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Why are Snowboards So Expensive? (All You Need to Know)

Having the right snowboard is a necessity. It should match your level of performance, patterns, body size, and snowboarding style. Snowboarding is considered an expensive hobby to many and that includes the cost of snowboards. So why are snowboards so expensive? Let’s find out! 

Why are snowboards so expensive?

Snowboards are expensive because of the build quality, materials used, artistic style, length, and riding level. Snowboards made for professional riders tend to be more expensive. The number of layers in the board and the manufacturing brand also play a role. 

6 reasons why snowboards are so expensive:

Construction Costs:

Building a snowboard is a very difficult and time-consuming process. Most snowboards are made by hand. The core can be cut out with computer-controlled machines but there is a technology expensive involved too.

You will need CAD software and a computer. Other than that, the equipment and tools needed to build a snowboard are also very costly. 


There’s a brand name cost and this applies to every product. A brand that is more widely known and popular will have some of the best snowboards. People will always pay more for a board that is from a good brand.

Many top brands take advantage of that after they have built their name and hike up the price later on. 


Whether your snowboard is made of wood, metal, or fiberglass, is a large factor in the price. Solid wood especially can be pricey. The material has to be rigid enough to go through the snow but flexible and light at the same time for speed and tricks.

Some high-end boards have bamboo or other flexible material in the middle layer of the boards to give them a better pop while jumping. 

Design characteristics:

The geometry of snowboards is unique. Not everyone is capable of doing it. Better designs have higher costs. Custom designs cost even more.

The way the curve of the board is designed affects how force is distributed along the edges and base of the board in response to the rider’s reflexes. Rocker boards are particularly expensive. 


There’s always a cost of training salespeople in stores, advertising, sponsoring athletes and celebrities, shipping, or delivery costs.

Top brands spend a lot of money on advertisements to encourage people to buy their snowboards. They have to cover that cost by increasing the price of snowboards. 

The number of layers:

The more layers there are, the more it will cost. This is because it’s hard to keep the layers together when they are being pressed using a snowboard press. They have to be pressed in high temperatures and intense pressure to bond all the layers together. 

All these qualities lead to a more durable and reliable snowboard. However, it is important to note that you can buy cheap snowboards too. Various entry-level snowboards are very cheap and you can buy second-hand ones too.

Second-hand ones are usually half the price of brand new ones. Besides, you can rent it out instead of buying it. 

Why are some snowboards more expensive?

Some snowboards are more expensive than others because they use higher quality materials such as end sintered ptex and stronger, lighter plexy weaves. Newer snowboard models have an R&D cost included as well. 

Burton snowboards are so expensive because every single one of them is hand-built. They have made snowboards for every riding level and rider. They continue to update and improve their design, technology, and board shape.

They have a bunch of options and sizes ranging from 100 to 170 cm. With all their unique features, it makes them more expensive than other brands. 

Jones sells the most advanced and expensive boards. They spend a lot of time in the construction of the board and make boards with multiple layers that include fusion tech. Their snowboards are light and responsive. 

Is buying a snowboard worth it?

Plenty of people end up renting a snowboard rather than buying one because snowboarding can be expensive. Which one is better? There are advantages and drawbacks of both options. 

When you buy a snowboard, you have more freedom and time to work on your snowboarding skills and you don’t have to go to the rental shop every time you want to snowboard.

You can’t let loose properly when you rent a snowboard because you might be afraid of damaging it. Having your own snowboard allows you to get the proper size and shape according to your weight and height.

However, a good-quality snowboard is pricey. It’s better to rent out one if you have a low budget. 

An obvious advantage of renting a snowboard than buying it is the cost. It is cheaper and you don’t have to maintain it. Although, keep in mind that renting a snowboard will cost you more over a period of time rather than making a one-time purchase.

There are not many options either when you pick out a snowboard from a rental store. You might also not find the correct size. This is why you only should rent a snowboard instead of buying one if you don’t snowboard often.

