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Why Are Snowshoes So Expensive? (All You Need to Know)

Snowshoes are an inseparable part of snow activities, you can’t even think of snow activities without wearing them. But most often when you will buy snowshoes, the cost will cause a hole in your wallet.

Why’s that so? So if you are a snow activity lover, it’s pretty sure you must have thought about why snowshoes are so expensive. 

To clear out this concern of you all snow activity lovers, this article is going to discuss this topic with satisfactory justifications. 

Why Are Snowshoes So Expensive?

Snowshoes are built in last and this is the reason why snowshoes are so expensive than other equipment for snow activities. And the high cost is not new for most of the outdoor gear. However, if snowshoes are bought in the spring season the negotiation in the price of snowshoes will crop up.  

Snowshoes are made last. So, it needs more effort to put in it, therefore the cost is higher than other snow activity’s equipment and other parts. But the higher price is not a bizarre thing, as snowshoes have always been the most pricier equipment for snow activities. 

However, in the spring season, bargaining for the price of the snowshoes will crop up. 

6 Reasons Why Snowshoes Are So Expensive?

Knowing the higher price of snowshoes might make your eyeballs pop out in shock. But when you will know the reasons behind snowshoes being so costly, the price will not seem unusual to you. So, here the main reasons have been explained. 

Built To Last 

Snowshoes are built to last, therefore, need to put quite more effort to build them. So, the manufacturers sell the snowshoes at a higher price so that their effort gets paid off. 

Greater Durability

Generally, it’s seen that expensive items are better in quality and are much more durable as well. It’s the same for snowshoes too. Expensive snowshoes provide greater durability than inexpensive snowshoes.

When you see a branded or an expensive pair of snowshoes, you will notice the shoes are featuring great durability. 

Less Weight 

Expensive snowshoes have less weight too. It takes a lot of hard work to design and produce lightweight snowshoes. So that snow activity lovers like you can ride over snow treks effortlessly and easily. Therefore, this feature makes snowshoes expensive. 

Great Bindings

The more expensive the snowshoes, the greater the bindings. Yes, bindings are another reason you may find really expensive snowshoes in the market or online shopping sites. Because bindings should be sophisticated enough to lock a person’s feet in the snowshoes.

So that he can get more control while riding through deep snow and bushes. So, snowshoes are expensive. 

Better Comfort 

If you want a comfortable pair of snowshoes, you have to spend a handsome amount too. As manufacturers consider the comfort level too while the deciding price for snowshoes. 

More Features 

Snowshoes with higher prices have more features and this makes a pair of snowshoes expensive. 

How Much Do Snowshoes Cost?

Depending on the three types of snowshoes the price varies from one type to another. The types of snowshoes are flat terrain snowshoes, rolling terrain snowshoes, and mountain terrain snowshoes. 

Flat terrain snowshoes:

Flat terrain snowshoes are designed for casual snow activities. These snowshoes are lower in price and you can find them below $200. Generally, the price starts from $50 and doesn’t go up more than $150-$180.

These shoes are less in price because of simple bindings and you can only ride through steep slopes wearing them. 

Rolling terrain snowshoes:

Rolling terrain snowshoes are for moderately aggressive snow activities that are done through moderately sloped areas but not icy or steep.

So the price is moderate as well, you can find these types of snowshoes between $100-$250 or a little more. But some snowshoes of this category may have a higher price. 

Mountain terrain snowshoes:

Mountain terrain snowshoes are manufactured for aggressive snow activities like people who ride through icy terrains. The bindings of these snowshoes are great too so, these are the most pricey ones.

The price of these snowshoes starts from $250 and goes up to $500. So, you have to spend at least $250 to get these snowshoes. 

Are Expensive Snowshoes Worth It?

Maximum time expensive snowshoes worth every single penny you have spent over it. Because expensive snowshoes are branded most of the time.

And, it’s known that brands have their own reputation that they have earned through providing the best quality products to the consumers.

So to maintain the reputation in the market, they produce the best quality snowshoes that actually worth the money. 

Also, expensive snowshoes offer greater durability so you can even roughly use them on icy terrains and they will not wear out that easily. These snowshoes are lightweight as well, so you can effortlessly move wearing them. 

