionable, and safe- which makes it all the more understandable as to why snowboarders would pick and recommend them.

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