In short, buying a snowboard will only worth it if you use it regularly and have a high budget to buy and maintain.

Are expensive snowboards worth it?

When compared to a regular snowboard, a more expensive snowboard will most likely be made out of higher quality materials. It makes it more durable and able to handle harsh conditions such as powder snow and ice.

It might also be made for various settings such as parks and slopes to perform tricks and stunts. 

Whether it is worth it or not depends on you. This is why you should check the quality of the snowboard before purchasing any snowboard. You can still find mediocre snowboards that are good for it’s quality and performance. 

Expensive doesn’t always mean better. A cheap entry-level snowboard can be better than many expensive snowboards. Many people get fooled by advertising schemes and brand names which leads to impulsive purchases. 

Does a good snowboard make a difference?

Of course. This goes for any product. A good product will last longer and will definitely be more reliable. The best thing to do would be to try and find a balance between quality and cost.

If you purchase a cheap poor quality snowboard, you’ll end up having to replace it very soon. It can lead to accidents as well. 

Besides the durability, a good snowboard flexes differently and jumps up easily. They are quiet and steady even at a high speed. 

Be aware of the quality. Don’t compromise with your safety to save a few bucks. This applies mostly to second-hand snowboards.

Sometimes you’ll notice that the price of some used snowboards is too good to be true. Check the board for damage because some damages are beyond repair. 

How much does a decent snowboard cost? 

You can get good enough snowboards for around $400. There are snowboards that you can buy within $300 or as low as $150. A decent freestyle board will cost you $300 and you can find excellent boards with only $400. 

You can expect to pay at least $350 on average for a decent snowboard. Make sure that it has a good combination of stability, flex, and ease of turning. 

If you want to save money, buy your snowboard and snowboarding equipment during March and April. The price of snowboarding gear drops greatly at this time of the year and you can buy one with discounts ranging from 35% to 50%. 

How much do snowboards cost to make?

If you think about the materialistic cost alone, it can cost around $80 to $100 if you manufacture it in a factory. It is so low because most brands buy it in bulk from factories in China or the USA. But this is not the correct evaluation because there are other costs involved. 

The machinery, tools, and equipment cost alone is very expensive. You have to consider marketing, labor, maintenance costs, building costs, taxes, licenses, and many more.

The price can vary depending on the brand as well. Large brands will buy more which will reduce the cost. 

Buying all the equipment and tools is not worth it to make a few snowboards. 

How much do snowboards cost to rent?

You can expect to pay around $40 to $60 to rent a snowboard, boots, bindings, lessons, and a lift ticket.

Overall, this is a reasonable deal for a beginner. There are other costs involved when it comes to gear and clothing. If you’re only snowboarding for a one-time experience, renting a snowboard is the best option. 

However, if you wish to continue snowboarding, a one-time expense is better in the long run than continuing renting. 

Why are snowboard bindings so expensive?

Snowboard bindings are essential for snowboarding and they come with a high price tag. They are so expensive because of the good quality material. Good material makes them strong, lightweight, and durable. 

The base plate is the most important part. Inexpensive bindings have a plastic base plate whereas expensive bindings have a composite or aluminum base plate.

Plastic base plates are not as durable as aluminum ones and you might end up spending more on them if you have to replace them in the future. 

Why are snowboard goggles so expensive?

The technology, material, and design of snowboard goggles make up for the expense. Snowboard goggles are used to protect you from the sun, weather, impacts, and field of vision.

For them to work properly, you need top-notch quality. Cheap snowboard goggles often have fogging issues that you won’t find with expensive snowboard goggles.

The comfort level should be considered too. Cheap goggles have rigid frames and will make you uncomfortable. 

Why are snowboard jackets so expensive? 

A good snowboard jacket will cost you a lot ranging from $150 to $300. They come with wind and waterproof outer shells and they are breathable too. Not only is it more comfortable, but some of them can control the temperature. 

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