Sophisticated bindings are the other important feature that expensive snowshoes offer. Bindings of these snowshoes are top-notch that lock your feet in shoes tightly. And gives you more control while riding through icy terrains and bushes.

Besides, when you buy an expensive snowshoe, you will get more advanced features and comfort while wearing it. And while snow activities, the comfort level of shoes is an important factor.

How Much Should You Spend On Snowshoes? 

How much you should spend on your snowshoes depends on the level and skills of doing snow activities.

If you are a beginner or only want to do simple activities on flat terrains, then you should find snowshoes that are less than $200. Usually, the price of these snowshoes begin at $50 so you will not have to spend much on purchasing a pair for yourself. 

If you are a moderately aggressive snow rider then should spend $100-$250 on purchasing snowshoes. Because snowshoes in between this price range offer sturdiness and you can adjust the bindings easily. 

And lastly, if you like aggressive snow activities and want high-end snowshoes that are capable of tackling challenging terrains while riding then you must spend more than $200.

Between $250-$500 you will get a pair of high-quality snowshoes. These snowshoes will offer a great binding system and will withstand the iciest terrains too. 

Do Snowshoes Really Work? 

Snowshoes really do work. Snowshoes work by dispersing the overall pressure of a person over a vaster area so that the person’s feet don’t plummet in the deep snow. That means the larger the surface area the more snow support your body weight will get. 

More precisely, the additional surface area snowshoes have distributed the weight you are putting on the snow. So, snowshoes help people to maximize the PSI ( A measurement recognized as “pounds per square inch”). 

Also, when you are wearing tennis shoes or boots, a lot of your body weight is allocated over just a few inches of area. But when you are wearing snowshoes, your body weight is allocated over more inches of area. 

Is It Worth It To Buy Snowshoes?

Snowshoes are definitely worth buying. Because snowshoes can be used for doing various kinds of interesting winter activities. And you don’t have to purchase different shoes for different activities.

You simply can use your snowshoes’ pair for walking on the trail, hiking in icy mountains, exploring around, and even running over snow. 

You can enjoy all of these fun and active activities in winter just with your one pair of snowshoes. By wearing the latest models of snowshoes with more advanced features, you can glide across the icy terrains in attitude. So, yes! Snowshoes are worth buying. 

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Snowshoes?

The renting price of snowshoes varies from one rental shop/website to another. Therefore, there is no specific rental cost. However, an estimated starting rental price of maximum shops/websites is given for you here so that you can have some idea.

For 1 day- $20 or $20+ 

For 2-4 days (weekend basis)- $35 or $35+ 

For 5-9 days( a week)- $50 or $50+ 

For a season- $85 or $85+ 

Some rental shops/websites charge more so a “plus” sign has been added. And you can rent snowshoes for half a day. 

What To Know Before Buying Snowshoes? 

Some features and aspects you always should consider when you are contemplating purchasing snowshoes. All of these considerable factors are explained and listed below. 


Always choose the perfect size of snowshoes for you. If your height and weight are more, you should choose snowshoes with more surface underneath to provide you enough support while gliding through the icy terrains. Follow the snowshoe’s size chart always.

Your Style Of Riding And Place

Snowshoes are specifically designed for each type of riding style through the snow so buy according to your level and style. Also, consider the place where you will be wearing them. Like if you ride on icy and steep trails you need snowshoes with more traction. 


There are two types of snowshoes bindings, rotating and fixed. Rotating binding swing around and strike the balls under your feet to help you walk normally and climb slopes easily. If you are a beginner or mid-range snow activity doer you can choose this binding. 

Fixed bindings make stepping over obstacles and moving backward easy. Also, provide easy striding. So if you are a robust rider, it’s for you.  


If you climb steep terrains, choose snowshoes with a lift so that you can flip up the wire bars underneath your heels to lessen the pain of your calf and Achilles. 


Consider what footwear you will be wearing as not all footwear is suitable for snowshoes.

Snowshoes are expensive as these are made lastly and have multi-functionality. And it’s a usual thing to be expensive when it comes to snowshoes.

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