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Why are Snowmobiles Called Sleds? (Quick Answers)

Can you tell me what Santa uses to travel around the world during Christmas! It’s a reindeer sled. Though it might be hard to believe in magical reindeer-powered sleds, you can find sleds pulled by reindeer, sleds pulled by dogs, and many more.

But they are kind of old-fashioned and less effective when compared to the modern motor-powered sled. The motor-powered sled or snowmobiles are the most common household vehicle in Alaska, Canada, and other places.

So let’s get an in-depth look at the snowmobile and enhance your knowledge of this marvelous vehicle.

Why are snowmobiles called sleds?

Snowmobiles are motor-powered vehicles designed for traveling on ice.  The design concept of a snowmobile is mostly inspired by centuries-old sleds. Looking at the runner attachment and the overall design, One can say that a snowmobile is a Motor powered sled. 

In modern times the old manual or animal-powered sleds are being replaced by the snowmobile. The effectiveness and maintenance of a motor-powered sled or snowmobile are easier and less time-consuming.

A snowmobile is better and faster than any other type of sled. The snowmobile has gotten so popular that it’s normal for a person to call it sleds and not get confused with any other varieties. Not just sled, the snowmobiles are popular in various other names too. 

The Alaskan call it snowmachine, many people from different parts of the globe also have their unique name for snowmobiles. Some call it ski-doo, some call it snow scooter, skimobile, and many more.

What are snowmobiles?

A vehicle specifically designed as a means of transport on ice. There are two ski-shaped runners or a smooth metal frame attached to the body which makes the snowmobile slide through ice pretty effectively.

You may find a single or double passenger model available on the market.  When it comes to Propulsion capacity you may find 2 strokes and 4 strokes varieties widely available throughout the globe. 

In the past, people used dogs, horses, reindeer to pull sleds. Feeding, training, and looking after them was always too much of a hustle to deal with. The snowmobiles eliminated any scope of the extra hustle and made the traveling experience much effective and enjoyable.

Where It took days to travel from one place to another with a dog or reindeer-powered sleds, now the same distance can be reached in hours thanks to the modern snowmobiles. 

Is there any difference between a snowmobile and a sled?

A sled may refer to any means of vehicles with or without a motor & used to move around or slide in ice.  There are various types of the sled.

You may find a piece of board with a smooth runner framework attached for gliding, it’s also a common scenario to find dog sleds or the famous Christmas symbol Santa’s reindeer sled. But in modern times the sled is a common term for motor sled or Snowmobile.

Snowmobile and a motor sled, whatever you may choose to call it, are interchangeable terms. There isn’t any specific difference between the snowmobile and a motor sled.

Different people had a different name in mind for the same machine other than that there isn’t any particular difference in design or capabilities. So next time when your fellow snowmobile riding friend calls you to bring in your motor sled for a ride you know what to do.    

Why do Alaskans call snowmobiles a snowmachine?

The Alaskan were introduced to motor sleds/snowmobiles In 1950. It became popular and a part of household necessity in a very short period.

From the beginning, the Alaskan called it a snowmachine. It was a daily necessity for moving from place to place, hunting, and all sorts of traveling.

Instead of calling it a snowmobile like the rest of the world, Alaskan prefer calling it snowmachine, so the name sticks to date.

You and I might think of a snowmaking machine when we hear the name snowmachine, but our Alaskan friend will think of a vehicle to move around in the snow.

Is there any difference between a snowmobile and a snowmachine?

In general, a snow machine term may be used for a machine capable of making artificial snow but when you are referring to a vehicle to move around in ice then there isn’t any single difference between the snowmobile and snow machine. 

Usually, Alaskan call snowmobiles a snowmachine. When you are looking for a snow machine in your country you might find a machine that uses compressed air to create snow droplets.

Only in Alaska when you are looking for a snowmachine you can rest assured that you will get a snowmobile.

