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Why BMX is Better Than Skateboarding? (Explained!)

If you are considering trying out a new outdoor sport, you might be confused whether BMX riding is better than skateboarding or it is the other way around.

Both of these can be considered to be harsh sports, but one has more edge over the other in certain aspects.

Why BMX is better than skateboarding?

BMX is better than skateboarding because it provides more freedom and versatility to its riders. You can travel a longer distance, overextended hours without getting fatigued. Moreover, it is suitable for beginners and can be ridden over several areas, unlike skateboarding.

While both BMX and skateboarding has its own benefits and drawback, BMX does have some clear advantages over skateboarding. Here are a few reasons why many prefer BMX riding over skateboarding:

Greater traveling distance and time:

When it comes to traveling for long miles and longer hours, BMX is a clear winner. If you skate around for more than a few hours, you are going to be too exhausted at the end of the day.

However, the same is not true for BMX riders. BMX riders successfully cruise away for hours, and in far away distances, without complaining about fatigue or tiredness.

Because a BMX is better at speed, and easier on the legs and stamina, you can either go for hardcore, stun-filled distances or go nearby for some scouting purposes.

Moreover, BMX can easily be hauled on one of your wagons if you wish to go to other destinations. All you’d need is a bike rack, which we assume you would invest in if you take biking seriously.

Provides more freedom and versatility:

It is a common saying in the biking community that no other riding experience provides you as much freedom as a BMX does, especially when compared to skateboarding.

When riders refer to freedom, they mean how easily you can take up your vehicle and set out without hassle. BMX is a much more versatile ride in such a situation.

You can take it out for off-road biking, stunt performances, or just a spin, the activities that a BMX allows is large scale.

You can also take it out to run some errands, house scouting, or just a breeze out in the neighborhood. If you wish to leave the bike, all you have to do is lock it in.

From harsh sports to casual and recreational riding, BMX bikes give you the freedom to choose from a wide range of activities. Moreover, carrying a bike is not as awkward as carrying a skateboard around under your arms!

Can be ridden anywhere:

Another reason BMX is better than skateboarding is the wide range of areas a BMX can be ridden. Whether you want to take it to the park or ride it around the house, BMX does not limit its riders to any specific area.

Completely opposite to that are skateboards. You can also take your BMX to muddier terrains, potholes, and greener woods. For skateboards, the area of travel is restricted to smooth pavements only.

Although there are many skateparks available, harsh sports lovers always prefer bikes when it comes to rougher roads.

Easier to learn:

For a new rider, choosing between an outdoor sport can be tricky but safety and ease of learning always come first. In such regard, skateboarding is much more difficult to learn than BMX riding.

Children, women, and adults can ride a BMX, although anyone would take considerable time before having the expertise to play out the tricks. As for skateboard, standing on the board and balancing it while it moves can take a lot of time, especially for beginners.

More customizable:

If you love sports gear like a BMX or skateboard, you’d love to be able to customize your gear. This is where a BMX is better, as well.

Although BMX parts are more pricey and might not be as readily available, there are many options for modifications based on your needs. Moreover, there are special lock systems available for BMX bikes.

Security and protection can also be enhanced by purchasing helmets, knee caps, and other safety accessories.

Is BMX or skateboarding more dangerous?

Since BMX is ridden on uneven or rough terrains, it is considered to be more dangerous, especially because BMX riding involves risky stunts.

On the other hand, skateboarding is mainly performed on flat surfaces and in skating parks. However, for street riding, skateboarding is said to be perilous.

Is BMX easier than skateboarding? 

For beginners, BMX biking is much easier than skateboarding. Children who are just getting started are often recommended BMX biking over skateboarding. However, since BMX involves a lot of stunts and tricks, BMX riding on a more professional level is considerably difficult.

Is BMX biking good exercise? 

BMX biking is a great form of exercise as it improves your metabolism rate and increased blood circulation. It can help in losing weight and improve your cholesterol levels in the process.

As it is considered a good exercise, doctors often recommend people who are heart diseases to indulge in BMX biking.

Health benefits of BMX biking:

BMX biking helps your physical and mental health in manifold ways. Here are a few benefits you can obtain from it:

Weight loss:

When you ride out your BMX, a 30-minute ride can burn up to 400 calories. The number of calories you burn will depend on your intensity of the workout.

Even if you travel slowly, it is sure to increase the body’s metabolism and hence burn fats much faster.


If you want to build and strengthen your muscles, BMX riding is a great way. Since all your lower-body muscles are put into work, the legs get much stronger and bigger.

Moreover, your abs, arms, and quads also benefit from the cycling sessions. This helps you to have a toned-up body while you have lots of fun.

Better sleep:

BMX riding, whether you are a freestyle lover or someone who loves to go on rougher terrains, is known to reduce stress levels by significant amounts.

In doing so, it also decreases the level of stress hormone in your body known as cortisol hormone. In turn, you can have much healthier and deeper sleep.

Improves immunity:

Due to lesser stress hormones, better sleep, and a boost in your blood-pumping system, the health of body immunity cells is much improved.

Thus, doctors always recommend activities like BMX biking to prove your overall immunity system.

Improved heart condition:

BMX biking is a great way to prevent and reduce cholesterols and increased blood pressure. A healthy pumping of the blood can improve the heart condition considerably. It is also known to regulate blood sugar levels.

Happier mood:

Scientifically, a person who involves themselves in activities like BMX biking, at least twice a week, is proven to have better moods and happier days.

How dangerous is skateboarding?

Skateboarding is considered to be a dangerous sports, and riders are prone to many accidents and injuries. Since there are no brakes or handles, skaters often fracture their limbs, especially when they are learning.

Is skateboarding as fast as biking?

Skateboarding is not faster than biking. On BMX bikes, there are brakes, reflectors, and steering that allow riders to have much better control on higher speeds, which is not true for skateboarding.

What are the pros and cons of skateboarding?


Skateboarding has its own pros and cons as well. One of the biggest edges that skateboards have is that they come at an very affordable price. Apart from the initial cost, skateboards require minimum maintenance and customization. Plus, they last for years to come.

Additionally, skateboarding improves balance, focus and reduces stress considerably. There are plenty of skating parks around, but you can also skate around the sidewalks of your neighborhood.


The biggest drawback of skateboarding is that it is rather difficult to learn and hence people tend to give up quite easily. It can take months to master and balance in some cases.

Skateboards are not meant for longer distances. If you skate for a couple of hours, you will be left very exhausted. Additionally, you cannot skate everywhere you want. Rougher terrains, parks, or woods are out of the question.

Because it takes a certain level of expertise, skateboarders get bad fractures and injuries at the beginning. It does not aid in weight loss as much as biking does, and is considered to be more of a single sport.

Is skateboarding bad for your knees?

Long hours of skateboarding can cause stress on the knees as you are on foot the entire time. Tendonitis, as well as sprains, are commonly associated with skateboarding. Skateboarding can also cause pain and swelling in the knees if it is overused.

Overall, both BMX riding and skateboarding are fun, adventurous, and an excellent way to reduce the week’s stress. BMX riding, nonetheless, is a better sport between the two for good reasons.

If you want to try a sport that is versatile in nature and gives you the ultimate indulgence of outdoor sport, BMX biking is a clear winner.

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