What are snowmobiles called? – Different names used in different countries


It’s a brand name given by a well-known Canadian snowmobile manufacturing company. It’s so famous that it is now used as a general synonym for a snowmobile in Canada.

The Canadians are so fond of ski doo that it’s on the list of Canada’s greatest inventions. so next time when you visit Canada you know what to call your snowmobile, it’s ski-doo.


After being introduced to the marvelous snowmobile Alaskan make it a part of their life. From 1950 till modern times the popularity of snowmobiles was on the rise.

The Alaskan consider the snowmobile as a daily household necessary machine. So the name snowmachine got stuck to the snowmobile.

You and I might get confused as we consider an artificial snowmaking machine a snow machine but our Alaskan friend will proudly claim that it’s not a snowmobile, you are in Alaska call it a snowmachine.

Snowmobile or motor sleds (Europe and around the world):

Snowmobile or motor sleds is a common vehicle to travel in the winter season for most of the European countries.

In the past people were dependent on dogs or reindeer pulled sleds but they weren’t that effective, load carrying capabilities and traveling speed were limited.

But with the invention of the motor-powered sled, the lifestyle and communication in the area facing heavy snow throughout the year have drastically developed. 

Is a sled a snowmobile?

Snowmobile refers to a motorized Vehicle made for traveling on ice. However, when it comes to sleds it may represent a variety of vehicles dedicated to traveling on ice. 

If a sled is motor powered then it’s called a snowmobile or in Alaska a snowmachine but there are sleds pulled by dogs, reindeer powered sleds, and many more.

You may find a small piece of board with runner attachment and you can easily drive it without any motor or animal, you will have to use the slope of a hill to travel downward with that sled.

So you can see that only a motor-powered sled is worth calling a snowmobile other than that there might be lots of different types of sleds having their unique design with different capabilities.

What are the different types of snowmobiles?

You may find 7 different types of snowmobile available on the market

Mountain snowmobile:

It’s a powerful yet lightweight snowmobile. As the name suggests it can easily go up and move through high slopes. The mountain snowmobile is a mechanical beast that will help you conquer the mountain. 

Performance snowmobile:

Equipped with a great suspension system and can easily reach more than 100mph. Without any doubt, it’s a powerful tool.

Utility Sleds:

It’s a powerful snowmobile, mostly used for carrying a heavy load.

Sport trail sleds:

Specially designed for sporting purposes. It’s a powerful and agile snowmobile.

Crossover snowmobile:

It’s a versatile snowmobile. It will give you speed, agility, and power. You can move around high terrain or any possible condition with this snowmobile.

Trail sleds:

Lightweight and easy to operate a snowmobile, great performance at an affordable price.

Touring snowmobile:

These may not give the joy of a speedy vehicle but they can last for a pretty long time. You can ride this snowmobile for a long period. Mostly used for long-distance travel.

How do snowmobiles work?

Snowmobile or the Motor sled is powered by the motor. When you start the snowmobile at first the motor will drive the primary clutch.

The power is transferred through a belt and helps rotate the secondary clutch. The secondary clutch is connected to the Chain case with a shaft. The chaincase has 2 sprockets, one is on the top and one is on the bottom and they are connected with a chain.

When the secondary clutch rotates, the power gets transferred to the chaincase and the sprocket starts rotating. The rotating sprocket and chains help the driveshaft to operate. The drive shaft job is to help regulate the extrovert drivers which are connected to the track.

So the tracks get propelled when the extrovert drivers are rotating at full capacity. Once the track starts rotating the snowmobile will go forward. That’s how a snowmobile works.

The goal of this article was to answer all your queries regarding snowmobiles. It’s a great vehicle, in some places it’s the only vehicle to move around in the snow.

Different places in the world have a different name for it, snowmachine, ski-doo, snow scooter whatever they may call it, this vehicle has become a household necessity for the people dealing with heavy snowfall year-round.

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